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Assistant Professor
Gandhigram Rural Institute Gandhigram, Dindigul PERSONAL DETAILS
Date of Birth: 03-04-1975
Marital Status: Married
Ph. D. – Synthetic Organic Chemistry, University of Hyderabad (Central University),
M. Sc. – Chemistry, I class, University of Hyderabad (Central University), Hyderabad,
B. Sc. – Chemistry, I class, Gandhigram Rural University, Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu,
Synthetic Organic Chemist with 5 years of experience in academic and industry
Research Scientist-II (2008-present), Saiadvantium Pharma Limited, Hyderabad. India.
Post Doctoral Associate (2006 – 2008), Stockholm University, Sweden
Research Supervisor: Prof. Kalman J. Szabo
Handled the project from AstraZeneca, Sweden Asymmetric Synthesis of Various Heterocyclic Chiral Sulfoxides including Esomeprazole (Naxium®) using Modified Sharpless Catalyst Mechanistic Studies of Esomepyrazole in Asymmetric Sulfoxidation Process Employed Heterocyclic Chiral Sulfoxides as chiral Lewis base in Asymmetric allylation reactions Synthesis of Palladium Pincer Catalysts containing Sulfide Functionality Research Chemist (2005-2006), Helvetica Industries (PVT) Ltd, Hyderabad.
Research Fellow (1999 – 2004), University of Hyderabad, Central University P. O., INDIA
Research Guide / Supervisor: Prof. M. Periasamy
Title of the thesis: “Studies on the Synthesis of Chiral Amine Derivatives, 2,5-Diarylpyrroles and
Catalytic Asymmetric Silylcyanation of Aldehydes Using Chiral
β-amino alcohol/Ti(O-i-Pr)4 Reagent

Synthesis of 1,2-diamines via opening of meso aziridinium ion prepared in situ using 1,2-amino alcohol Resolution of trans-(±)-1,2-diamine using dibenzoyl-L-tartaric acid Purification of non-racemic trans-(±)-1,2-diamine using fumaric acid Synthesis of new chiral amino ethers derivatives via opening of meso aziridinium ion intermediate prepared in situ using 1,2-amino alcohol Asymmetric silylcyanation of aromatic aldehydes using chiral β-amino alcohols/Ti(O-i-Pr)4 reagent system Seenivasa perumal
Determination of enantiomeric excess of cyanohydrin derivatives via the ester derivative of achiral acid using HPLC and 1H-NMR analysis Synthesis of (2S,5S)-2,5-diphenylpyrrolidine derivatives towards the application in asymmetric organic synthesis Synthesis of 2,5-diphenylpyrrole derivatives towards the synthesis of polypyrroles M.Sc. Project Work (1999), University of Hyderabad, Central University P. O., INDIA
Dissertation Research Guide: Prof. Ashwini Nangia A
Title of the thesis:Synthesis and crystal structure studies of 3,4-dihydro-3-[p-methylphenyl]-1,3.2H-
B.Sc. Project Work (1997), Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram, Dindigul Dt, Tamilnadu, INDIA
Dissertation Guide: Dr. M. G. Sethuraman A
Title of the thesis:Principles and practice of High Performance Liquid Chromatography”.

I have synthesized carbohydrate based small molecules. SAI Advantium Pharma Ltd
Research scientist-II

Purification / chromatography techniques, NMR, IR, Mass, HPLC and GC instruments SciFinder, Beilstein, reaxys and hard copy literature sources Windows, MS office and Chemistry drawing softwares SCHOLARSHIPS / AWARDS
Senior Research Fellowship awarded by CSIR, New Delhi.
Junior Research Fellowship awarded by CSIR, New Delhi.
Qualified in GATE 1999 examination at national level.
Obtained gold medal In Msc for securing 1st rank among the SC/ST students.

1. Resolution of C2-symmetric 2,3-diphenylbutane-1,4-diol and purification of diastereomeric 1,4- diphenylbutane-1,4-diol using (S)-proline and boric acid, M. Periasamy, V. D. Rao, M.
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2001, 12, 1887-1890.
2. Convenient Procedures for the Asymmetric Reduction of 1,4-Diphenylbutane-1,4-dione and Synthesis of 2,5-diphenylpyrrolidine Derivatives, M. Periasamy, M. Seenivasaperumal, V. D. Rao Synthesis 2003,
3. Synthesis of 2,3,4,5-tetrasubstituted pyrroles from aromatic ketoximes using the TiCl4/Et3N reagent system, M. Periasamy, G. Srinivas, M. Seenivasaperumal J. Chem. Res. (S) 2004, 270-272.
Seenivasa perumal
4. Synthesis of trans-1,2-diamines via sequential opening of cyclohexene oxide and aziridinium ions, M. Periasamy, M. Seenivasaperumal, M. Padmaja, V. D. Rao ARKIVOC 2004, (Viii), 4-11.
5. Synthesis of chiral amino ether derivatives: Synthetic applications of aziridinium ions, M. Periasamy, M.
Seenivasaperumal, V. D. Rao Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2004, 15, 3847-3852.
6. Boraxanes: Preparation and Applications, M. Periasamy, M. Seenivasaperumal, S. Sivakumar Science
of Synthesis, Houben-Weyl Methods of Molecular Transformations, Georg Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart,
Volume 6, 2005, 301-320.
7. Factors influencing the selectivity in asymmetric oxidation of sulfides attached to nitrogen containing heterocycles, M. Seenivasaperumal, H-J. Federsel, A. Ertan, K. J. Szabo Chem. Commun, 2007, 2787-
8. Mechanism of the asymmetric sulfoxidation in the esomepyrazole process: Effects of the imidazole back bone for the enantioselection. M. Seenivasaperumal, H-J. Federsel, K. J. Szabo Adv. Synth.
Catal. Commun,
2009, 903-919.
9. Catalytic Asymmetric silylcyanation of aromatic aldehydes using chiral β-amino alcohols/Ti(O-i-Pr)4 reagent system, M. Periasamy, M. Seenivasaperumal (manuscript under preparation)
10. Synthesis of 2,5-diarypyrroles M. Periasamy, M. Seenivasaperumal, G. P. M. Gopal (manuscript under
11. Synthesis and Resolution of trans (±)-1,2-diamines using dicarboxylic acids and binol-borate complex M. Periasamy, G. P. M. Gopal, M. Seenivasaperumal, (manuscript under preparation).

1. Participated in the “First International Symposium on Academia and Industry Propelling Chemistry into the New Millennium” organized by A. V. Rama Rao Research Foundation, Hyderabad, April 2-4, 2000. 2. Synthesis of Chiral C2-symmetric (2S,5S),(3R,4R) and (3S,4S)-diphenyl pyrrolidines, M.
Seenivasaperumal, V. D. Rao, M. Periasamy poster presented in the “Indo-US Conference” held at IIT
Madras, chennai, December 10-12, 2003.
3. Synthesis and Applications of Chiral amines and Amino alcohols M. Seenivasaperumal, M. Periasamy
paper presented in the “Chemfest 2004” in house symposium held at University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, March 12, 2004. 4. Selectivity in asymmetric sulfoxidation of nitrogen containing heterocycles. M. Seenivasaperumal, H-J.
Federsel, A. Ertan, K. J. Szabo paper presented in the 233rd ACS national meeting and exposition, Chicago, IL, USA, March 25-29, 2007. 5. Participated in the “Medchem congress” organized by RSC, NIPER and IICT Hyderabad, February 25-


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CGHS HYDERABAD 2010 RATES NAME OF TREATMENT PROCEDURE FOR Non FOR Super NABHAccr edited Hospitals Hospitals 4 Suturing of wounds with local anesthesia5 Aspiration Plural Effusion - Diagnostic 6 Aspiration Plural Effusion - Therapeutic Opthalmology 30 Subconjunctival/subtenon’s injections in one eyes31 Subconjunctival/subtenon’s injections in both eyes34 Conjunctival w


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