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June 27, 2013 (Thursday)
Program Timetable
Lecture Theatre A
Lecture Theatre B
Lecture Theatre J
Lecture Theatre K
Plenary I (Lecture Theatre A) Novel Bone-bonding Materials free from Calcium
Surface-modified Ti Metal and its Alloys
Coffee Break
PL1 Advaces in
DD1 Biomaterials for
CM Computational and MT1 Advances in
Polymeric Biomaterials 1 Drug and Gene Delivery 1 Biomechanics of Chairs:Jiandong Ding; Chairs: Zhongwei Gu; 10:30-10:50 PL Invited 1
DD Invited 1 Drug
CM Invited 1
MT Invited 1 Bio-
Photoinduced and Self- Delivery Technology of Biomechanics and initiated Fabrication of Biomaterials Realizes 10:50-11:00 PL1 Well-defined
DD Invited 2 Drug
CM Invited 2
MT Invited 2
Gastrointestinal Cancer with Electric Cell- 11:00-11:10 PL2 Cell-Adhesion
Polymerization ofIsopropanol or AceticAcid FilmsLiao Shu Chuan 11:10-11:20 PL3 Development of
DD1 Charged
CM Invited 3
MT1 Study on a Novel
of Biomaterial Surfaces with Antibacterial 11:20-11:30 PL4 Effect of
DD2 Enhanced
MT2 In Vitro Study on
on Bonding Strength of Multiple Release of Soft Tissue Adhesives Platelet-Rich Plasma Components and BasicFibroblast GrowthFactor from GelatinHydrogelsMakoto Matsui 11:30-11:40 PL5 Fragmentation of DD3 Evaluation of
CM1 Specific
MT3 Application of
11:40-11:50 PL6 Multifunctional
DD4 Metal Oxides-
CM2 MD Simulation
MT4 Biocompatibility
based Nanoparticles for of Interaction between and Biodegradation of a 11:50-12:00 PL7 pH-sensitive
CM3 Investigation on
PL2 Advaces in
TE1 Biomaterials for
SP Surface Micro/Nano SR Stem Cells and
Polymeric Biomaterials 2 Tissue Engineering 1 Chairs: Qinling Feng; Ki Chairs: Xiong Lu; 13:00-13:20 PL Invited 2
TE Invited 1 Tissue
SP Invited 1 Cell
SR Invited 1
13:20-13:30 PL8 Cellulose-Based
TE Invited 2
SP Invited 2
SR Invited 2 Collagen
13:30-13:40 PL9 Living Cell-based
Electron-generatedDevices withCytocompatible andRedox PhospholipidPolymer HydrogelMatrixXiaojie Lin 13:40-13:50 PL10 Preparation of
TE1 Development of
SP Invited 3 Surface
SR Invited 3
Porous Nanostructured Constructions of Nano- Recruitment of 13:50-14:00 PL11 RAFT Block
TE2 Tissue
Weighted MRI Contrast Rylie GreenAgentsTimothy C. Hughes 14:00-14:10 PL12 Cell Infiltration TE3 Self-Assembled
SP1 Cellular
SR1 Functionalized
14:10-14:20 PL13 Thermally-
TE4 Anisotropic
SP2 Separation of
SR2 Biomimetic
14:20-14:30 PL14 Thermo-
TE5 Alignment and
SP3 Directing the Fate SR3 Engineered
responsive Hydrogel as Differentiation of PLGA Membrane with Microtopographic Cues of a Novel Cell- 14:30-13:40 PL15 Water-sensitive TE6 An Injectable
SP4 Bacterial
14:40-14:50 PL16 Theory of
TE7 Characterization
Coffee Break
CD Biomaterials for
TE2 Biomaterials for
OD1 Orthopedic and
CR1 Advances in
15:20-15:40 CD Invited 1
TE Invited 3 In Situ
OD Invited 1 The
CR Invited 1
Injectable Cell Delivery Forming Hydrogels as strategies for the Systems for Myocardial Therapeutic Implants 15:40-16:00 CD Invited 2
TE Invited 4 Cultured OD Invited 2 R&D
CR Invited 2 Silicates:
Regenerative Medicine OsteopromotiveGuoping Chen Compounds for BoneDefect Repair inOsteonecrosis 16:00-16:10 CD1 Heparin Loading TE8 Precise Spatial
OD1 Cell Response to CR1 Effect of Phase
16:10-16:20 CD2 Co-
TE9 Development of
OD2 Application of
CR2 Copper/cobalt-
HA–PLLA Composite containing Mesoporous on Titanium Surface for Force Generated by Osteostimulation andAntibacterial ActivityChengtie Wu 16:20-16:30 CD3 Preparation and
TE10 Improving
OD3 Construction of
CR3 Novel Magnetic
Loaded Mineral-Protein Nanocrystallite for Preparation,Characterization andTargetingHsi Chin Wu 16:30-16:40 CD4 Co-
TE11 Neural Stem
CR4 Control of Pore
Hexamethylenediamine Functionalized Self- TE12 Synthesis and in
CR5 Aligned Porous
CR6 Ca Salt
Introduction to Improve
the Mechanical
Strength of Carbonate
Apatite Block
Jane Harland
Poster Session


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