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Prof. Dr. Sir Master LƯƠNG MINH ĐÁNG 40th Anniversary of Medicina AIternativa
The Open International University for
Complementary Medicine
World Congress, July 2002, Gold Coast, Australia
Ladies and Gentlemen,
First of al , I would like to express my gratitude to Sir Anton, al organisations and
individuals who have nominated me to the Albert Schweitzer Award. I also wish to
thank the Albert Schweitzer Foundation that has selected me for this honourable
Award in 2001
I receive the Albert Schweitzer Award with mixed feelings of pride, concern and
PRIDE - because after 30 years of research and practice, 13 years teaching and
developing the Human and Universal Energy, the result is once again acknowledged.
CONCERN - because the 2 million or more Human and Universal Energy
practitioners and the more than 30 mil ion people who have been healed from their
il nesses by Human and Universal Energy method, are only a small percentage of the
6 billion world population. In those 6 billion people, the majority has no financial
capacity to afford treatment through Western medicine or any other method.
Furthermore some il nesses are presently incurable.
HOPE - because with this Albert Schweitzer Award, Human and Universal Energy
Healing wil be recognised by more individuals, organisations and governments and
also with this great encouragement, the Human and Universal Energy practitioners
and myself wil try harder to help more people, especially the less fortunate people,
who are not able to afford treatment through Western medicine or other available
On acceptance and receiving of the Albert Schweitzer Award, I wish to use this
opportunity to send to al governments and health organisations in the world a
message from my heart:
"Every human being, rich or poor, is entitled and must have an opportunity for
their illnesses to be treated and Human & Universal Energy Healing is the most
realistic supplementary treatment method which is able to reduce the
Governments’ health budgets and effectively protect the people's health
disregarding their financial capacity".

The purpose of live is to be happy. A person cannot be happy if he or she is
suffering. Although happiness and suffering are purely psychological factors, no one
can be happy when his or her physical body is not well and il ness is one in many
ways of suffering that no one is able to avoid unless having died at birth.
To fight with il nesses, governments of the developed and wealthy countries in the
world have an expenditure of great proportions in their budget for prevention and
treatment programs for the people. Even so, individuals and families of the sick
people must stil meet considerable costs to pay for health insurance and pharmaceutical products for themselves and their relatives. In the developing countries, the public health system is still poor, most of the costs for treatment to be taken on solely by the individuals or by relatives. In the USA, with a population of nearly 282 mil ion(1), the Federal's annual health budget is US$ 499.4 billion(2). Each American family has to pay averagely US$ 1,000 per annum for health insurance. In Australia, health budget of Federal Government is about AUD 7 billion per annum for the population of about 19 mil ion(3), excluding the health budgets from each State (Victoria spends 243.3 mil ion on health for the population of 4,373,520(4)). Apart from the Federal and States expenses on health, each person in the workforce has to pay 2% of his or her salary for Medicare levy(5) on top of private insurance premium of $1,300 per annum for each family. Illnesses are not only a burden for governments and individuals but also cost the business sector a considerable expenditure due to the unavoidable il nesses of their employees. Employers in the developed countries have to accept for their employees to take from 7 to 10 days of sick leaves per annum with pay. With a workforce of 100 million it costs the employers at least USD 50 billion for 7 days sick leave annually. Apart from paying private insurance and health levy, if a family pays less than USD 1,000 for pharmaceutical products a year, that family is considered as having a lucky and healthy year. If we make a simple calculation, we wil see that a person who lives in USA has to spend from USD 2,000 to 5,000 a year for treatment of their il nesses together with an expense from Government of about US$2,000 per capital and a considerable amount of sick leaves paid by the industry factor. For the governments and average individuals in USA or Australia, the $ 5000 expense on health for each person is a substantial amount, but it is a huge amount, a life asset for the people in the developing countries. Even in a very wealthy country as the USA, former President Bil Clinton had to admit in the speech at National Congress in January 2000 that tens of millions of Americans stil don’t have affordable health care and half of two-year-olds children did not receive immunisations they needed against deadly diseases. Furthermore, the individuals and/or their relatives have to lose their income during the sickness period, which brings up the financial consequences to an incredible level. Death rate in the developing countries is very high, family finances suddenly col apsing when one member suffers from il ness, is very common in those countries. Beside the material losses, the mental suffering is also incredibly substantial. (1) USA Census 1.4.2000: USA population is 281,421,906. (2) USA Federal Health Budget in 2000 is US$499.5 billion (about US$1,773 per capital for health). "Anti-terrorism budget" in 202 cuts US$40 billion in health budget. (3) Australian population was 19,062,808 at 22.12.1999 Census. (4) Census 1996: Victoria ha 4,373,520 residents. (5) Australian Federal and States budgets expense about AU$425 per capital. A person in workforce pays about AU$800 annually for Medicare levy. During the past many decades, governments of the wealthy countries have spent many billions of dol ars every year for medical research and the Western medicine has been improving incredibly. The new medical developments and technologies have given people more confidence and many people had believed that in the short future, it might replace the role of the Creator in deciding human being's lives. Not many people disagreed to that but until last year, when the HIV vaccine was refused in Africa, one then realised that the new developments, the marvellous treatment facilities of new medical technologies have no use for the poorer in the developing countries because its high costs are too far from their financial capacity. The success of the new medical technology only meets the demand of some rich people but to the absolute majority of people on this earth, the developments in Western medicine are only a myth, and never turn to reality for them. The improvements in Western medicine do not meet the demand of treatment for il nesses from the people who do not have the financial capacity to pay for it, and it does not help to reduce he suffering from the poorer as regards il ness. During Sir Albert Schweitzer’s lifetime, he and his family had devoted everything to help the poor to treat their il nesses. He studied medicines to become a medical doctor; his wife, Mrs. Hélène Bresslau studied nursing and the couple built a hospital to provide free treatment to the poor at Lambaréné, Gabon province of French Equatorial Africa. This sublime aspiration of Sir Albert Schweitzer is continuing by others through generations. After more than a decade of teaching and applying to numerous patients, Human and Universal Energy Healing has had a considerable number of practitioners who have ability and enthusiasm to assist whoever in need of Human and Universal Energy Healing. Human and Universal Energy Healing practitioners are very confident that they can heal many il nesses rapidly or help patients recover quickly while being treated by other methods. If governments and other health organisations in the world use Human and Universal Energy Healing as an alternative or supplementary method at the hospitals - in or out patient sections - it is certain that the nation's health budget wil be reduced substantial y. If Human and Universal Energy Healing is encouraged to be applied widely, many families may not become bankrupt due to the high costs of treatment for their sick relatives, employers do not have to spend high amounts for their employees on sick leaves and most importantly, it wil relieve human beings from suffering from unavoidable il nesses, and ultimately help people to produce better quality in life. Human beings are living physical bodies and living is a progress of developing and destroying of the physical body. Human and Universal Energy Healing holds that the universe in which a human being is living, is made from energy and human being's physical body is a small universe, a dwindled universe that is a combination with the energy. Any change, unbalance, deviation, disorder in the movement or the frequency of energy in any part or organ of a human's physical body is the main cause of il ness. Restoring the normal frequency or supplying the required volume of energy in the physical body wil normalise the functions of the body’s organs and the physical body wil therefore overcome the abnormal situation causing discomfort which is referred to as sickness. The method, which Human and Universal Energy Healing applies is, through meditation and continuous practice, to use the infinite source of universal energy to restore normality to a human body. "Human and Universal Energy Healing's medicine" is universal energy which is abundant everywhere. "Human and Universal Energy Healing's equipments" are the loving people who are Human and Universal Energy Healing practitioners, who do not require any fee for their healing services. Over a little more than a decade, 2 mil ion people have practised Human and Universal Energy Healing and more than 30 mil ion people have been and stil are being healed free of charge from many kinds of il nesses Hundreds of different il nesses normal y required a considerable period of time to be cured and sometimes the result is unsatisfactory but by Human and Universal Energy Healing method, the results have been incredible and have been achieved at any recorded time. Let's take some examples. The split-personality has no certain method of treatment but can be healed by Human and Universal Energy Healing method in less than 5 minutes. In an asthma attack occurring, the period of time for Human and Universal Energy Healing to bring it down is quicker than Ventolin and if the asthma sufferer practices Human and Universal Energy Healing, the asthma attacks are progressively less until completely gone. Migraines are healed almost immediately by Human and Universal Energy Healing. It also stops bleeding and burns as wel as relieving part of the pain and assisting the injury to heal quickly and effectively. Many cases where a person has suffered a stroke, they have been helped to come back to almost normal health, through Human and Universal Energy Healing. For the other il nesses that are related to the organs in the physical body, Human and Universal Energy Healing is a supplementary method that helps the patients recover quickly. Meditation by Human and Universal Energy Healing is a very effective method to prevent and self-heal illnesses. Hundreds of Human and Universal Energy Healing Centres worldwide are keeping records on illnesses and the effectiveness of Human and Universal Energy Healing, especial y in many cases that were healed unexpectedly. Furthermore, a large experimental project on growing rice In Thailand by applying Human and Universal Energy, led to a very encouraging result: the harvest was increased substantial y without using fertilizer and kil ing insects. It is impossible to have more than two mil ion people al over the world who practice regularly and devote their valuable time to help others if the healing result of Human and Universal Energy did not surprise them beyond anyone's imagination. By mentioning the effectiveness of Human and Universal Energy Healing, we only wish to prove that it is a very effective supplementary medicinal method in support for the existing medical methods and no cost are involved. If in the last century Albert Schweitzer, with a sublime aspiration to help the poor to cure their il nesses, was only able to provide his assistance to the Africans at Gabon province. Now the people who are carrying Albert Schweitzer’s aspiration have found an effective method, which is able to help unlimited people who are suffering from illnesses. Human and Universal Energy Healing is ready and has enough manpower to serve. But how many people in the total of 6 billion on the world could quickly receive this effective healing method, will depend mostly on the policies and subjects of health services from the governments and health organisations on the world. Thank you,


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