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“How to Really Start Your Own Business”

It’s been in the back of your mind for some time. It’s your dream…
Whether it is to own your own business or to enhance your business by
developing a new division or line … NOW is the time to start making it a
reality. Even if you don’t have a clue what you want to do, you can still
set the groundwork NOW.
Inc. Magazine’s “How to Really Start Your Own Business” is a seven-
week series presented jointly by the Dubuque Chapter of SCORE®,
Northeast Iowa Community College and the Dubuque Area Chamber of
Commerce. Tuition is $80 for the 7-week session or $15 for individual
sessions. Join us Friday mornings from 7:30 am – 9:00 am beginning
January 9 at the NICC Townclock Center for Professional Development. A
continental breakfast will be served at each session. Course materials
include a vast amount of resources including speaker handouts, reference
materials, and Inc. Magazine workbook: “How to Really Start Your Own
Business.” SCORE® Counselors will be on hand at each session to share
their real-live experiences and to help mentor you to success.
Space is limited. Reserve before January 6 by calling NICC at 563-557-
8271 ext. 380 or email: Don’t wait. Call today.
Jan. 9: The Idea – Getting Started – Planning
Learn how to come up with an idea and turn the idea into reality by
articulating it and developing it into a business plan. SCORE® Counselor,
Carol Townsend shares her expertise in starting and growing a business.
Terry Sullivan, SBDC Director will get you started on creating your
business plan.
Jan. 16: Basics of Business Insurance and Business Records What
kinds of insurance will your business need? How much insurance will you
need? What kinds of business records must you keep? How long must
you keep them? These and many more of your questions will be
addressed by Chuck Andracchio from TRICOR Insurance and Financial
Services and SCORE® Counselors.
Jan. 23: Protecting the Idea and Structuring the Business How will
you organize your business? How will you register it? How will you protect
your assets from lawsuits? How will you protect your idea(s) from
competitors? William Conzett, Attorney at Law will share his expert
advice. Inc. Magazine workbook “How to Really Structure Your Business”
will be included in the handouts.
Jan. 30: Financing the Business Nearly every business needs to
borrow money – either to get started or to expand. In this session,
SCORE® Counselor Nancy Dunkel, Market President of Fidelity Bank,
provides advice on financing your business, how to choose a lender, what
information the lender will need, and how to apply for a loan.
February 6: Business Taxes, Permits, and Regulations What
licenses will your business need? What about zoning? What about sales
tax, income tax, withholding tax for employees? In this session, Jeff
Baltierra and Mike Welbes from Honkamp Krueger & Co. PC will teach you
how to register your business, how to check license and zoning
requirements, the impact of taxes on your business, and how to keep tax
Feb. 13: Hardware, Software, and the Internet Nearly every
business today relies on computers for some part of its operation. In this
session, SCORE® Counselor Kevin Lynch owner of Net-Smart, Inc. will
give you tips on buying and protecting business computers. You’ll learn
about using email and using the Internet as a marketing tool.
Feb. 20: Testing the Idea (Marketing and Promotion)
No business
prospers without marketing. Sherry Heim, Assistant Vice President of
Data and Strategic Marketing Dupaco Community Credit Union will help
you analyze what marketing and promotion methods will best fit your


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