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Learning Chinese Painting Step By Step
Lesson 3 The Way Of Using Ink
The Shades Of Ink
Ink when diluted with water, can be graded into many different
shades. The ancients say " There are five shades of ink."
The five shades refer to charred, very dark, dark, light and very light. Of
course there may be still many tonal variations in each shade.
Ink, when duly applied to absorbent paper, may look sear, soggy or wet by dexterously controlling the water content in the brush. Soak the brush with water, lick the brush tip upon the brim of the water tumbler to let surplus again blot off excess moisture in the brush tip. Make the br Use a clean saucer with some water. Stir your inky brush in it. Stir until the wash is entirely smooth. Add a lit le ink or water as necessary to make the right ink color. Apply it to a fixed area in the painting. Each application may differ in shade if it is required. Use quick strokes so that the wash will not spread too much on the absordent paper. Try a few times and you will become In using the ink, below are some of the basic techniques : Variation of tones is usually acheived by the application of light ink, not The beauty of ink painting lies in the mystery of this gentle lightness when used appropriately. 2. Dark Ink Technique
Dark ink has been the easiest in expressing the essence of ink painting, and for a sense of boldness and vigor that it can evoke. 3. Dry Ink Technique
The quality of the dry ink is the down right crisp, clear feeling that it can The dry ink used, be it dark of light, must have very little water, hence the brush is easy to open up, causing the lines dry and ' hairy'. Such effect creates a sence of tenacity and prolonged energy. 4. Splash Ink Technique
Having the brush dipped for different tone of ink in great quantity, and then paint freely as though in a splashing manner. 5. Broken-Ink Technique
Before the first application of ink dries, add on different tone of ink to ' break-into ' the first layer of ink. It is like wet-into-wet technique that the ink on the paper can create endless variation. Below are some of the techniques :
Light into dark
Apply dark ink first, and light ink to break into it later. Dark into light
Apply light ink first, and dark ink later Water into ink
Ink into water
Color into ink
Ink into color
6. Dip-in ink technique
When the brush is full of light ink, dip for a little bit of very dark ink from a strong line with light tone following its two sides, or This creates three dimensionlity and moisturised effect, a technique best It is very effective when depicting branches, leaves, and petals. 7. Accumulation of ink techque
Various applications of different tones, either from light to dark, or from But the previous tone must be dry before any new application. Such accumulation-of-ink in many layers is mostly used for landscape painting for clouds, mountains, sea etc. It creates a good body on the painting that evokes weight and http://www.reocities.com/SoHo/Gallery/9679/lesson3.html

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