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Door to Door Sales
Security Alarm System
There has been an increase in complaints over the past several months regarding Door to Door Salesmen who use “Scare Tactics” to sell security alarm systems to homeowners and small businesses. We would like to share with you an excerpt from the Canadian Security Association warning people of this situation. “June 17, 2009 (Markham, Ontario) -The Canadian Security Association (CANASA) is advising homeowners to beware of door-to-door alarm sales companies.” Often times these companies will use scare tactics or very aggressive sales people who won't take no for an answer. Homeowners often feel trapped into making a decision on the spot, which can lead to prob-lems," says Mona Emond, Director of Marketing and Communications for CANASA. Most of these sales people are not security professionals so "Your Safety" is not their concern. Their goal is to sell as much security systems as possible to get their sales commission. Once the sale is completed, it is very difficult to get hold of them if there is a problem. Ask Questions
When choosing a system be an intelligent consumer and continue to ask questions until you understand what you are pur-chasing and the level of security it will provide. Reputable companies will answer positively to most, if not all, of the following questions:  May I see proof that your company has all applicable provincial and any applicable business licenses?
 How long has your company been in the security alarm business?
 May I see proof that your company carries applicable insurance?
 Does your company adhere to a false dispatch reduction program?
 Will you provide me with a written quotation?
 Will you provide me with a contract once the system is purchased?
 Will I own my system or be leasing it?
 Is there a written warranty on the equipment and labour?
 Will the system be monitored, and if so, what is the cost and who will be doing it?
 Is the monitoring station ULC listed?
 Stay away from “Hot Deals”
 Do not make “On the spot decisions”
 Do not give out copies of your bill records
 Do reference checks

Telecommunications, Utility, Home Improvement

We at Dynamic Security would like to inform you that this “Door to Door Sales” warning apply to different types of industries
as well. Please be aware that telecommunication companies, utility companies, home improvement companies and many
others hire door to door sales people to promote and sell their products. Pay close attention to the business card they hand
out. If only a cellular number is listed, that sales person does not have an office and may only be a sub-contractor. It is very
important to remember to Ask Questions.
 Stay away from “Hot Deals”
 Do not make “On the spot decisions”
 Do not give out copies of your bill records
 Do reference checks
We welcome you to share this Newsletter with your friends and family. Warmest Regards, Dynamic Security Customer Care


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