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Common sense may turn the declining EU economy down-side-up On 21 december 2012 the world era of the Maya calendar 12th B'ak'tun era ended. The Maya calendar is based on the moon cycles. Some see this change of era spiritual. A new dimension started. A dimension in which the ego comes in balance with the self. The ego lives on and with fear, while the self lives on and with love. The heart will come into balance with the will and the mind. Happiness will be the magic word for this year.
1. Equality of man and womanAn adult man and a woman are equal, which is proclaimed in the constitution and maintained by law.
2. Children are protectedChildren are not equal to an adult and shall be educated. In any doubt of a safe house or school the child shall be protected.
3. Honesty is the standardAdults are honest to each other. The government is honest to the civilian. Democracy maintains honesty.
4. Freedom of speech and expressionEveryone may speak or write freely in a responsible manor. This in an individual or in a collective way.
Man does good, which helps civilization or does evil, Everyone is free to worship God in any way. Everyone who has or has What is evil? Evil is an action of man against civilization. The ego of a man or a woman may initiate evil. Good is an action of a man r a woman which helps the civilization. What aspects define a civilization? On the left you see a possible checklist for Civilization. All aspects of good or evil are explained in The Tree of Good or Evil is available on the Apple 7. Freedom of fear.
The government executes a Law system in which everyone can be free The EU States tend to enhance the pension age to 67 years. This implies unequal time to live after the pension age. A worker who started work at the age of 15, works 52 years. A professor who studied to 27 which free will is possible. A woman and a man may freely choose the years has to work 40 years. The number of jobs is limited. If older people work longer the youth unemployment increases. Youth unemployment is an abnormal economical event and the main cause of the EU recession.
The increasing life expectancy is used to prove the truth for enhancing the pension age. Todays real average age in which people die however is for men 6 years younger. People with a lower education die even younger than higher educated people. The EU could design a common more civilized pension strategy. Everybody has the right for pension after 45 years of work. If people cannot work during their lifetime, the pension age will be 65 years. The State Pension for a year should be paid by the workers, for 105% one year in advance. The State pension should be equal to the minimum wage. Every EU State should establish a Pension Institute to maintain the pension strategy.
With pension after 45 year work, the jobs in which old people work can be filled with young people. The youth unemployment will solve, the old people live their old life happy and the economical recession will turn over to economical growth. leaders do not tell the people the risks is called populism. In order to survive, Europe. The results of the policy of the circles are defined. The sociocratic way the foundation for the German second Reich. The overconfidence of integrity level high. Existing financial shall be transferred in the next 7 years World loses trust in its ruling leaders.
Almost all vultures became sick and died. Greek katholikos = kata ‘ in respect of’ + holos ‘whole’. In respect of the whole children the civilized ways of life. The cows. In 1980 there were 40 million vultures. Now there are only 60.000.


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Traditions Checklist - from the A.A. Grapevine Service Material from the General Service Office These questions were originally published in the AA Grapevine in conjunction with a series on the Twelve Traditions that began in November 1969 and ran through September 1971. While they were originally intended primarily for individual use, many AA groups have since used them as a basis for wid

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