p r o j e c t p r o f i l e H e a l t h c a r e Bad Bentheim Specialist Clinic
The famous German specialist clinic, Bad Bentheim, has treated and provided relief to over 1.5 million sufferers of dermatological disorders since 1984.
Eager to retain its reputation as a leading medical center, the clinic’s psoriasis de- partment underwent extensive renovation and redevelopment in 2001. Part of this program included the installation of an intelligent, future-proof LONWORKS® system for better building management capabilities and patient comfort. TAC® provided many of Xenta 300 and Xenta 400 Controllers, TAC Vista Server, TAC Vista The Bad Bentheim specialist clinic is located near the German-Dutch border in Lower Saxony. It offers treatment and rehabilitation for people with dermatological, rheu-matic, and orthopedic disorders. In the clinic’s psoriasis department, approximately 400 patients a day receive Sole-Photo-Therapy, which involves bathing in brine or sulfur mineral water, followed by a treatment with intensive UV rays. After many years of operation, the clinic’s existing technical building systems were quickly becoming obsolete. Faced with the prospect of deterioration in service, the clinic voted to totally modernize the department by installing an interoperable build-ing solution which was installed by the long-term partner of TAC Germany, HGI CUSTOMER BENEFITS
mbH (www.hgi.de). This would not only enhance patient comfort but also • Flexibility for future expansions
provide extensive fl exibility for future Intelligent, future-proof building
management system
Precise monitoring and control of build-
ing systems
One of the clinic’s rehabilitation build-ings, Sonnenhaus – the Sun House, so Transparency of building’s technical
functions to patients
and numerous artifi cial UV-ray machines Optimal facility environment for
patient care
Bad Bentheim Specialist Clinic
Healthcare facilities operate 24/7 and require 24/7 system reliability and precision. Environmental conditions must adjust quickly and uniformly to the needs of each patient. Particular areas, such as surgery suites and laboratories, must maintain specifi c temperature, air fi ltration and ventilation requirements.
Managing energy usage without compromising life critical environmental needs is a huge challenge faced by maintenance and engineering personnel. For both patients and staff, TAC’s open systems solutions mean a total quality healthcare environment and Naturally, this had taken its toll on the tion points to provide the fl exibility the building and its facilities. For the clinic THE BOTTOM LINE
equipment and control of the building’s the building’s technical functions; and provide fl exibility for future expansion.
the facility is presented in a user-friendly installed incorporating 500 nodes across agement of alarms or system failures.
reliable Building Management System.
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