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Traction- mechanical pull applied to a part of the body • Applied to arms, legs, neck, back, pelvis• Fractures, dislocations, muscle spasms, • HUC communicates traction order to person responsible for assembling, PT in sm hosp.
• External apparatus applied by nursing, HUC orders supplies such as moleskin tape, sling, • Sample Doctor’s orders for Traction:• Cervical traction c Crutchfield tongs, Thomas’ leg sling c Steinmann pin 20 lb of traction, traction by gravity lt arm, skin traction 5 lb to left arm. Skin traction 7 lbs to pelvis, Left unilateral buck’s traction 5 lb, Overhead frame and trapeze, Braun frame.
Respiratory Care Department performed at the bedside • HUC must be careful to enter all info regarding order, so RT can come prepared to administer TX.
• Samples of Doctor’s Orders for R/T: 40%O2, IPPB c 3cc saline qid, IPPB 0.5mL Ventolin & 3 mL NS tid, SVN with UD Ventolin tid, SVN 0.5cc Bronkosol with 2.5 cc NS qid, Hypertonic USN for sputum inducement, CPT, Mechanical Ventilator, HA @ 60% via T-piece, Incentive spirometry tid (IS), IS c PEP @ 5cm H2O, CPAP 5 cm H2), BiPAP I:10 E:5, MDI c Ventolin qid iii puffs, Physical therapy to improve/restore mobility • May include ice, gait training, exercise, water therapy, and heat .
• Samples of Doctors’ Orders for P/T: • Hubbard tank 30 min qd T 100 degrees F, active underwater exercises to elbows and knees c debridement, Whirlpool bath LLE bid, AA exercise Lt shoulder and elbow daily, ROM bid to UE, PROM BLE bid, Joint mobilization to Lt shoulder bid, Strengthening of all four extremities, PT to amp pt with walker as tol, PT to eval and treat, ACL protocol per Dr. Melzer, Dr, Jen’s BKA protocol, THA and TKA protocols, Transfer training, wheelchair mobility, Gait training with a walker, WBAT LLE, Crutch walking NWB daily, CPM 0-45 degrees, progress to 0-90% by day 5, T-band exercises, Codman’s exercises rt shoulder (also called pendulum), Isometrics BUE (bilateral upper extremities), Ultrasound and massage to lower back, Hydrocollator packs orhot packs to back bid, Ice or cold packs to left leg bid, Post-op TENS, FES or ES, see pg 345 for Hyperbaric orders.
Occupational Therapy to achieve the greatest possible equipment such as button hooks, and feeding utensils for ADL, OT to increase mobility, Fabricate cock-up splint for left upper extremity.
Dialysis for chronic or acute renal failure • Hemodialysis (extracorporeal dialysis) removal of waste products from body by a machine through which their blood flows. Usually done as outpatient, or in hosp c portable equip.
• Peritoneal dialysis- dialyzing fluid is admin into abd cavity, absorbs wastes, through pritoneum, then dialysate is emptied from abd. Patient does @ home.
• Hemodialysis 3 X wk for 2 hours, Consent for Tenckhoff catheter placement for peritoneal dialysis, Consent for A-V shunt.
• The transcription of treatment orders involves the communication of the order to the necessary department by computer or by requisition form, and the communication of the order to the nursing staff by thekardexing step of the transcription procedure. Professionals in their respective departments then execute the orders.



Proceso de Solicitud de Productos en LOCATEL USA 1. Usted debe tener un récipe con todas las especificaciones necesarias según las regulaciones en USA. (ver requerimientos y modelo de récipe) 2. Pasar el récipe al Fax 0212 – 2034642. (Puede solicitarlo en todos los LOCATEL a nivel nacional) 3. Confirme su recepción o envió con las personas contactos: Dra. Elena Sotil

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BUSINESS PLAN 2012-13 Page  1  of  12   STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The Probation Association is the national collective voice of probation trusts – shaping and influencing opinion, policy and practice; and leading on pay and reward for probation staff. The Probation Association represents the 35 probation trusts in England and Wales. The Probation Board for Northern Ireland and t

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