Jonathan Moulin
Professionnal particular interest in lighting and physically plausible shading/rendering 2007 – 2008 Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD)
2004 – 2007 Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD)
Bachelor of Arts & Communication Technics « CGI/Multimedia » Vine ( July 2012 - Current )
Lighting TD - Maya/Arnold
Look Development (Creatures & Environment), Shot Lighting & Scripting on “Merlin Season 5
MPC ( June 2012 - June 2012 )
Generalist TD - Maya/Mental Ray
Modeling to Shot Lighting on commercials “Nationwide“.
Kazoo Creative ( May 2012 - June 2012 )
Lighting TD - Maya/Mental Ray
Shot Lighting & Scripting on undisclosed game cinematics.
Cinesite ( June 2011 - April 2012 )
Lighting TD - Maya/PRman
Look Development (Characters, Assets and Props), Shot Lighting & Lighting Tools Scripting (Mel) on Paramount’s feature film - “World War Z”
Lighting TD - Maya/PRman
Look Development (Props), Key & Shot Lighting, Mel Scripting on Disney/Pixar’s feature film - “John Carter”
nWave Digital (February - June 2011)
Lighting TD - Maya/3Delight
on stereo full CG film - “Sammy 2 : Escape From Paradise”
Benuts (Victor Studio) & Grid-VFX (September 2010 - February 2011)
Lighting / Generalist TD - Maya/Mental Ray
on stereo full CG film - “Santa’s Magic Crystal”
Freelance 3D/VFX Artist (July 2008 - January 2011)
3D Generalist & Compositor - Maya/Mental Ray/Nuke/AFX/.
AVSD01, MOXY, Azimut Company, So Nice, JF28, JonathanS, IOTA Production.
on mostly Commercials or Corporate work for these brands : Belgacom, Nestle, Mobistar, Lancôme, Voltaren, Orange, Puma, Fenistil, Tropicana,
Autodesk Maya, Mel Scripting
Pixar Renderman/3Delight, Arnold, Mental Ray, Maxwell
NukeX, Adobe After Effects
Linux (Fedora / Ubuntu), Windows, Mac OS X “Jonathan is a very talented Lighting TD. Very dedicated and hard working. He has a great eye for lighting and lookdev coupled with a solid understanding of physically plausible rendering techniques. Jonathan is also good at scripting and creating utility tools for lighting pipelines. I would wholeheartedly recommend him for any Lighting TD position in the VFX industry.” Axel Akesson, Head of Lighting / Lighting Supervisor - World War Z @ Cinesite “John Carter was a very complicated show, with very heavy assets and required creative ap- proaches to get shots out on time. This required a rethink of the lighting pipeline and involved methods utilising nuke over Maya for shot creation. Jonathan adapted very well, embracing the new approach and rewarding the team with some great work. He always had time to help others, and took direction well. I hope to have an opportunity to work with him again in the Ian Ward, Sequence Lead / Lighting Supervisor - John Carter @ Cinesite “Jonathan is a great lighter. He’s very skilled and organized. This is someone you can rely on to deliver great shots under pressure. It was a pleasure working with him” Colas Fiszman, Technical Director - Santa’s Magic Crystal @ Grid-vfx



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