Obagi Blue Peel / Laser Peel - Post Procedure Care

Obtain these items before surgery.
• Valtrex: Start one day before your peel is scheduled
• A half hour before you arrive to the office
• Food – Day 1: Simple, easy to digest foods (toast, crackers, Ensure or Boost, pudding, soup, etc.) Day 2-7: Avoid foods that require heavy chewing.

• We wil apply a layer of moisturizing crème over your treated areas. • Keep the treated areas moist with Eucerin Original Crème. • You may need to apply the crème multiple times a day to maintain the moisture. • It is very important to prevent the skin from becoming dry.
Wound Care:

• 3 times a day, using your fingertips, gently wash your face with Cetaphil Cleanser. • Pat your face dry with a clean paper towel. • Do not wipe your face dry – pat it dry. • This wil help promote exfoliation of the top layer of skin, which you may see come off on the • After washing and drying your face, completely moisten all treated areas with a thin layer Eucerin • Between washings, use a mist distil ed water on your face to help keep your skin moist and • It is critical to keep the resurfaced areas moist during the first several days of healing. • Do not pick at your face if crusting or scabbing occurs. 8068 West Sahara Ave., Ste. G Las Vegas NV 89117 (702) 363-0240 After Hours: (702) 460-0894
• Avoid driving while stil taking prescription pain medication • Sleep with your head elevated 30 to 45 degrees with several pil ows to help decrease swelling. Special Instructions:
• Al eviate mild stinging of treated areas the first few days with your prescription pain medication. • Treated areas may remain reddened or pink for up to 3 months. • Protect sensitive skin from sun exposure for at least the first year – full 12 months. • Notify Dr. Pancholi so he may change your medication if: • You have developed viral fever blisters in the past. • Peeling and crusting of the skin usually stops in 7-10 days. • Make-up can be worn after crusting and peeling have stopped and Dr. Pancholi has approved.
• You may desire concealer initially to mask any slow resolving pinkness. • Al products should be hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic so to not irritate the sensitive healing skin. • Do not drive any vehicles or operate and heavy machinery: • 4 hours following your last dose of pain medication. • 8 hours following your last dose of sleep medication. • If you have a sensitive stomach, take your antibiotic with yogurt. • If your pain medicine is making you sick: 8068 West Sahara Ave., Ste. G Las Vegas NV 89117 (702) 363-0240 After Hours: (702) 460-0894

Source: http://www.drpancholi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Obagi_Blue_Peel.pdf

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