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Ute Conference Coaches Quick Care

Heat illness is a preventable cause of death in young athletes. Muscle
cramps are a mild form of heat illness from salt and water loss (sweating).
Prevent heat illness, muscle cramps by:
• Drinking (12-16) oz. of water ½ to 1 hr before practice • Drinking (8) oz. of liquid for every ½ hr in the hot sun • Electrolyte (Gatorade) 8 to 12 oz after 1 hr instead of water when • Allow to cool off by removing helmets when talking to players. At first sign of heat illness - cramps or light headedness – have athlete
remove helmet/pads, drink fluids and find shade.
◦ Jog for (5) min or similar to increase blood flow to muscles; ◦ Stretch each major muscle group for 1 to 2 minutes (quads, ◦ Body weight exercises are a good way to warm up and condition (i.e., pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and up/downs); No neck rolls or double leg raises because they may cause neck
and lower back injury.
Prevent injury by good technique – tackle with head up. INJURY CARE – GENERAL

Any new acute injury – RICE

Rest – crutches/sling if necessary
Ice – 20 to 30 minutes 3 times/day for first 72 hours
Compression – wrap if possible with ace wrap
Elevation – elevate arm above heart. Elevate leg above hips.
Advil (Ibuprofen) or Aleve (naproxen) for pain/inflammation. If increasing pain/swelling or unable to use injured area functionally HAVE IT CHECKED. SIDELINE FUNCTION TESTS (see quick care)
• Check athlete’s memory for details on how injury happened; • Ask about headache, light headedness, orientation (what day is it, • Give athlete 3 things to remember – a number (7), an object (car), and a color (red) – ask him/her to repeat it to you in 5 minutes. If unable to repeat the athlete should be held out of contact and checked by medical.
ImPACT testing is a method of evaluating severity of the
concussion and when safe return is possible. It is available
through sports medicine providers
Ask about numbness, tingling and changes in sensation.
• Check grip strength, pull up & push down hands; • For wrist, rotate from palm facing down to palm facing up (if increased pain there is possible fracture of the wrist). • Hold arms straight in front and out to side, try to push down to If any weakness, significant pain, or sensation changes, hold out and get checked by medical. Lower body/hips/knees/ankles • Ask about any numbness, tingling or changes in sensation; • Stand on injured leg by itself, balance & do single legged squat; • Do single leg toe raise 3 times on injured leg; If the above are okay, have athlete jog 30 yards, turn and sprint back. If no pain or limping, then have athlete do zigzag (3 steps & cut, on each leg three times) If athlete can perform the above tests with minimal pain and no limp. They are probably okay to play but if there is any question have checked by medical. Thanks to SPORTS MED UTAH


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