rebecca dunn <rebeccadunn4@gmail.com> [FWD: Thank you for the Spanish, Today was our biggest orders ever for ecigBaby! SAP]1 message rdunn@wiserecigarette.com <rdunn@wiserecigarette.com> -------- Original Message --------Subject: Thank you for the Spanish, Today was our biggest orders everfor ecig Baby! SAPFrom: Andres Esquivel Date: Sun, November 21, 2010 2:18 amTo: Kyle Cluff >, , Cc: xtagged >, 00stevo , Al l, , , Kyle GOD DONT LIKE UGLY! I was on my way back from New Mexico testing the car cover and DudeI was reading your email where you write in Spanish because you think I will get upset.
Kyle I don't send you anything. I never would just shoot an email to xtagged and ask to be removedfrom mail list, but see you’re nosy and you don't.
Any-Woo Kyle today you doubled our sales on Sabio e-cig That’s Spanish for Wiser e-cig and all wedid was make new page EN ESPANOL and had Oscar go to all the Mexican clubs and stores and theyall ordered, all of them they don't speak English let alone Google DUHHH today was our BIGGEST Dayever thanks to your Email (BIG SMILE ON ME) more proof that what you guys are doing is wrong andwait maybe you should blog En Espanol!OK let’s get serious, so Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I really really never everwould have thought of the button En Espanol. if it were not for your racism “GOD DONT LIKE UGLY"AmenAnd why you stockers our looking at my mom’s house I don’t know but Leonard and the police will belooking in to it especially with the threat that Ladd emailed that he wanted to meet face to face.
I keep telling you men over and over that Leonard is my attorney and then I send a receipt with Leonard& associates & retainer written on it with date hoping that the harassment stops! And as for my carwreck that’s none of your business I was not at fault so I don’t have to pay anything I was hit by newerCadillac that had full insurance at 30 to 40 miles an hour his fault not mine. So Leonard is just hagglinghow much I get because I told him to take his time and get what I deserve see they owe me moneyand that’s not counting the money I gave him to sue you guys for Wiser technology that has nothing todo with xtagged and that’s it the whole truth and once again in hopes that you will stop sendingharassing Viagra emails because the court will see them.
And I will make sure you get no more Emails thank you again and please be sure that all emails thathave to do with you are bcc to our Attorney Leonard Martinez. No need to responded, just wait for court like I asked you months ago.
I will not open anymore of your guy’s email I will just send it straight to my attorney GBUThank You Much! Andres EsquivelSent with Chimera WiserPhone.
--- On Fri, 11/19/10, Kyle < wrote: From: Kyle Subject: Re: I knew you wouldnt anwser larryblacklaw!To: "Andres Esquivel" >Date: Friday, November 19, 2010, 10:19 PM Dude how many time did you changed your number seriously. Your nuts get a lifegrow up. Your lawyer was for a freakin car accident we al know that he wonttalk to any of us. Cause hes not your lawyer. But don't worry I got a websitecoming out just for you your name to be plastered al over it you want limelightyou got it coming It wont be the good kind it's coming. Hey maybe oprah leavingbionic we al know you gonna be gotta show in 6 months. You're nothing but abluff. >You change your number because you are a coward and just because i takeyou to court don't mean that you wil be able to say I AM WHITE JUDGE so i winyour not in Utah no more todo! got a girlfriend yet i bet not i mean boyfriend.
And tel ladd i wil not meet him and threats over the internet are a feloney. andyea i live with my mom thats why i have a lawyer and a company that makes youal HATERS LOL do you even have a job kyle oh yea you work at microsoft withladd i forgot. and i dont read spanish but i wil have my lawyer read it in courtsince i can afford one whos your lawyer NOBODY because no one wil take yourcase THATS THE TRUTH! maybe Daryls BY the HOUR wil take you if you can begyour mom for some money>>Thank You Much! Andres Esquivel>Sent with Chimera WiserPhone.
>>--- On Thu, 11/18/10, Kyle Cluff wrote:>>>From: Kyle Cluff >>Subject: Re: I knew you wouldnt anwser larryblacklaw!>To: "Andres Esquivel" >>Cc: "Daryl Acumen" >, "ryion butcher", >Date: Thursday, November 18, 2010, 5:29 AM>>>Dude you can't even spel . You are harassing us! I get like 10>emails a day from you. I'm not a supporter of yours, stop emailing me>like I am one of your 2 supporters. Your nuts, please take me to>court I would love it. I am also sure Adam, the Utah S.E.C agent>would love it too. From what I hear he has been trying to get in>touch with you too. Who is the wuss now. I changed my number cause >your a psycho. Don't worry pimp, I wil write you when your in jail.
>Don't drop the soap, or wait maybe you would like that. I wil>also send you a 2nd grade English book so you can study up and not>look so il iterate. Might help your self esteem. Hey I would be sad>too if I could't get a girl without trying to make them believe I'm>going to be a mil ionaire, does "Mel, the stripper ring a bel .">Thought she owned some of Xtagged to.
>>P.S Aren't you living with your mom? It is a shack if I was told>correctly. I wouldn't throw stones if you live a glass house!>>No se puede esperar contar el día del juicio viene.El día para honrar>a usted pronto estará en un extremo.
>>>Google Translate for my:SearchesVideosEmailPhoneChatBusiness>About Google TranslateTurn off instant translationPrivacyHelp>>On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 10:11 PM, Andres Esquivel >wrote:>>>> Just as big of a wuss as Kyle at least Ryion answered when i cal ed lol. Youare fake "I don't know what your talking about" then like a dumb ass you textSteve that i am sending emails with his name. The links come from your account iwil show you what i am talking about in court.
>>>> peace Mr.Big>>>> warning; I was using my friends phone, remember what happen to you lasttime with mat, oh i guess you do because Tim said you haven't cal ed back sincei left if you would like to cal me 770.70WISER>>>> Everything gets sent to my lawyer everything. And at this time i would likethe info to your Attorney thank you and do not email back without it, becauseyou wil not here from me again until court. our Attorney info in at>>>> >>>> Thank You Much! Andres Esquivel>> Sent with Chimera WiserPhone.

Source: http://www.xtagged.co/files/beckie/email/79.pdf

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SINDICATO DOS PROFESSORES DA MADEIRA membro da FENPROF e da CGTP-IN Rua Elias Garcia, Edifício Elias Garcia I, Bloco V – 1º A Telefone : 291 206360 /1 * Fax: 291 206369 Greve e Concentração/Plenário de 3/12 Declaração apresentada por Marília Azevedo Coordenadora da Direcção do SPM O Sindicato dos Professores da Madeira aderiu à Greve Nacional de Professores

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_______________________________________________________________________ JODY HELGELAND JESSIE TANNER [ address redacted ] Madison, WI 53704, [ address redacted ] Eau Claire, WI 54703, DIANE MICHELLE COLLINS [ address redacted ] Eau Claire, WI 54703, MEGAN SAPNAR INGRID ANKERSON [ address redacted ] Madison, WI 53703, ELOISE McPIKE JANICE BARNETT [ address redacted ] Milwaukee, WI 53216, and JAYN

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