Ronald P. Feldman, Vice President (Ward 6) UPPER DUBLIN
Montgomery County, PA
Michael Pladus, Superintendent of Schools TREASURER & REAL ESTATE TAX COLLECTOR
Jonathan K. Bleemer, Asst. Twp. Manager/Finance Director Richard Barton, Code Enforcement Director Derek Dureka, Parks & Recreation Director Daniel Supplee, Public Works Operations Director A Handbook of Township Facilities, Resources and Services
Contributing Editor
Katie Braun – Upper Dublin School District
Dreshertown Plaza, Limekiln Pk & Dreshertown Rd, DR
Fairway Shopping Center, Limekiln Pk & Twining Rd, DR
Maple Glen Shopping Center, Norristown Rd/Limekiln Pk, MG
Upper Dublin Shopping Center, Welsh Road/Twining Road, WG


Walk-In: 614 N. Easton Rd., Glenside; 1713 Markley St., Norristown
IRS Tax Information
Walk-In: 600 Arch St., Philadelphia; Noble Plaza, Jenkintown Montgomery Co. Board of Assessment Appeals
Ambler Borough Water
Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority
Montgomery County Board of Elections
Montgomery County Voter Registration Info 610-278-3280
Copyright 2013
Upper Dublin Township
Montgomery County, PA
235 Summit Ave. at Spring Ave., FW 215-646-2813 A Handbook of Township Facilities, Resources and Services
Beth Or
Lubavitch of Montgomery County (Chabad Jewish Education Center) Published by Upper Dublin Township
Board of Commissioners
2013 – 9th Edition
MontCo Senior Center, 45 Forest Ave, AM Montgomery Co. Office of Aging/Adult Serv. 610-278-3601 FOREWORD
Upper Dublin Township publishes Know Your Township as a public service to the residents of the community. This booklet has been pre- pared to give newcomers and residents a useful guide to facilities, re- sources and services of the Township, the School District, and agencies serving the community. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Philadelphia Inquirer, MontCo News Office the staff members of the Township and the School District who re- viewed and updated original text to produce this current edition. Upper Dublin Township, Board of Commissioners POLICE - Emergency 9-1-1
Under Pennsylvania’s “Sunshine Law” all meetings of governing bod- ies and boards must be open to the public. Exceptions to this are meet- ings to discuss personnel, litigation, and matters related to the purchase of property. Therefore, most meetings of the Commissioners, School RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS-CHURCHES
Directors and various Boards are available for public attendance. Ac- cess to public meetings does not mean that members of the audience are able to speak out and participate unless permission is requested and granted by the presiding official. Every resident is urged to take advan- tage of the opportunity to become informed about the Upper Dublin community by attending meetings. Any person is permitted to have and use a recording device at any meeting open to the public. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints RIGHT TO KNOW LAW
Under Pennsylvania’s “Right To Know Law” open records requests follow a set timeline and guidelines for filling or rejecting requests. More information is available on the Township and School District web sites at and Jehovah’s Witnesses Oreland PA Congregation AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT
Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits local governments from discriminating on the basis of disability. Under Mar Thoma Philadelphia - the ADA, Upper Dublin Township is required to ensure that its pro- grams and services, including employment, are open to individuals with disabilities just as they are to those without disabilities. Contact these agencies for information on their ADA compliance: New Life Presbyterian Church of Dresher UDT Manager’s office: 215-643-1600 x3220. UD School District Superintendent’s office: 215-643-8802. Department of Parks and Recreation programs and services, anyone needing special accommodation should contact UDP&R at least 72 GOVERNMENT-TOWNSHIP
Commissioners / Manager / Township Business 215-643-1600 Police, Fire or Medical Emergency 9-1-1 801 Loch Alsh Av., Fort Washington, 19034
Historical Society of Fort Washington, Clifton House Commissioner’s Meetings/Cable TV & UDTV HOSPITALS
559 W. Germantown Pk, East Norriton 484-622-1000 Environmental Initiatives: Boards, Trails RecycleBank/Electronic Waste, Stormwater, Grading page 26 Public Works/Services (Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste) page 27 JUVENILE SERVICES
Children & Youth Services and to report abuse 610-278-5800 LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS
Public Schools, Private Schools & Higher Education LIBRARIES
More Online:
Montgomery Co.-Norristown Public Library Public Works General Services Brochure - Township Maps - - School District Budget - UPPER DUBLIN HISTORY
Upper Dublin Township was originally part of a 1684 land grant from William Penn called “Dublin.” The grant included land that is now 240 Fitzwatertown Rd., Willow Grove 215-657-4010 Abington Township and part of Philadelphia. Thomas Holme, the sur- veyor of the land grant, planned both Susquehanna and Welsh Roads 600 N. Bethlehem Pk., Ambler, Hotline 215-643-2727 that remain major routes in the Township today. FIRE DEPARTMENT
Quaker families were among the earliest settlers of the Township. By the middle of the 18th century many German families had moved into the area. The main occupation in Upper Dublin in the early days was farming. The land was also rich in minerals and limestone was mined in what is now Dresher. Limekiln Pike was built in 1693 to transport lime- GOVERNMENT-COUNTY
stone to the Philadelphia markets and has been lengthened through the years to cross the Township and continue into Bucks County. One of the most important historical buildings in the Township is the GOVERNMENT-FEDERAL
Emlen House on Pennsylvania Avenue near Camphill Road. George Washington had his headquarters there during a skirmish with the Brit- ish in late 1777 before he moved his army on to Valley Forge. Fort Washington-19034 575 Pinetown Rd. 215-646-6796 The population grew around the settlements of Fitzwatertown, Dresher- town, Jarrettown, Maple Glen, Three Tuns and Rose Valley. Currently most of the open land in the Township has been developed into communities of single-family homes, townhouses, shopping cen- ters, parks, recreational areas and the Fort Washington Office Park. GOVERNMENT-STATE/COUNTY
Upper Dublin is approximately 13 square miles in size and has just over 225 Main Capitol Bldg, Harrisburg, 17120 Upper Dublin Township was granted First Class Township status on Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Medicare B Claims 800-382-1274 COLLEGES
450 S. Easton Rd. at Church Rd., Glenside 215-572-2900 Voter Registration Information – 610-278-3280
Board of Elections – 610-278-3275
Germantown & Northwestern Aves., Phila 215-248-7000 Montgomery County Court House
One Montgomery Plaza
Norristown, PA 19404
1325 Sumneytown Pk, Gwynedd Valley 215-641-5510 The United States Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania specify eligibility requirements for voting. Voting Qualifications
 you must be a natural-born citizen; or, a naturalized citizen for at Penna. State University-Abington Campus least 30 days before you can register to vote  you must be 18 years old on or before the day after an election Voter Registration
A prospective voter may register in person at the Office of Voter Regis- tration at the Court House in Norristown or by mail. Registration forms are available at County Offices, libraries, State liquor stores, and post CONSUMER PROTECTION
offices. If a person votes at least once every two years and does not change his/her name or address, his/her registration remains in effect. A person must state party affiliation at the time of registration in order to vote for party candidates in a primary election. Voters who register non-partisan (independent) may not vote for party candidates in primary elections, but may vote on ballot referendum issues. Montgomery County Consumer Affairs Office To vote in Montgomery County you must be a resident of Montgomery County and your voting district for at least 30 days prior to an election DRUG & ALCOHOL INFORMATION
Voting Address
Ward & District, Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery County 245 N. Keswick Ave., Glenside or 215-576-9796/ 574-6900 148th, 151st, 152nd or 153rd PA Legislative District 12th PA Senatorial District, 7th or 13th US Congressional District Resident voting address determined by home address Polling Places in Upper Dublin Township
The Township is divided into seven wards; each of which is further di- vided into voting precincts. The polls, controlled by the County Board of Elections, are open from 7a-8p on Election Day. Polling places are published prior to each election and on the Township’s website. Elections
General elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Mon-
day in November.
Commonwealth of PA Dept. of Agriculture 610-489-1003 Primary Elections are held in the spring of each year to nominate can-
Montgomery County Cooperative Extension 610-489-4315 didates who will represent their political parties in general elections. -Municipal Primarythird Tuesday of May of odd-numbered
years to nominate candidates for County and Township offices and to
Community Ambulance Association, Ambler 215-643-6517 -General
Primarythird Tuesday of May of even-numbered years
Second Alarmers Rescue Squad, Willow Grove 215-659-1885 to nominate State and national candidates whose term of office is completed; as well as, local committee men and women. Every fourth ANIMAL SHELTER
year this election is held at the same time as the presidential primary. -Presidential Primaryfourth Tuesday in April every four years
to elect delegates to the parties’ national conventions where presiden- BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS
Absentee Voting
EMCCC (Eastern Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce) Absentee ballots may be used if voters will be away from their district on Election Day, if they are unable to vote because of disability or ill- ness, if there is a conflict with the observance of a religious holiday, or, FWBA (Fort Washington Business Alliance) 215-628-0313 if a County employee cannot vote because of Election Day duties. Ap- plications for absentee ballots may be obtained from the Board of Elec- MGCA (Maple Glen Community Association) 215-540-8378 tions in Norristown, County Offices, State liquor stores and other public buildings. Applications must be returned to the office of the Board of WGCC (Willow Grove Chamber of Commerce) 215-657-2652 Elections no earlier than 50 days and no later than seven days before the election. Completed absentee ballots must be returned to the Board of- fice by 5p on the Friday preceding an election. CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS & GROUPS
Local Candidates
To appear on the party’s primary ballot, a candidate must submit a nominating petition to the Montgomery County Board of Elections, Kiwanis Club of Old York Road (WG) signed by a specified number of qualified voters in the election district. Only judicial and school director candidates may cross-file. Political Party Organization
The voters elect local committee people. The Republican Party elects two people, one man and one woman, from each ward for two-year terms; the Democratic Party elects any two people for four-year terms. Committee people choose the governing body of their respective local Rotary Club of Glenside political party, which is composed of a chairman, vice chairman, secre- tary and treasurer. Republican officers serve two-year terms; Democ- Higher Education in the Area
ARCADIA UNIVERSITY - Located at Easton and Church Roads in
General Business – 215-643-1600
Glenside, Arcadia offers baccalaureate and graduate programs. FAX – 215-542-0797
Municipal Complex
CHESTNUT HILL COLLEGE - A coeducational Catholic liberal
801 Loch Alsh Avenue
arts college located at 9601 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia. Fort Washington, PA 19034-1697
Chestnut Hill College offers undergraduate, graduate, and continuing On January 1, 1946 Upper Dublin Township was granted the status of a First Class Township. The First Class Township Code of the Common- DEVRY UNIVERSITY - Devry is located in the Township at 1140
wealth of Pennsylvania, as well as the codification of ordinances of Up- Virginia Drive in Fort Washington. The university offers undergraduate per Dublin Township, are the basic guides that define the powers, func- tions and responsibilities of the Township government. Copies of both ( codes are on file in the administrative offices of the Township and the public library. Upper Dublin Township Codification of ordinances is GWYNEDD-MERCY COLLEGE – Located on Sumneytown Pike in
Lower Gwynedd, this college offers associate, baccalaureate and gradu- Commissioners
The corporate powers of the Township are vested in a seven member MANOR JUNIOR COLLEGE – A two year Catholic college located
Board of Commissioners that acts as the legislative branch of the gov- at 700 Fox Chase Road in Jenkintown. ( ernment with responsibility for all policy decisions as well as annual budget approval. The Commissioners are elected, one from each ward, MONTGOMERY COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE – Situated
and serve on a part-time basis for four-year terms. Municipal elections in nearby Blue Bell at DeKalb Pike and Morris Road, MCCC offers for Commissioners are held bi-annually with an alternating four seats associate degrees and the first two years of baccalaureate programs. and three seats subject to election or re-election. The State Code sets the maximum salary that Commissioners could be paid based upon Town-
ship population. The Commissioners are also reimbursed for any costs – This school is located on Woodland Ave. in neighboring Abington that they incur out-of-pocket for Township business expenses as part of Township. The university offers associate and baccalaureate programs. The Commissioners appoint major officials such as the Township Man- ager, Solicitor, Engineer, Police Chief, Fire Marshal and Township Sec- TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, AMBLER CAMPUS – Temple Ambler is
retary. In addition, the Commissioners appoint and are assisted with located in the Township at 580 Meetinghouse Road, Ambler. The uni- policy recommendations by several advisory boards and committees. versity offers associate, baccalaureate and graduate programs. The Commissioners are also supported by the autonomous Zoning Hearing Board, pursuant to State law, in dealing with interpretation of

Temple Fort Washington is in the Township at 425 Commerce Drive. The organizational chart (page 12) outlines the Township government It is a Graduate and Professional Center featuring graduate and non- credit courses for adult learners. ( Commissioners Meetings
The Board of School Directors is responsible for all aspects of public Stated Meetings of the Commissioners are held in the Township’s Main school education. The Board develops and adopts policies as well as an Meeting Room found within the Municipal Complex and are open to annual budget to support the programs for the District’s student popula- the public. All meetings are advertised in advance in the local newspa- tion of approximately 4,300 (K-12). The Board of School Directors lev- per as well as on UDTV-GOV, the Township’s governmental televi- ies earned income and real estate taxes to support the annual budget of sion. Many meetings are aired live or by tape. See UDTV information The Board of School Directors holds Work Session and Legislative At a reorganization meeting held in January every other even year, the Meetings on the first and second Mondays of the month at 6p and 7p Commissioners elect a president and vice-president as well as assign respectively at Upper Dublin High School. Board meeting schedules members (other than the Board President) to various three-person com- can be found in the School District/Community Calendar, on the dis- trict’s website or on UDTV-EDU Channel 28 (Comcast) and Channel Committee on Economic Development & Finance (EDF) Committee on Public Safety, Works & Services (PSWS) Important school and community information is announced in several Committee on Planning, Parks/Recreation & Library (PPL) publications including the School District/Community Calendar, via Committees meet with the Township Manager in attendance as well as District Listservs, on the District’s website and on UDTV-EDU Chan- other appointed or administrative officials as determined by the Town- nel 28 (Comcast) and Channel 20 (Verizon). Information is also avail- ship Manager. The Township Secretary attends meetings as necessary. able on the District’s website under “Quick Links”>“Registration.” For all other information and/or questions, contact the Superintendent’s Of- The Township Board of Commissioners public meeting schedule is as Committee on Economic Development & Finance (EDF) Private Schools in Upper Dublin
1st Tuesday of every other month at 6:30p Chabad Jewish Education Center
Committee on Public Safety, Works & Services (PSWS) 1311 Fort Washington Avenue, Fort Washington 1st Tuesday of every other month following EDF Chelten Child Development Center
Good Shepherd Regional Catholic School
Committee on Planning, Parks/Recreation & Library (PPL) 4th Tuesday of every other month at 6:30p The Montessori School
Special meetings to discuss and take action on matters related to Open Door Christian Academy 215-542-9795
budget, zoning or any other Township matters are scheduled at other 1260 Fort Washington Avenue, Fort Washington times in the evening and always with prior public notice. Our Lady of Mercy Regional Catholic School
Play and Learn (K Certified) 215-628-4184
The Township is served by Comcast Cable 1-800-COMCAST and Ver- Pennsylvania Ave & Camphill Road, Fort Washington izon 1-800-660-2215. UDTV-GOV channels: Comcast 22/Verizon 21; Twin Spring Farms Day School & Education Center 215- 646-2665
UDTV-EDU channels: Comcast 28/Verizon 20. The UDTV-GOV mes- sage board is available online at (blue UDTV Village Schoolhouse (K Certified)
logo). To add a Township message, call 215-643-1600 x3221. To add a School District message, call 215-643-8802. Wordsworth Academy
2101 Pennsylvania Avenue, Fort Washington SCHOOLS
Township Manager
First Class Township code provides for the position of Township Man-
ager to be appointed by a majority of the Board of Commissioners at a Administration Building
salary fixed by the Board. The Township Manager is chosen based on 1580 Fort Washington Ave., Maple Glen, PA 19002
executive and administrative capabilities. The President of the Board Administration
interacts closely with the Township Manager and is advised on all the Business
administrative functions of the Township government. 215-643-8800
The Township Manager is the Township’s chief administrative officer Curriculum
Facilities (Maintenance/Custodial)
215-643-8800 x8815
 Supervise activities of all Township departments and staff Facilities (Permits for Community Use)
215-643-8800 x8994
 Hire, discipline and discharge employees according to Township Services
Personnel Manual and existing bargaining unit labor contracts Resources
 Make recommendations to the Board for personnel salaries and Pupil Services/Special Education
 Present for Commissioner approval and administer Township Superintendent 215-643-8802
 Prepare agendas for and attend all Commissioners meetings Transportation
 Report to the Board on Township business and finances including Upper Dublin High School Pool
215-643-8800 x8994
audit of all financial records by a Board appointed auditor and an- Fort Washington Elementary School
 Supervise the letting, performance and completion of contracts 1010 Fort Washington Ave., Fort Washington, PA 19034  Supervise purchasing functions of the Township Jarrettown Elementary School
 Investigate and resolve complaints Maple Glen Elementary School
Important Township information is announced in several publications 1581 Fort Washington Ave., Maple Glen, PA 19002 including the School District/Community Calendar, E-news via the Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School
Township Listservs, the Township Map & Guide, the Township’s web- site, various social media and on UDTV (page 29). Several Township Sandy Run Middle School
departments communicate activities and events using various other forms of social media. See the Township website home page for the Upper Dublin High School
800 Loch Alsh Ave., Fort Washington, PA 19034 Secretary
State code provides for a Township Secretary, a Township resident ap- School District of Upper Dublin
pointed by the Commissioners, to act as Board Secretary and as official The School District of Upper Dublin is a separate body governed by a keeper of the minutes. The Secretary is required to report to the Com- nine member Board of School Directors that operates independently of monwealth of PA certain prescribed activities of the Commissioners the Township Board of Commissioners. Municipal elections for Board relating to elections, appointments, tax-levying ordinances and provide Members are held bi-annually with an alternating four seats and five a copy of the Township’s Annual Report and financial reports. seats subject to election or re-election. Board Members are elected at- large in municipal elections in odd-numbered years and serve for four- Annual Audit
year terms without compensation. The Superintendent of Schools is an An outside auditing firm appointed by the Commissioners audits the UPPER DUBLIN TOWNSHIP
The Library serves residents of Upper Dublin Township and those who work in the Township with a collection of 100,000 volumes, including bestsellers, biographies, nonfiction, mysteries, science fiction, paper- backs, children’s picture and chapter books, teen literature, graphic nov- els, and large print books; more than 100 magazine and newspaper sub- scriptions; and over 10,000 audiobooks, music CDs, videos, DVDs, and video games. A library card also allows residents to request materials from libraries within Montgomery County, throughout Pennsylvania, Free computer use is provided with access to the Internet and Microsoft Office tools. Visitors may also plug in their own laptops and access a free wireless network. The Library offers telephone and walk-up reference service during open hours as well as virtual services available around the clock, including downloadable ebooks and audiobooks, 24-hour reference service through AskHerePA, and access to the Pennsylvania PowerLibrary da- The Library offers quality educational and cultural programs for all ages, including book clubs, summer reading club, workshops, lectures, performances and preschool storytimes. Subscribe to the Library’s E- (1) Appointed by the Board of Commissioners news to get email notifications of events and activities. The Library is a department of Upper Dublin Township and is sup- (3) Heads of Departments appointed by the Township Manager with ad- ported by Township appropriation, State Aid to Public Libraries, the vice and consent of Board of Commissioners (4) Includes road maintenance, traffic signals and signs and trash collec- Friends of Upper Dublin Public Library, fines, and community dona- tions. A seven-member Library Board comprised of residents who are (5) Includes building inspector and plumbing inspector appointed by the Board of Commissioners meets monthly. (6) Assistant Manager also serves as Finance Director LIBRARY SERVICES at Temple University Library
(7) Includes fleet maintenance and building management Ambler Campus, 580 Meetinghouse Road, Ambler, PA 19002
Township Administrative Offices
Regular Semester
Inter-session Summer
HOURS: Offices are open Monday - Friday except on major holidays.
This library has numerous volumes, microfilms, periodicals, and listen- ing equipment available for on-site public use. Upper Dublin Senior Adults
Montgomery County Treasurer & Tax Collector
“Seasoned Cardinal” Passes
Guest passes are available to all Upper Dublin senior citizens, 62 years Board of Assessment Appeals 215-646-4794
of age or older, for many Upper Dublin School District and Township 610-278-3761 FAX – 215-542-0797
events. Cards are available during normal business hours at the Upper One Montgomery Plaza 801 Loch Alsh Avenue
Dublin School District Superintendent’s office as well as in the Town- Norristown, PA 19404 Fort Washington, PA 19034-1697
ship municipal building at the Parks & Recreation Department. For in- Real Estate Taxes
formation call 215-643-8802 or 215-643-1600 x3443. The value of real property for tax purposes is based on market value as These passes provide discounted or free admission to: determined by Montgomery County Board of Assessments. The most recent reassessment of Montgomery County was completed in 1997. Questions concerning assessments should be addressed to the Mont- gomery County Board of Assessment Appeals at the address listed. Real Estate Tax is determined by multiplying the assessed valuation of taxable (non-exempt) real property by the millage. One (1) mill is COMPUTER CENTER SERVICES
equivalent of a levy of $1.00 on each $1,000.00 of assessed value. Mo-Th 1p–7p
North Hills Community Center
Tax millage rate is determined annually by the following governmental 215-884-4760
Free computer use is provided with access to the Internet and Microsoft Office tools. Visitors may also plug in their own laptops and access a LIBRARY SERVICES
Mo-Th 9:30a–9p
Upper Dublin Public Library
Fr-Sa 9:30a–5p
805 Loch Alsh Avenue
Su noon –5p
Fort Washington, PA 19034
Treasurer & Tax Collector 215-628-8744

First Class Township code provides for the elective office of Treasurer The Upper Dublin Public Library enriches the community by inspiring with a four year term of office. Duties include billing and collection of the joy of reading, the discovery of ideas, and the pursuit of informa- real estate taxes for the Township. By agreement, the Treasurer also tion. Driven by the interests of our residents, we provide services in a collects the County and School District real estate taxes. The Treasurer welcoming, knowledgeable and responsive manner. UDPL-We’re signs Township disbursement checks prepared by the Finance Depart- ment and also signed by the Board of Commissioners President and the Township Secretary. The Treasurer is required by law to give the The Upper Dublin Public Library is located in the Municipal Complex Township a fidelity bond. Remuneration for the Treasurer’s services is on Loch Alsh Avenue across from Upper Dublin High School. Entrance a combination of a fixed salary paid by the Township and the School is on the west side of the building facing the 309 Expressway. District plus a variable fee from Montgomery County. The Treasurer & Tax Collector office is open during the following hours on regular business days: 9:30a-noon and 1:00p-4:00p. Service Charges
In addition to taxes on residential property, the Township can impose Montgomery County Aging and Adult Services
service charges or user fees where applicable to individual properties. POB 311, 1430 DeKalb Pike, Norristown, PA 19404 610-278-3601
NOTE: Please see website listing on table of contents page for current
year tax rates, service charges and budgets of the Township and the County Senior Services
Montgomery County provides a variety of services for senior citizens such as help with medical or legal problems, consumer assistance, fi- Earned Income Tax (EIT)
nancial aid, housing, recreation and social services. The County distrib- A tax of one percent (0.01) is levied on the earned income and net prof- utes a booklet, Rights and Benefits for Seniors, published by the PA its of Township residents and non-residents who work in Upper Dublin. Department of Aging. This free booklet is available at County Offices. The tax received is shared equally by the Township and the School Dis- trict (0.005 to the Township and 0.005 to the School District). Senior Adult Activities Center of Montgomery County - Ambler
45 Forest Ave., Ambler, PA 19002 215-619-8863
Local Services Tax (LST)
Effective January 1, 2006, and in accordance with PA Act 222, the This full service senior adult center is open to all Montgomery County Commissioners of Upper Dublin Township adopted the Emergency and residents over the age of 60 and their spouses. It is administered by a Municipal Services Tax on individuals employed or self-employed in full-time paid executive director, social worker and office secretary. the Township. The amount of the tax is $52.00 annually providing the Part-time clerical and custodial help are also employed. taxpayer earns a minimum of $12,000 per calendar year. The name of the tax was changed to Local Service Tax or LST as of January 1, 2008. This non-profit corporation was founded in 1973 and receives approxi- mately 60% of its funding from combined Federal, State and County EIT & LST Tax Collection Change
sources. Individuals, community organizations, houses of worship and Mandated by Pennsylvania Act 32, Upper Dublin Township stopped corporate sources as well as donations from Upper Dublin Township processing the collection of the Earned Income Tax and Local Services and other surrounding municipalities provide the remaining funds. Tax after the 2011 tax year. The Act consolidated the collection of the Activities in the center include oil painting, watercolor, mixed media, taxes to one collector per county. Beginning with 2012, Berkheimer crafts, card games, parties, special event days and very unique, one-day Tax Administrator collects taxes for all jurisdictions in Montgomery affordable trips with a concentration on cultural events and historical County. Tax returns for 2011 and prior years are processed by the places. There are also music programs, nature programs, beauty care programs, health evaluations, AARP “55 Alive” courses, volunteer op- portunities, a thrift shop and frequent discussion of legislation, social Realty Transfer Tax
security, nutrition and legal matters relating to senior citizens. A Realty Transfer Tax is imposed at the time of transfer of real estate on the buyer and seller, each of whom pay one per cent (0.01) of the The Bookmobile of the Montgomery County Library visits the center value of the property as represented on the deed for a total of two per regularly and the Visiting Nurse Association comes to the senior center cent (0.02). This tax is collected by the Recorder of Deeds of Mont- twice a month for blood pressure and health screenings. Para-transit gomery County who forwards one percent (0.01) to the State, one-half shared rides are available by prior arrangement and registrations of one percent (0.005) to Upper Dublin Township and one-half of one percent (0.005) to Upper Dublin School District. A Meals-on-Wheels program is available for people no longer able to come to the center and unable to cook or go to the super market them-selves. Prior evaluation by the County social worker is required. PUBLIC WELFARE
Montgomery County Assistance Office
Municipal Complex Police-Fire-Medical Emergencies 9-1-1
1931 New Hope Street, Norristown, PA 19401
801 Loch Alsh Avenue Police Business – 215-646-2101
Fuel, Food Stamps, Medical & Cash Assistance – 610-270-3500
Fort Washington, PA 19034 Tips: 215-643-1600 x3914
Welfare Information – 610-270-3500 or 800-692-7462
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program – 610-272-1752/3
Upper Dublin Township Police Department
Women and Indigent Children (WIC) – 800-367-6347
The Upper Dublin Township Police Department (UDPD) is charged State and federal welfare payments are administered by the State with the protection of life and property within Upper Dublin Township. through county offices. The Governor appoints Pennsylvania’s Secre- The UDPD is a Pennsylvania first class, civil service, accredited, law tary of Public Welfare. Employees in the department come under Civil enforcement agency. Staffed 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, the depart- Service. Aid payments are made under the following programs that ment employs 40 full-time sworn officers, six Police Communications have varying income and resource limitations: Officers and a Record's Clerk to fulfill its mission. The UDPD is dis- AID TO FAMILIES WITH DEPENDENT CHILDREN (AFDC)
patched by the Montgomery County Communications Center. for children and their families in need because a parent is dead, dis- The UDPD consists of two primary divisions identified as Patrol and abled, absent from the home or unemployed (State/federally funded). Administration, with three support divisions: Communications, Adult GENERAL ASSISTANCE – for those in need who do not meet condi-
Investigations and Juvenile Investigations, and utilizes several special- ized units: Bike Patrol, Highway Patrol, Drug Abuse Resistance Educa-tion (DARE), Narcotics Enforcement, Professional Standards, Major SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME (SSI) – for those who are
Incident Response, Medical Response, and Tactical Response. age 65 or over, blind or disabled, and who have income and resources below specified amounts. Payments are in addition to any Social Secu- Committed to the Community Oriented Policing philosophy, the UDPD hosts several outreach programs each year. These programs include a College Intern Program, a Driver Safety Seminar and a Junior Police STATE BLIND PENSION – for blind persons who do not receive
Academy. Individual talks are also available for schools and civic asso- federal assistance through SSI (State funded). ciations. Finally, the department has developed a School Safety Pro- MEDICAL ASSISTANCE (MEDICAID) – automatically provided to
gram based upon "best practices" when protecting those within any recipients of Cash Assistance or Supplemental Security Income. Other school facility in the Township. This program has trained teachers, applicants must meet income and resource limitations. High medical staff, and students on how to properly respond to a variety of incidents expenses are taken into consideration (State and federally funded). FOOD STAMPS – for those who qualify by meeting income and re-
Upper Dublin Police Benevolent Association
source limitations. Intended to increase purchasing power for food items to provide better nutrition for low income families (federally Animal Regulation
Licensing – 610-278-3070
Enforcement – 215-646-2101
Dogs over six months of age must be licensed by January 15 yearly ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – for those who receive SSI
with Montgomery County. Applications are available at the County and and others who meet the necessary income criteria to help pay heating Township offices and websites. The Township enforces a “pooper scooper law” and a “leash law.” Dogs and cats must be vaccinated DISABILITY ADVOCACY PROGRAM (DAP) – advocacy services
against rabies. See Township and State ordinances for permitted ani- for physically/mentally disabled persons eligible for Public Assistance mals and animal regulations. Enforcement action is handled by UDT who need help in applying for SSI or SSDI or appealing a rejection. Police and the County Health Department. Fire Services
Department of Fire Services
215-643-1600 x3928
The Township’s Highway Division is responsible for the maintenance The department is involved in community fire protection planning, of approximately 102 miles of Township roads including repair work, emergency management, public safety and education. In addition, the street sweeping, leaf collection and snow removal. There are about 29 Director provides oversight in critical areas of finances, facilities, appa- miles of State roads located within the Township that are maintained by ratus, equipment, and fire service performance, while serving as the the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Montgomery County liaison with EMS service providers, Township Departments, Busi- provides road repairs for 2.15 miles of Butler Pike (County road). By nesses, Civic Groups, and Local, State and Federal Agencies. The Fire contract, the Township removes snow from most State roads and from Marshal conducts permit and occupancy generated inspections, con- ducts plan reviews and is responsible for Cause and Origin Investiga- tions. Staff can be found at Station A during regular business hours. The Township is divided by two major limited-access highways. State Route 309 goes north to Quakertown and south into Philadelphia. The Station A
Station B
PA Turnpike (I-276) goes east to New Jersey and west to Ohio. Exit 1245 Fort Washington Avenue 3315 Susquehanna Road
#339 (Fort Washington) is the local interchange that conveniently con- Fort Washington, PA
Dresher, PA
nects to Route 309 via a cloverleaf at the exit. There is also a slip ramp Fort Washington Fire Company, No. 1 (FWFC)
for west on/west off traffic located in the Fort Washington Office Park Fire Protection in Upper Dublin is provided by the FWFC. The FWFC exit #340. Many Township residents use Exit #343 (Willow Grove) at provides dedicated service through ongoing recruitment, training and Easton Road (Route 611) and Maryland Road. Another State road education while striving to be on the cutting edge of fire suppression, through the Township is Limekiln Pike (Route 152). rescue services and fire prevention. The FWFC is always looking for The closest major airport is Philadelphia International Airport. Air taxi new volunteers and welcomes anyone who is interested to visit them at service to Philadelphia Airport is available from nearby Wings Field in Station A or Station B any Monday night at 7p. General non-emergency Blue Bell. Limousine service to the airport is also available from some local hotels. SEPTA runs a high speed rail line to the Philadelphia Air- The company has about 50 active volunteer firefighters age 18 or older port that connects to all local trains at the three Philadelphia stations. and junior firefighters aged 16-17 years are accepted for mentorship. Train transportation in the area is provided by the Southeastern Penn- The Fire Chief and Company President are also volunteers serving and sylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). The trip to Philadelphia are elected yearly. The Chief is responsible for managing fire fighting from any of the local stations listed below takes approximately one-half and the President is responsible for the administrative management of Local Train Stations: (All stations provide off-street parking lots; some charge a fee.)
Upper Dublin has a Mutual Aid Agreement with all surrounding fire Ambulance Service—Emergencies dial 9-1-1
Community Ambulance Association, Ambler 215-643-6517
Second Alarmers Rescue Squad, Willow Grove 215-659-1885
The Community Ambulance Association, Ambler and the Second Alarmers Rescue Squad provide emergency medical service for Town- ship residents. They both offer annual memberships for a small fee that Philadelphia Stations:
entitle members to discounts on any remaining balances due after insur- ance payments for emergency transport service. Local Courts
District Court 38-1-10 – 215-542-1262
1301 South Bethlehem Pike, Ambler, PA 19002
Upper Dublin and the Borough of Ambler are served by District Court 38-1-10. The district court is headed by a presiding District Justice who is elected for a six-year term. Prior to filing a nominating petition for election, applicants for District Justice must qualify by completing a training course and passing an examination for the position as required by State law. The justices are paid by the State, which fixes a minimum and maximum level on their earnings based on the population of the area they serve. Constables
Two constables serve Upper Dublin. They are elected for six-year terms and work in conjunction with the Montgomery County court system. The compensation they receive is based directly on the work that they UTILITIES (see page 43 for utility phone numbers)
Aqua Pennsylvania, the Borough of Ambler Water Department, and the North Wales Water Authority supply water to homes in the Township. HEALTH and WELFARE
The water must meet standards determined by the State. Some homes Montgomery County Health Department
in the area have private wells and testing of this water is the responsibil- Montgomery County Human Services Center
ity of the property owner. A map of water utility service areas is avail- 1430 DeKalb Street, POB 311
Norristown, PA 19404-0311
PECO an Exelon company supplies both gas and electricity to house- 610-278-5117
holds in the Township. This company is privately owned and operates The Montgomery County Health Department is the health agency for under the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission that regulates rates. the Township. The County Health Department protects the public’s The Township purchased all street lights in the community in 1988 and health by permitting, licensing and inspecting eating and drinking es- is responsible for routine and long term maintenance. Report a problem tablishments, camps and campgrounds, mobile home parks, swimming with a street light by calling Public Works or submitting an online re- pools, on-lot sewage systems and individual’s wells. They also operate clinics that provide immunizations. Additional services provide breast Sewers
and cervical cancer screenings, home visits for pregnant women and Most homes are located in areas able to be serviced by public sewers. new moms, car seat safety checks, and educational programs. Some homes are serviced by private on-lot septic systems in areas Township Contributions
where developments are older or unable to be connected due to eleva- The Township budget provides for annual contributions to health and tion or other considerations. Township wastewater is treated at Abing- welfare agencies that provide a community service to Upper Dublin ton, Ambler, Philadelphia via Springfield Township and Upper More- Township residents. The agencies and contribution amounts are deter- land/Hatboro wastewater treatment plants as well as the Bucks County mined each year during the budget preparation process. Water & Sewer Authority (BCW&SA) plant in Fort Washington. BCW&SA owns and maintains all previously Township-owned pump-ing stations and piping. PARKS & RECREATION
UDP&R Office – 215-643-1600 x3443
Public Works 215-643-1600 x3233
Mondauk Common – 215-646-5850
Extra trash pickup/bulk trash:
North Hills Community Center – 215-572-0640
Engineering Department, Highway Department, Sanitation Department Robbins Park for Environmental Education – 215-641-0921
The Engineering Department includes a Surveyor and a Grading In-
Twining Valley Golf Club – 215-659-9917
spector. This Department handles road paving and concrete replacement Upper Dublin Community Pool - 215-285-8510
contracts and schedules, traffic signal maintenance, stormwater man- Online
agement and grading inspections. Current construction plans and ar- UDP&R E-news
chived records are maintained in this department. A full-time Director administers the Upper Dublin Parks & Recreation The Highway Department handles all snow and ice removal, road re-
Department (UDP&R) with the responsibility to oversee the entire lei- paving, line painting, sign maintenance and leaf collection. Refer to the sure services operation, as well as, develop and maintain cooperative Leaf Collection map on page 28 for collection areas. relationships with the Upper Dublin School District and community The Sanitation Department collects all trash, recycling and yard
waste. Collection schedules can be found Collection services also in- The Township has an extensive parks system and provides many recrea- clude WEDNESDAY Bulk Trash, Additional Trash and Cardboard pick tional programs for residents of all ages. A Recreation Superintendent ups, which can be scheduled by calling 215-643-1600 extension “0.” plans and organizes a year-round schedule of activities, trips and pro- Trash is picked up in the BROWN waste cart weekly.
grams with customer service representatives (CSRs) available to handle registrations and requests for information. Leisure Guides detailing sea- Mandatory Recycling is enforced by the Township and includes recy-
sonal activities are mailed to each residence in the fall, winter and cling of all #1 PETE, #2 HDPE, #3 PVC, #4 LDPE, #5 PP, #6 PS, and spring and are available at the Township building, the public library, #7 OTHER plastics, glass jars and bottles, aluminum, tin, bi-metal cans, and on the Township website. Registration for most activities can be cardboard and paper (newspaper, office paper, junk mail, phone books, taken at the Online Store. E-news on activities are emailed to a listserv. cereal boxes, etc.) All recycling is picked up in the BLUE RecycleBank carts weekly on the same day as trash. Info on rewards program: The Parks Superintendent schedules the Parks Crew to perform routine, See page 26 for special electronic collections. seasonal and annual parks maintenance. UDP&R manages more than 40 sites and 600 acres of parkland and open space. A Township map with Yard Waste is collected weekly from the beginning of March to the
the parks and their amenities identified is available on the Township third week in December. Yard Waste includes leaves, grass clipping, website and the Leisure Guide. Over 100 seasonal and part-time em- brush and small branches. The GREEN yard waste cart and up to eight ployees and volunteers assist in all aspects of departmental operation. additional paper bags, cans or bundles of yard waste may be placed In 2006 the Board of Commissioners adopted the Open Space & Envi- ronmental Resources Protection Plan that guides acquisition, develop- Collections Schedules for leaf collection, trash, recycling, and yard
ment and protection efforts to the year 2020 (available on the website: waste are published in the annual Public Works General Information Brochure, School District/Community Calendar, on UDTV-GOV, and A system of Upper Dublin trails, pathways, and sidewalks connecting residents with area amenities and regional trails has been designed and Free Mulch is available while supplies last. Township yard waste is
collected and brought to the compost site at 1128 Camp Hill Road where it is processed into mulch. Mulch is available at no charge at the leaf site, next door at the MonDaug Bark Park and across from Maple Glen Elementary School on Fort Washington Avenue. RECYCLEBANK The Township has partnered with RecycleBank for
Specialized Facilities
an extensive recycling program with rewards for residents. CHAC (Camphill & Highland Athletic Complex), Camphill Road &
Highland Ave., Fort Washington, has a 0.4 mile walking track, picnic ELECTRONIC WASTE SPECIAL COLLECTIONS In response to
area, playground, ball fields and lighted soccer fields. Funded by State a recycling law that went into effect in 2013 concerning the disposal of grant, youth sports groups and a business donation. TV’s and Computers, the Township hosts two electronic waste collec- tions yearly (in the spring and fall). TV’s, Computer Monitors, CPU’s EAST ORELAND PARK & EPI-CENTER (East Oreland Park &
and anything else with a plug are collected, but not large appliances or Intergenerational Center), 100 Wischman Avenue, Oreland, houses
rear projection TV’s. Call 215-643-1600 x3233 for more information. LOCH ALSH FIELDS, across from Upper Dublin High School, Fort
Eforce Compliance of Philadelphia collects e-waste and properly recy- Washington features multiple playing fields and other amenities used cles the materials ( primarily for youth sports and UDHS athletics. Several of the site’s fa- cilities were funded by community donations through the “Fields of STORMWATER MANAGEMENT & GRADING
Dreams” campaign and by State grant funding. Use requires a district- Stormwater Management Program (SWMP)
Pennsylvania's NPDES stormwater program establishes permitting re- MONDAUK COMMON, Susquehanna Road between Dillon Road
quirements for construction sites disturbing more than one acre, indus- and Broad Street, Ambler, is a centrally located 51 acre tract. The trial sites, and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s). Upper Township’s premier community park, it has ball fields, soccer fields, Dublin Township has an MS4 permit and is required to implement a volleyball and basketball courts, picnic pavilions, grills, play areas, rest SWMP consisting of six Minimum Control Measures. rooms and a 1.0 mile jogging and exercise trail. Facilities may be re- MONDAUG BARK PARK, 1130 Camphill Road, Fort Washington, is
 MCM#2 - Public participation and involvement the Township’s only park where dogs are permitted. This 1.0 acre park  MCM#3 - Illicit discharge detection and elimination features two fenced areas for dogs to play off-leash. On-leash dogs are  MCM#4 - Construction site stormwater runoff  MCM#5 - Post-construction stormwater management in new devel- ROBBINS-CHESTON PARK FOR ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCA-
TION, Butler Pike at Meetinghouse Road, Ambler, is a 38 acre park
cooperatively funded and operated by the Township and the School MCM#6 - Pollution Prevention and good housekeeping for munici- District. Among other site amenities, the paved 1.0 mile Widener Me- morial Handicapped Trail accommodates those with physical disabili- Grading Permits
ties. The Cheston Center provides indoor space. Groups may schedule Contractors are required to apply to the Public Works Department for Grading Permits for any work done in the Township that involves the SPARK (Upper Dublin Sports Park) 725 Susquehanna Road, Am-
bler, has two synthetic turf multi-purpose fields with lights used primar- The Grading Inspector issues the permit only after visiting the site and ily for youth sports and UDHS athletics. A 0.5 mile walking track is determining what measures need to be taken to remediate any stormwa- open to the public. Funded by the Township, School District, youth ter runoff created by the proposed land changes. Remedies or BMPs sports groups and State grants. Public use of fields is limited and re- (Best Management Practices) include: seepage beds, bio-retention swales, rain gardens, etc. A series of inspections takes place for all per- mits issued until a satisfactory final approval from the Engineering de-partment. TWINING VALLEY GOLF & FITNESS CLUB, 1400 Twining
Road, Dresher, is a municipally owned 18 hole/par 70 public course ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ADVISORY BOARD
that is maintained and operated by privately. (EPAB) On January 1, 1979, the Board of Commissioners approved
the establishment of the Environmental Control Board (name changed Hills, is a municipal outdoor pool open to all area residents during the to EPAB). The Commissioners appoint the seven volunteer members summer months. See Township website for fees. for three-year terms. Responsibilities include guidance on the protection UPPER DUBLIN HIGH SCHOOL POOL, 800 Loch Alsh Ave., Fort
and enhancement of water, land and air resources as well as the mainte- Washington, offers community programs throughout the year. See Dis- nance and improvements of the natural amenities. The EPAB also ad- trict website for seasonal programs, hours, fees and group use options: vises on long range planning as it effects the environment and is > Community > Aquatic Programs charged with monitoring related Federal, State and County regulations. Meetings are held monthly on the first Tuesday 7p at the Township Facility Rentals
Upper Dublin Parks & Recreation offers several facilities for rental to groups and businesses. Facilities include two pavilions, softball OPEN SPACE ADVISORY GROUP (OSAG) This ad hoc group,
fields, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts and soccer fields at appointed by the Township Manager, assists Township Staff in advising Mondauk Common; rooms at the EPI-Center; two artificial turf the Commissioners concerning acquisition or preservation of open fields at SPARK and rooms at the Township Building. For addi- space. OSAG is guided by the goals and objectives` of the Open Space tional information including availability, fees and restrictions, con- Plan (2005) and meets with staff on a regular basis. SHADE TREE COMMISSION (STC) On June 14, 1994, the Board
of Commissioners approved the establishment of the STC. The Com- The Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners and Upper Dublin Educa- missioners appoint the five volunteer members who serve three year tion Foundation agreed to plan several large events for the purpose of terms. Shade tree are those having more than 50% of trunk diameter at raising funds. 100% of the net proceeds, split evenly between the Com- breast height within the right-of-way (ROW) of a public street or on missioners and Education Foundation, are donated to organizations Township property. The STC has exclusive custody and control of all serving the Upper Dublin Community. Local businesses and residents shade trees. Anyone who wishes to plant, remove, trim or spray a shade are encouraged to get involved either as a sponsor or a volunteer. tree that extends over the ROW must obtain STC approval. Meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday 3:30p at the Township building. Triathlon
The Upper Dublin Triathlon, held annually in May, is a unique commu- TRAILS & PATHWAYS Upper Dublin is in the process of construct-
nity event that features a swim in the UDHS Pool, bike race through the ing a system of pedestrian and bicycle trails, pathways and sidewalks Fort Washington Office Park and a 5K run through the Temple Ambler that will connect residents with parks, schools, transit hubs, shopping campus. The race was established in 2012 and replaced the Upper Dub- areas, regional trail networks and neighboring municipalities. The sys- lin Twining Valley Golf Classic, which took place for the prior 28 years tem was designed by a team of land planners, engineers and staff from and functioned as a fundraising effort for the Board of Commissioners. Upper Dublin Township and Montgomery County. Funding for new trail construction will come from several sources including township, Monte Carlo Night
The first Upper Dublin Monte Carlo Night was held in March 2013 at the Mercedes Benz dealership in Fort Washington. This gala fundraiser Current trails, pathways and sidewalks are either a macadam, concrete, was a night of casino games, auctions, music, food, and more. The limestone or woodchip surface. Additional information about existing event organizers have yet to determine if this will be an annual or bien- or future trails can be found on the Upper Dublin Township website. The text of the Zoning Ordinance of 1956 is available at the Township Community Day
building and the public library. Zoning matters are discussed by the Upper Dublin Community Day is a biennial, community event that is Commissioners Planning, Parks and Library Committee (PPL). organized by a group of residents. The day typically includes live mu- Variance or special exception requests are forwarded to the Zoning sic, food vendors, roving entertainers, demonstrations and interactive Hearing Board together with required studies or information and the booths. Residents can enjoy the day at no cost other than the cost of findings of the Zoning Officer. Three important types of zoning cases: food that is offered at family-friendly prices. Community Day was last held in September 2012. See CONDITIONAL USE – A conditional use permits a use in a zoning
district only when special permission is granted by the Board of Com- Community Group Organized Youth Sports
missioners as outlined in accordance with local ordinance. An applica- Youth baseball, softball, t-ball, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, soc- tion seeking approval of a conditional use shall be forwarded to the cer, football, cheerleading and competitive cheerleading, aquatics and Board of Commissioners and a public hearing shall be conducted by the ice hockey programs are organized by independent volunteer commu- nity groups with financial or facilities support from UDP&R and the School District. Organizations are responsible for their own uniforms, SPECIAL EXCEPTION – Special Exceptions are designated uses in
team organization, coaches, practices and scheduling. the Zoning Code that require certain standards to be met in order to be Upper Dublin Jr. Athletic Assoc. 215-628-0666 /
approved. These standards may include, among others, the harmonious Upper Dublin Soccer Club
design of buildings, parking and landscaping. Special Exceptions are reviewed and granted by the Zoning Hearing Board. Upper Dublin Aquatic Club

VARIANCE Authorization for a variation in the ordinance as it ap-
Upper Dublin Ice Hockey Club
Crooked Crosse Lacrosse Club (girls)
Example: Variance is needed to build an addition on a property that reduces the setback space required in the ordinance. Burden of proof of hardship is on the applicant for the variance. BUSINESS AND COMMERCE
Economic Redevelopment
A Select Committee met in 2011 to identify methods for mitigating is- sues and reinvigorating the Office Park through a Sustainable Revitali- Permits are required for all new residential construction, additions and zation Plan. The plan seeks to follow best practices for environmental some interior alterations, depending on the scope of work. Before be- sustainability, create greater employment opportunities, create new ginning any building project, speak with a member of the Code En- mixed-use amenities in the Fort Washington Office Park (FWOP), and forcement Department to determine what permits are necessary. Town- increase the tax base through net gains in commercial taxes and an en- ship staff review plans to see that they are compliant with current build- ing and zoning codes, and inspects the project during construction. In May 2012 a Steering Committee on Redevelopment & Economic The International Building Code, 2009 Edition has been adopted by the Investment (CORE) was appointed by the Board of Commissioners to Township for general building requirements and regulations. This is a operationalize the Select Committee’s plan. The Township has already publication by the International Code Council that sets forth the regula- secured an $11.8 million grant for two flood retarding structures as the tions for the design, construction, alteration, enlargement, demolition, conversion and use or maintenance of buildings. The Township con- ducts detailed inspections of new construction as well as rental proper-ties with emphasis on code compliance and public safety. Fort Washington Office Park - Shopping Centers
The primary center of business and industry in the Township is the Fort Pennsylvania state law grants the responsibilities of planning and zon- Washington Office Park (FWOP) with over 500 acres, about 6 million ing to the Board of Commissioners with the exception that major sq.ft. of building areas and more than 65 buildings. changes and subdivisions at the local level must be submitted to the There are other centers of business and industry throughout the Town- Montgomery County Planning Commission for review and opinion. ship including several shopping centers in Dresher, Maple Glen, and Upper Dublin’s Zoning Ordinance of 1956 sets forth regulations guid- Willow Grove. See the Shopping Center list on page 43. ing and encouraging the future development of the Township with com- prehensive planning for land use, population density and the most bene- Business Directory
ficial relationship among the residential, commercial, industrial and Businesses can link to the Township website at recreational areas of the Township. Official zoning maps are included Types of Businesses That Can Be Listed:
as part of the official text of the ordinance. Enforcement of zoning re- quirements is assigned to the Zoning Officer who is a Township em- 2)Businesses owned by a partner/sole proprietor who is a UDT resident ployee appointed by the Commissioners. The following Boards are ap- 3)Manager/owner of rental property located in UDT pointed by the Board of Commissioners in order to aid in the work of 4)Businesses outside of UDT, but within 1/4 mile and Ambler Borough for an annual fee (non-profits are free). PLANNING COMMISSION On January 1, 2007, the Board of Com-
Register or Claim Your Business
missioners approved the official establishment of the Planning Com- Click the Shop Upper Dublin logo then “Claim My Business.” Take mission. The Commissioners appoint the seven members of this volun- over your own webpage to select more categories, add hours, coupons, teer Board for three-year terms. The Planning Commission actively re- links, descriptions and more. Questions? 215-643-1600 x3221 views current planning issues, such as active development applications. Business Organizations
It is also responsible for helping to complete the longer range planning Fort Washington Business Alliance (FWBA)
necessary to retain and enhance the quality and character of Upper Dub- An organization representing all those with a vested interest in doing business in and around the Fort Wash- BUILDING CODE BOARD OF APPEALS (BCBA) was formed in
ington Office Park, including business owners, building June 2008. The BCBA consists of seven Township residents who meet owners, property managers, employers, employees and as needed to hear and rule on matters concerning compliance with the contractors. Membership is open to all. The group Township Building Code. An application to the Board may consist of serves to promote the Fort Washington area as a leading an appeal, a request for a variance or a request for an extension of time center of business and commerce in the area in concert relating to accessibility requirements. Members of the BCBA are ap- with a renowned quality of life that will protect the property values for pointed by the Commissioners and are experienced in matters pertain- Maple Glen Community Association (MGCA)
ZONING HEARING BOARD meets the fourth Monday of the month
Mission: To make life better for business; provide value to member- at 7:30p and consists of five members appointed by the Board of ship; gain community awareness and enhance a sense of community; Commissioners for three-year terms to hear and decide on applications encourage giving back to the community; and promote what is unique for appeal from decisions of Township officials, special exceptions and about the Village of Maple Glen and surrounding area. variances of zoning regulations. This autonomous Board holds public See page 37 for a list of regional Business Organizations. hearings that are advertised in advance in local newspapers. Records of the proceedings are maintained. An appeal of the their findings may be Civic Organizations & Groups
taken to the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County. See page 37 for a list of Civic Organizations in the Township



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