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Auto Negligence - Defense verdict p. 2
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Excessive Force - Defense verdict
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Madison County
Auto Negligence - $5,519
Tallapoosa County
Breach of Contract - $28,357
Russell County
Truck Neg. - Defense verdict
Houston County
Products Liability - A Japanese
“gray market” tractor imported into
A Notable Tennessee Verdict
the United States rolled over and
caused serious injuries to the man
who was using it to mow a grassy
A Notable Mississippi Verdict
Nichols v. Yanmar Diesel Engine Co., Plaintiff: Roger Lucas and Jeffrey C.
A Notable Kentucky Verdict
Rickard, Marsh Rickard & Bryan, P.C., Products Liability - Defense verdict p. 14 Atkinson, Fite Davis Atkinson Guyton Civil Jury Verdicts
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, LLP., New York, NY; James B.
Carlson, Christian & Small, LLP., Verdict: $900,000 for plaintiffs
Circuit: Marion, 5-3-13
June 2013
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Auto Negligence - Plaintiff
suffered a bulging disc due to a
low-impact rear-end crash; the jury
found for plaintiff but awarded
only her medical expenses
Plaintiff: John M. Gibbs, Gibbs & Defense: Kyle Morris, William Kyle Circuit: Dallas, 2-18-13
which she visited a chiropractorsporadically for treatment. An MRI June 2013
Excessive Force - The plaintiff
suffered paralyzing injuries when a
policeman fired seven shots into the
man’s car – the policeman defended
that the plaintiff was preparing to
drive over his partner
Plaintiff: Harvey B. Morris, David J.
Hodge and Joseph D. Aiello, Morris Debro, Grace Matthews & Debro, Federal: Huntsville, 5-20-13
Medical Negligence - While
hospitalized, a patient with blood
pressure problems took central
nervous system depressants and
died of respiratory and kidney
problems shortly thereafter
Estate of Jackson v. Harvey, 07-901580 William T. Mills, II, Porterfield Harper Mills & Motlow, P.A., Birmingham Circuit: Jefferson, 3-1-13
June 2013
A Notable Kentucky Verdict
(Involving Alabama Lawyers)
Products Liability - The driver
was killed and two passengers (all
college students) were seriously
injured when a Mercury
Mountaineer rolled over on I-64
near Frankfort – the plaintiffs
blamed the crash on the SUV’s lack
of stability control – Ford defended
and cited excessive speed and
driver error
Hoskins, Dressman Benzinger LaVelle, F. Malek, Huie Fernambucq & Stewart, Turner Keal & Dallas, Prospect, KY Federal: Lexington, Kentucky
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