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Tucker, Timothy Johan Paul
Fellow of the College of Pathologists of South Africa CURRENT PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENTS
1: Head of Private Strategy Consultancy –“SEAD - Strategic Evaluation,
Advisory and Development Consultancy (Pty) Ltd”
Head of a consultancy specializing in health strategy development (predominantly HIV programs and biotechnology R&D) for national and international organizations, with turn-over of >$1 million per year. Tim has been appointed as an advisor in the last three years to many agencies, including: organizational change & HIV programmatic strategies HIV vaccine strategies relevant to adolescents and African clinical trial sites  the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention PEPFAR grant for program evaluation and strategy development Guidance document for the development of National Laboratory Strategic Plans Advisor for development of an appropriate HIV policy and implementation Independent third party review of HIV program Advisor to bank for the development of appropriate HIV policies for companies where Novel Hib and Pentavalent vaccine product development strategies, regulatory submission and trial design (out-sourced medical department) strategy for new GMP pre-clinical animal facility for vaccines external evaluation of EC-funded HIV program sites in Tanzania assessment of FP7 project applications on HIV vaccines global consultation and development of five year strategic plan development of strategy documentation relating to National AIDS Vaccine Plans for  the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research biotech and product development strategies strategy motivating for new national PPP for malaria research 5 year membership of WHO Vaccine Advisory Committee audit of biotechnology products in development in SA development of a novel laboratory prognostic marker for HIV organizational change & fundraising strategies  the Circulatory Diseases Research Fund organizational change & HIV programmatic strategies 2: University of Cape Town: Honorary senior lecturer, Clinical Virology.
 Teach honours students within the Institute of Infectious Diseases and  Mentor Clinical Virology trainee specialists and junior specialists.
3: World Health Organization:
 Advisor for the Vaccine Advisory Committee of the WHO.
Director of the South African AIDS Vaccine Initiative (SAAVI) – 2001-4
Tim Tucker, as SAAVI Director, was the senior person responsible for the management and strategic direction of all aspects of the $8-10 million per year initiative which is conducted at numerous consortium partners (>30) within SA and abroad. This initiative is mandated by the South African Cabinet and is a public private partnership with global influence. The incumbent is responsible for fundraising nationally and internationally to support the scientific, clinical and community directions of SAAVI. This job is associated with senior national and international responsibilities. The SAAVI Director is required to manage the business of this large consortium, including the contractual and intellectual property The seniority and professional influence of this position is substantial, with regular contact with senior Government officials, including Cabinet Ministers, Directors- General of various departments, and others. Tim had a personal invitation from Mr.
Nelson Mandela to brief him and keep him updated on AIDS vaccine clinical trial progress. Tim Tucker was invited to a World Economic Forum in Durban to talk about the need for additional support for AIDS vaccines globally. Tim has played an advisory role at many international organizations.
Deputy Chairperson of the African AIDS Vaccine Program (AAVP)
Tim Tucker was deputy Chairperson of the African AIDS Vaccine Program and worked to increase the stature, magnitude and work of the AAVP. The AAVP is a network of HIV vaccine stakeholders on the continent. The position requires the person to build capacity amongst others in the field, and advocate for the African HIV vaccine agenda. Tim remains an active member of this African network.
Groote Schuur Hospital. Department of Clinical Virology:
Tim worked in the Clinical Virology Department of Groote Schuur Hospital/University of Cape Town, where he led a hepatitis research group in the faculty; as well as working as a clinical virologist in the routine laboratory of the hospital. This is where Tim received his specialist training in Clinical Virology, and completed his PhD in Senior Clinical Research Fellow:
Tim was a senior Clinical Research Fellow MRC/UCT Liver Research Centre, where he was registered for his Ph.D. The research work was supported by multiple scholarships from the Medical Research Council and the University of Cape Town.
During this time, Tim was responsible for:  The Ph.D. work which involved field epidemiology, routine serology, molecular diagnostics, development of novel molecular techniques, and novel molecular biology investigations (see Ph.D. title below).
 Establishment and management of the Liver Research Centre Clinical Trials Group. This group performed multiple phase I, phase II and phase III clinical trials, specializing in novel treatments for hepatitis B and C, as well as cirrhosis. (Please find a list below of a selection of the clinical trials where Tim performed a substantial leadership role).
 Weekly sessions working in the specialist Liver Clinic of the Groote Schuur  Regular sessions working in the liver transplant wards of the Groote Schuur Hospital and the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.
Groote Schuur Hospital: (General medicine, oncology, gynaecology and
Ph.D. THESIS: 1999
Epidemiology, molecular characterisation and tissue tropism of the hepatitis G virus / GBV-C INVITATIONS TO GIVE LECTURES AT SOUTH AFRICAN AND FOREIGN
Tim Tucker has consistently been invited to speak throughout his career in manyinstitutions in South Africa and abroad. This has been a combination ofenvironments, including conferences, private companies, academic groups,governmental, NGO’s, national and international funding organizations, WorldEconomic Forum, and others. He has given many academic, policy-based andstrategy plenary talks at various conferences. The list below is a selection of theinvited lectures that Tim has given in recent years. The nature of many of the talksreflects the major role that Tim played, as a public advocate for AIDS vaccines in SAand globally.
Talk title
adolescents: Appropriate vectorsand strategies Technology ParliamentaryPortfolio Committee Opportunities for HIV vaccine trialcollaborations in southern Africa industry with the SA AIDS VaccineInitiative proposed corporate structure fornovel vaccines generated in plants,after development at the Universityof Cape Town RECENT HIV VACCINE AND OTHER CONFERENCES/MEETINGS
WHO Scientific Meeting to review recent AIDS vaccine trials of Standardization of HIV neutralization assays for use in vaccine Rwandan Department of Health – development of a national HIV African AIDS Vaccine Program Steering Committee meeting Review meeting of EU-funded HIV vaccine programs in African AIDS Vaccine Program Steering Committee meeting African AIDS Vaccine Program consultation on the inclusion of Thinking and planning strategically – Wits Business School Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise consultation WHO / AAVP consultation on adolescent inclusion in HIV Initiative of Public Private Partnerships in Health (IPPPH) Federation of African Immunology Societies Conference Technology Top 100 Award Ceremony – (SAAVI finalist) WHO consultation on the release of Phase III HIV vaccine African AIDS Vaccine Program (official launch) WHO/AAVP meeting: Challenges when Initiating Trials in National Institutes of Health, Vaccine Research Center African Association for the study of Liver Diseases Joint Conf of Royal College of Surgeons of England and SA American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases African Health Sciences Conference: 15th Epidemiological International Association for the Study of Liver Diseases First International Conference on the Hepatitis E Virus European Association for the Study of the Liver International Congress on the Impact of Viral Diseases in the Conference for the Development of a National Strategy for the Prevention and Management of Transfusion-associatedHepatitis International Association for the Study of Liver Diseases South African Infection Control Society Conference South African Transplantation and Immunology Conference JOURNAL RESPONSIBILITIES
Tim has been a reviewer for medical journals, where he reviews HIV-related (andother) papers. He is a member of the honorary editorial board of Risk Managementand Healthcare Policy Journal.
Refereed Journals: (in reverse order)
29: African AIDS Vaccine Programme Strategic Plan for a Co-ordinated andCollaborative Vaccine Development Effort on the Continent. P. Kaleebu, A. Abimiku,S. El-Halabi, S. Koulla-Shiro, S. Mboup, J. Nkengasong, C. Toure-Kane, T. Tucker,D. Wassenaar, C. Williamson, D. Wolday. In print 2008: PLoS Medicine.
28: Tucker TJ, Makgoba MW. Public-Private Partnerships and ScientificImperialism. Science 23 May 2008 Vol. 320. no. 5879, pp. 1016–1017.
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Epidemiology of Hepatitis E in South Africa. Journal of Tropical Gastroenterology(special edition for conference proceedings) 1997.
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1: Tucker TJ, Kirsch RE. Hepatitis E. SAMJ August 1994; 84:548-549.
1) Tim has performed multiple clinical trials, and has experience with phase I, II andIII studies. He initiated and directed the MRC/UCT Liver Research Centre clinicaltrials unit, which ran the trials as well as developed capacity within the departmentand broader faculty. The studies were often critical path studies for early stageproduct development. A selection of these studies are shown below where Timplayed a substantial role.
2) In addition, while SAAVI Director, Tim led the national effort to take two “DNA-based HIV vaccines” and one “MVA-based HIV vaccine” through development,manufacturing and preclinical testing in preparation for human clinical trials withthese novel products within SA and the USA. This included submission of regulatorydocuments to the FDA and pre-submission discussions with the South AfricanMedicines Control Council. This process will make SAAVI the first body in Africa totake a novel biologics product from concept to human trials.
A multi-centre randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled study to asses the safety and efficacyof oral Famciclovir for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B.
Tolerance and pharmacokinetics of multiple oral doses of HOE077 tablets in patients with livercirrhosis.
Tolerance and pharmacokinetics of a single oral dose of 160mg HOE277 tablets in patients withliver cirrhosis.
Tolerance and pharmacokinetics of multiple oral doses of HOE277 tablets in patients with livercirrhosis.
A phase 2, multi-centre, open-labelled study to determine the efficacy of Hep B-3 in the treatmentof patients chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus.
A phase 2, multi-centre, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study to determine the efficacy of HepB-3 in the treatment of patients chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus in the low replicativestate.
A rising dose tolerance study in healthy human subjects, examining increasing doses ofchlorproguanil with a constant dose of dapsone.
Pharmacokinetic assessment of Tryptorelin after single intravenous bolus administration inhealthy volunteers and patients with renal and liver insufficiency.


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