Texas FFA Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 10, 2010
Tarleton State University
Stephenville, Texas
Chairman Alton Mitchell, Buddy Wallace, Gerald Young, Sandra Choate, Russell Thomas, Justin Risner, Daryl Real, Aaron Alejandro, Dr. Gary VanDeaver, Dr. Randall Williams, Dr. Albert Agard, Jamey Phillips, Ron Whitson (ex-officio), Kelly White (ex-officio) Allison Grainger, Kaleb McLaurin, Katie Heinrich, Miles Vann, Layton Norwood, Aron Hutchins, Tyler Bradford, Kody Kale, Jeremiah Miller, Dakotah Williams Staff Present: Tom Maynard, Pat Fancher, Blaze Currie Incoming student officers: Gavin Luckett, Calan Ahrens, Mason Parish, Katelyn Perry, Leslie Johnson, Tanner Smith, Daylon Koster, Will Ellis, Colt Gresham & Patrick Byrne (1) Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by Chairman Alton Mitchell
Opening Ceremony: 2009-10 State Officers
(2) Invocation by Mr. Wallace
(3) Introductions
(4) Financials
(a) Balance Sheet: Mr. Maynard reported on the current total balance sheet assets. 2009-10
(b) Income Statement: Discussion clarified several line items on the income statement.
(5) Consent Agenda
(a) Minutes of the March 29, 2010 meeting were discussed. A number of items on the minutes require revision. Minutes of the March 29 meeting will be re-submitted at the first quarter meeting. (b) National Officer Candidate Nominating Committee (c) New Chapter Charter Recommendations Phillips to approve the remaining items on the consent agenda
Motion carried viva voce

(6) Committees

(a) Budget and Finance: Mr. Wallace presented the Budget and Finance options for dance revenue allocation, Texas FFA News options and the Proposed Budget option one and two (contingent on approval of dance revenues and the FFA on-line news proposal. Dance option is to be based on member 73% of member attendance at the convention. This projection is based on past history. This allows for attendance fluctuation. The committee recommended discontinuation of the hard-copy Texas FFA News insert based on student and teacher input. The FY 2010-11 Budget Proposal recommends splitting the CDE/LDE line item into Agri-Science Fair and Speaking Events to allow designated sponsorship for the venues, creation of a New Chapter Development expense line item and new line items for both income and expenses for the Ford Leadership Scholars program to accurately record flow-through funds for the program. Convention budget projections were derived from the organization’s history in Lubbock in 2005 and 2008. The budget proposal reflected committee recommendations for increases in national convention expenses, office supplies, personnel salaries and receptionist salary increase and a decline in investment revenues. Mr. Wallace to approve the committee recommendations, including “option

Motion carried viva voce

(b) Nominating Committee: Pursuant to board policy, two nominees were submitted by the nominating committee at the third quarter meeting for action at the fourth quarter meeting: Industry-Place 2, full term expiring 2013, Zach Brady, Lubbock (replaces Jamey Phillips) Industry-Place 3, full term expiring 2013, John Steelhammer, Mathis (re-election) Mr. Real to approve committee report
Motion carried viva voce.

Daryl Real noted that Jamey Phillips will be retiring her position on the board as of August 31,
2010. The Board recognized her special contributions to the FFA Board and appreciates her
dedication to this position.
(7) Unfinished business
None posted.
(8) Action Items (New Business)
(a) Proposed Constitutional Amendments
• Seven amendments to the Constitution are listed on pages 42 & 43 of the board packet • Clarification in regards if this changes the Articles of Corporation document on file with • Article VI, Section D, E & F add community service to degree requirements • Documents cannot conflict with National FFA Organization. In the opinion of the parliamentarian, the amendments addressing nationally mandated degree requirement changes do not require delegate approval. We cannot have standards less than that of the National FFA Organization. • Amendment 2 & 3 reflects language changes adopted by the 81st Texas Legislature for CTSO organizations as an integral part of career and technical instructional programs • Amendment 4 & 5 reflects update language for current nomenclature instructional • Amendment 6 updating Jarrell D. Gray, Parliamentary Guide for FFA and inserting “the most current edition of Roberts Rules of Order” for a firmer legal and parliamentary footing in the Gray procedure handbook. • Amendment 7 brings Texas FFA Association’s constitutional language related to Collegiate FFA in harmony. Texas FFA constitution would preclude membership from some students who have a genuine interest in agriculture, but who are pursuing studies not explicitly tied to agriculture Mr. Risner to approve recommended amendments to forward to delegates
Motion carried viva voce

(b) Revisions to Roster Policy: Affiliation Fee, codifying state execution of what was a national
Dr. VanDever to approve the changes
Motion carried viva voce

(c) Discussion: Ethics Policy Draft: UIL and other organizations have ethics codes addressing
rule violations. Currently Texas FFA has no policy and procedures in place to address these issues. Board concurred that this needs to be a grassroots effort and that the profession need to have ownership of the policy and agree to what is unethical behavior and how it should be addresses. Daryl Real to create a statewide task force to create a state FFA ethics policy
Motion carried viva voce.

Chairman Mitchell appointed a special task force composed Sandra Choate, Daryl Real,
Justin Risner and Katelyn Perry and area representatives.

(d) Discussion: Online Housing Management System

No action taken

(e) Student Officer Proposals
• Travel Team Recommendation: FFA provide travel team with iPhone. Revise current officer selection to choose best fit for two who travel together. • State Officer Financial Assistance Committee started on the issues but lacked sufficient feedback. Consensus is to restructure the committee, access the requirement needs and setup a timeline for the request. Board Committee: Alejandro, Phillips, VanDeaver, Norwood, Grainger and Currie (staff). (f) Ford Leadership Scholars Update: Selection committee of Stephanie Curs, Mitchell Dale, Stan Ray, Justin Risner, Ann-Marie Saleh and David Reiley interviewed 19 finalists for ten positions. Test scores, interviews and leadership characteristics were factors in selecting FFA members with outstanding leadership abilities. Consensus is the program was very successful. Blaze Currie was instrumental in making the leadership project a success.
(9) Closed Executive Session (conducted after adjournment of open meeting)
(10) Announcements
State Convention Board Recognition: First General Session, Wednesday July 14th.
(11) Reports
(a) Student Committee Reports
• Area I: Gavin Luckett – Chapter Officers Conference • Area II: Calan Ahrens – State Issues • Area III: Mason Parish – Parliamentary Authority • Area IV: Katelyn Perry – Committee on Ethics • Area V: Leslie Johnson – Texas FFA News • Area VI: Tanner Smith – National Issues • Area VII: Daylon Koster – Convention Speakers • Area VIII: Will Ellis – Inclusion and Engagement of Minority Students • Area IX: Colt Gresham – Supervised Agriculture Experience Conference (b) Texas FFA Operations: FFA Membership Report, Spring Career Development Event Participation, Revised Sample Chapter Bylaws. (c) Texas Education Agency: New CTE TEKS, teacher certification, P.E. waiver, Statewide TEK training, SAE focus group, CTE-Math/CTE-Science strategic planning, Area Coordinators Retreat.
(12) Adjourn:
The open board meeting adjourned at 1:15 and reconvened for closed executive

Source: http://www.texasffa.org/%5Cdocs/6-2010.pdf

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