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Cell: (360) 597-8666 ▪ Home: (360)891-7919 ▪ __________________________________________________________________________________________ SEEKING A MANAGEMENT ROLE WITH A HIGH GROWTH COMPANY. R O F E S S I O N AL EX PE R IE N CE
Area Manager
Supervised, developed, and trained 8 territory managers to call on ophthalmologists in OR, AK, WA, MT, and
CA. Developed a unique set of strategic initiatives in the areas of employee retention, training and development,
and strategic planning designed to take a historically poor performing geography to the top of the sales report.
Provide information and advice in advisory board capacity to the marketing team.
 Led the division in market share growth with the company’s lead product vs. the branded alternative.  Achieved #1 ranking for market share growth for the lead product in 2010. (#1 out of 21 districts)  Developed a representative retention strategy that was adopted by the Western Region Management Team. This strategy resulted in 100% retention of key representatives from 2009 through 2011.  Achieved #1 ranking in growth vs. the branded alternative while competing in the #1 generic market  Developed a “virtual coaching” model that was adopted by the Western Region Management Team. This strategy reduced costs associated with travel and enhanced sales representative training.  Designed a non-traditional customer target strategy in 2010. This strategy was partially responsible for the team’s achieving the #1 ranking with the company’s lead product in 2010. VELOCITY SPORTS PERFORMANCE, Portland, OR Owner and Director
Oversaw daily business operations for company selling coaching and training programs designed to teach
athletics to young athletes. Managed 4 full-time and 8 part-time employees. Directed all sales, marketing,
accounting and finances, administration, and human resources management.

 Achieved breakeven point in sales revenue after five months of business grand opening. This compares to a franchise average of over one year to achieve breakeven.  Developed a sales process that drove monthly sales from $30K per month in month 4 to $70K per month in month ‘11. No other franchisee in the system had achieved $70K per month in the first year.  Developed and implemented a customer referral system that reduced marketing expenses 20% and increased  Created a “value add” selling system that allowed a price increase of 100% per unit and simultaneously led to dramatically enhanced program quality.  Implemented a sales incentive program for employees that resulted in employee referrals accounting for 80% of program sales. This program drove our customer close rate on first visit from 20% to 50%.
Hospital Business Director—Western Region Sales
Supervised, trained, and developed team of 7 hospital representatives covering broad range of products for
endocrinology, pulmonology, cardiology, and rheumatology physicians. Directly accountable for institutional
account planning, contractual strategies, and management initiatives.
 Developed and executed a business planning process that resulted in achievement as the #1 District Hospital Team out of 8 districts in the Western Region in 2003.  Reallocated resources within each product line towards accounts capable of generating the highest return on investment. This resulted in a quota achievement of 114%, with a 26% growth rate in 2004. The district was #1 in cholesterol sales and #2 in osteoporosis sales.  Implemented a strategic initiative to recover business lost due to loss of formulary exclusivity within the VA system. This initiative saved the company $800K in annual revenue.  Developed a plan to reverse a formulary loss at a key military account. Implementation of this plan resulted PFIZER PHARMACEUTICALS, San Diego and Long Beach, CA District Sales Manager, 1994–2001
Managed, supervised, and trained 9 sales representatives covering family practice and internal medicine in
Southern California. Managed 2 hospital representatives calling on Military, VA, Teaching Institutes, and Staff-
Model HMO facilities. Ensured sales strategies and techniques execution for product portfolio worth more than
$50 million. Member of advisory board responsible for the development of marketing strategy for products in
fields as varied as endocrinology, diabetes, psychiatry, and cardiology. Key strategic role in the launch of the
following new products: Norvasc, Procardia XL, Zoloft, Zyrtec, Lipitor, Viagra, and Glucotrol XL.
 Led the implementation and development of an account team strategy that resulted in approximately 25
formulary successes at 7 different physician groups. This resulted in the local manager team winning the National Team of the Year award. Achieved the Manager of the Year and District of the Year award (top 20% finish) in 1996, 1998, & 2000 while managing a district in one of the most highly penetrated managed care markets in the country. Created conflict resolution and team building template to assimilate sales representatives from a new division into the team due to merger with Parke Davis. This template was partially responsible for a reduction in turnover of 25%. Previous experience as Institutional Hospital Representative & Professional Healthcare Representative,
PFIZER PHARMACEUTICALS, Long Beach, CA (1990–1994) and Sales Representative, PITNEY BOWES CORP.,
Stamford, CT (1983–1984).

B.A.—Marketing, UNIVERSITY OF OREGON, Eugene, OR (1982)

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE, Los Angeles, CA (1985–1990)
Captain and Procurement Officer


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