The japan wild rogaining navigation challenge 2003 in sugadaira

The Japan Wild Rogaining Navigation Challenge 2004 in Sugadaira Nagano The brand-new outdoor sports “Rogaining” in Japan. The vastextent of highland “Sugadaira”is waiting for wild rogainers.
【Date】 June 27 2004 Sunday 【Place】 Sugadaira,Nagano JAPAN【Class】 9 hours / 6 hours (Start 5 o'clock) 【meet place】 Sugadaira Kogen Ski area 【Organizer】Japan Rogaining Challenge EXCO
【 Sponsors 】 Sanada town, Suzaka city, Sugadaira Kogen tourist association, Sugadaira Kogen hotel association, SugadairaBokujo, Davos Bokujo, Nagano-ken orienteering association,Japan Rogaining association 【Co-Sponsor】Shinetsu Pepsi Cola Hanbai Co.
11:00-15:00 【pre event】Nagano-ken association presents “mini-orienteering race” Place: Sugadaira Kogen cross country course in meadowland (about 20 min. walk from Sugadaira FUREAI meadowland ) information center: the lobby of hotel Shirakaba-sogood opportunity to get friendly with Sugadaira Kogen 16:00-18:00 Check in open(rental e-card, number card, to sign a pledge) 4:00~4:30  Check in open(rental e-card, number card, to sign a pledge) 5:00   Start 9 hours / 6 hours( map distribution 15 minutes advance ) (9 hours competitors must return finish area at once then get the next map for remaining 3 hours)11:00   Start 3 hours (map distribution 10 minutes advance)14:00    finish 9 hours / 3 hours 【class】1. individual competition for 3 hours class2. 2-5 people team including at least one experienced rogainer can participate in 6 hours /9 hours class. The team members should together during competition.
【competition rule】1. The competitor gets as many scores as possible to visit the control points which areshown on provided rogaine map within the time limit. The score which is higher on moredifficulty to approach, are shown as the number of control circle on map.
2. to reduce the score if you return past the limit time. The reduction score will be 3. All team members on 6hours and 9hours shall simultaneously approach to within 30 meters.
4. To use electric equipment (e-card) produced by EMIT. If you don't have an e-card, you can rent it from organizer. If you have an e-card, please fill your number in entryform. Each team on 6hours and 9hours will use only one e-card.
5. All competitors must bring the following items.
Competition map (provided by organizer), compass,water, light foods, bear bell, cellar phone, rainwear, etc.
6. No food or equipment shall be discarded on the course unless retrieved by the team during the event andbrought by the team with them to the finish. However,you can leave your food or equipment on hash house inthe finish area.
【award】 3hours: top 3 competitors each category of men, women and junior(-19),open, senior(50-) 6hours, 9hours : top 3 teams each category of men, women or mix.
【entry fee】 (The age based on event date) Discount for with accommodation fee! Japanese Yen OnlyCode# competition fee01 3 hours without accommodation           6,000 Yen / person02 3 hours with accommodation and three meals 03 3 hours(under 18 years old)           04 3 hours(under 18 years old)with accommodation and three meals 05 6 hours with accommodation and two meals 06 9 hours with accommodation and two meals optional items10 e-card  two days available rental 300 Yen / card (need one card per team) 11 Bear Bell (must-have)        sell 600 Yen / piece12 The charge for mailing of bulletin(free of by email) above fee includes prize for participation and gate admission of guest ranch.
The competitors of 6 hours and 9 hours should accommodate on the eve of event because yourstart time is early and competition area is high altitude. No breakfast serving for 6hoursand 9hours, only dinner and lunch included. Organizer strongly recommend to bring yourbreakfast and light foods during the race by yourself.
【registration】1. b remit your entry fee to the following bank or postal saving account, then send yourinformation to organizer.
Postal Saving “Paruru” 11120-38145721 MOTOKI Tomoko Bank account Nagano-ken Shinyo-kumiai Suzakaminami-shiten Entry Form (your information)• Name, age, club, zip code, address, phone, email address• contact address (phone number) *if anything ever happens to you• your cellphone number (please keep it during the race)• Team name, all team member's name, age, gender • category, category code number• the method of payment for entry fee• e-card rental or your e-card number• purchasing bear bell (how many?) • mailing or emailing bulletin? Contact address and mail to: Hotel Shirakaba-so Sugadaira Kogen Sanada-machi Chiisagata-gun Nagano-ken 386-2201 Phone : +81-268-74-2511 FAX: +81-268-74-2552 email: credit card (VISA, Master, etc.) or the payment at convenience store 【accommodation】Hotel Shirakaba-soPhone:+81-268-74-2511  Web Kogen, Sanada town, Chiisagata-gun Nagano Japan 386-2201) Belle fleur Suzuran-kan Phone:+81-268-74-2079 Web Kogen, Sanada town, Chiisagata-gun Nagano Japan 386-2201)  Your hotel will be subject to the status of availability.
Please tell your personalized requests, such as late check-in or accompanying person, above hotels.
【notices】・ Only 400 people will be allowed to register for this event because of equipment limitation.
・ 9 hours class is total score of 6 hours and 3 hours races.
・ Using modified topo map (1/25000 10m contour int.) for 6 hours class, originally produced by Geographical Survey Institute Japan. Providing a map for each competitor.
・ Using modified Orienteering map (1/15000 5m contour int.) for 3 hours class, originally produced by ・ The competitors with the greatest score, or in the event of a tie the team that finished earlier, shall be ・ The competition area includes high altitude mountains such as Mt. Omatsu(1649m), Mt. Nekodake (2207m) or Mt. Azumaya(2354m). Every competitor should wear full gear for Rogaining.
・ Please bring your head light for 6 hours and 9 hours because your starting time is dawn. Ref. Sunrise ・ Organizer might call off the race on account of heavy rain. In this case, organizer would not pay back ・ Please be aware of accident on the road because the competition area has much trafficky road, such as national highway or prefectural highway.
・ All competitors should bring your health insurance ID card.
・ All competitors must sign a pledge card before the race.
・ Using any map except organizer provided is prohibited during the race.
・ Competitors finishing more than thirty minutes late shall be deemed ineligible for a placing.


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