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Re.: Anti-Doping rules - Olympic Games Beijing 2008

Special provisions for inhaled beta2 agonists or glucocoricosteroids

Dear Mr. President,
Dear Secretary General,
Please find below some specific information regarding Anti-Doping rules for the Olympic
Games Beijing 2008 and special provisions for inhaled beta2 agonists or
glucocoricosteroids for your consideration.
1. Anti-Doping rules for the Olympic Games Beijing 2008

The IOC is responsible for doping controls which take place during the period of the
Games in Beijing 2008.
IOC`s zero tolerance policy will be strengthened by a serious of measures, such as:
• denial of participation in the next Olympic Games for athletes and their encourage who have been sanctioned for more than six month • imposition of automatic suspensions after a positive A sample and greater financial penalties for sports organisations and athletes • implementation of stricter regulations related to Therapeutic Use Exemptions The IOC plans to conduct 4.500 in- and out-of-competition tests. These tests will be performed on all substances present on the 2008 Prohibited List issued by WADA. New specific elements of the rules include: • An athlete may be notified and tested more than once during the same day; Athletes selected for testing will generally be notified on a no-advance notice basis; • The fact that athletes who miss a test on two separate occasions during the Games, or on one occasion during the Games plus twice in the 18 months beforehand, will be considered to have committed an anti-doping rule violation; • Possession of any substance from the list of prohibited substances will constitute a violation (previously only a selection from the prohibited list applied).
IOC Anti-Doping Rules will be applicable to the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing
2008 which will be in force in relation to the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, Beijing 2008.
Please find the IOC Anti-Doping Rules on the ICF website:

The Period of the Olympic Games is defined as “the period commencing on the date of
the opening of the Olympic village for the Olympic Games”, namely, 27 July 2008 up
until and including the day of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, namely 24
August 2008.
The Period of the Olympic Games is treated as an “in-competition” period.
All Athletes will be subject, during the Period of the Olympic Games, to Doping Controls
initiated by the IOC at any time or place with no advance warning required to be given
to the Athletes.
The IOC has authorised WADA to carry out Doping Controls, on behalf of the IOC,
during the Period of the Olympic Games, outside of China and at non Olympic venues
inside of China.

2. Special Provision for inhaled beta2 agonists or glucocoricosteroids:
Athletes who wish to use authorised inhaled beta2 agonists (bronchodilator-asthma
medication) or glucocorticosteroids at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing must submit
a specific request to do so to the IOC Medical and Scientific Department using the on-
line Therapeutic Use Exemption request form. This on-line Therapeutic Use Exemption
request form can be found on the IOC website:

and the French version:

Please be informed that you have to log-in on this website in order to access the ATUE
and GCS forms.
Please note that the Certificates previously issued by the ICF are NOT valid at the
Olympic Games. The deadline for the on-line Therapeutic Use Exemption is the
26th July 2008.

Please note that the on-line form allows an athlete to request permission to inhale only
one short acting beta2 agonist (salbutamol or terbutaline) and/or one long acting beta2
agonist (formoterol or salmeterol).

These applications will be examined by a group of independent experts and the doctor
in charge of the request plus the respective NOC chief physician will be informed in
writing of the decision.
Those athletes, who received an authorisation at the Games in Athens or Turin, will
only have to complete the first part of the online application form.
Please be aware that for any athlete who has not received an authorisation from
the IOC Medical Commission to inhale a beta2 agonist(s), or who has not
respected an approval granted to use any of these substances, the result of the
doping control will be considered as an adverse analytical finding.
Please find further information concerning Beta2 adrenoceptor agonists and the
Olympic Games in Beijing on the ICF website:

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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