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A. General Health:
Good Fair Poor
1. Physical…………………………. Good Fair Poor
2. Emotional…………………………. Gastrointestinal (GI) problems (ulcers) B. Do you have a personal physician?.
C. Are you currently under the care of
a physician?.
D. Have you ever been seriously ill?.
E. Have you been hospitalized in the
past 5 years?.
F. Have you ever had a major operation?.
Sleep disturbance (snoring, night gasping) G. Women: Are you pregnant?.
H. Has there been any change in your general
health in the last year?.
L. Medications currently taken by the patient?
I. Has there been a major weight loss, without
dieting, in recent months?.
J. Worried about receiving medical/
Bisphosphonates (Fosamax, Didronel, Boniva, Aredia, dental treatment?.
K. Have you now, or in the past, experienced
any of the following medical conditions:.
Tranquilizers or Antidepressants (valium, etc.) M. Allergies to medical and/or food:
Fill in the appropriate response square indicating whether or not you currently have, or previously had, the following conditions or symptoms, and identify which side, right side R of L where appropriate: of both sides are involved, mark right and left sides. Current Condition
5. Do you feel that there is not enough room 43. Have you ever been treated for pain? 6. Missing back teeth with no replacement? 44. Have you ever had injections or nerve 45. Did any of the injections bring relief 48. How often do you take medicine for the relief of pain? 15. Teeth extracted within the past three years? R
20. Do you have generalized facial pain? 22. Does the pain or discomfort disturb you sleep? 23. Would you describe the pain as a dull, 24. Would you describe the pain as stabbing, 25. Do you suffer from chronic headache? 26. Do you ever have migraine headaches? C. EYE PROBLEMS
30. Are there times when you notice that the pain or problems are less or gone completely? 31. Do you have pain in teeth on awakening? 32. Do you r teeth hurt from clenching or chewing? 34. Does your jaw hurt when you open wide D. EAR PROBLEMS
37. Do you have pain in front of the ears? 38. Is the degree of pain same in morning 94. Has your jaw ever locked or were you unable 95. Have you had pain in your jaw joint? E. EQUILIBRIUM PROBLEMS
96. Do you hear sounds in your jaw joint? 97. Do you hear grating sounds in your jaw joint? 69. Often feel like vomiting or nauseated? 98. Do you hear or feel a clicking or popping in F. POSTURE PROBLEMS
99. Does your jaw make clicking or popping 100. Does your jaw feel tired after a big meal? 73. Do you have problems sitting still for 102. Do you have pain in your neck and/or I. TRAUMA RELATED PROBLEMS
106. Have you ever received a severe blow to G. LIFESTYLE PROBLEMS
109. Have you worn a cervical traction neck 78. Do you bite your nails, tongue, or lips? 110. Has there been a strain or stretching of the jaw while yawning, chewing, or opening the mouth 111. Have you experienced a fall within the last J. Are there any other significant medical or dental problems?
84. Have you ever been treated for jaw joint Please indicate which practitioners you have seen since your pain 88. Are you aware of clenching your teeth 89. Are you aware of clenching your teeth 90. Are there times when you can’t open 91. Do you have difficulty in opening your COMMENTS:
Please identify your areas of pain indicating right R and/or left L that you presently or frequently experience. To the best of my knowledge, all the preceding answers are true and correct. If deemed advisable, I grant permission for my physician to be contacted for information and advice. If I have any change in my health or medications that is not reported above, I will inform the doctor at my next visit.


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