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CBA is a polyester-based core bedding compound, developed for both hand lay-up and vacuum-bagcore installation, and is used as a 2-part system in NOTE: Always prime the core surface with a conjunction with a priming resin applied to the catalysed resin. The CBA combines with the priming core surface. Lightweight and non-sagging, CBA is resin for a thorough cure and good cohesion. The formulated to the degree of elasticity required for the priming resin should appear between the blocks of core to skin interface. With a shrinkage of less than contoured foam or balsa, or in the bleeder holes of 1%, CBA significantly reduces the possibility of print- plain core, for a visual inspection of a good bond.
through. CBA is easily applied with a trowel, to Priming resins used are normally low styrene content achieve a thin bond-line of 0.8mm which will provide (below 40%), medium reactivity GP/ortho resins, ortho/DCPD blends, vinylester resins, orvinylester/DCPD blends.
Iso resins may not work as well, especially in higher temperatures, as they can force styrene into foams The priming resin needs to be catalysed for a 15minute geltime in a 100 gram cup. Please follow the MEKP catalyst levels recommended by thepriming resin manufacturer. This is a 2-part system consisting of CBA, which iscatalysed with a BPO (50% benzoyl peroxide) catalyst.
The objective is for the priming resin to catalyse in athin film on the core material surface at about the Catalysation with 2% BPO at 250C will provide a pot 4 litres of CBA covers approximately 2.8m² 208 grms BPO to 20 litre pail CBA by volume 6 months when stored at less than 20oC.
NOTE Stir CBA well with large-blade mechanicalmixer before and after adding BPO catalyst. Alsostir BPO catalyst before use. PACK SIZES
COMBUSTIBLE: KEEP AWAY FROM EXTREMEHEAT, OPEN FLAME, PILOT LIGHTS OR OTHERSOURCES OF IGNITION. CBA and BPO catalyst should be stored in a cool, dryarea, maintaining the temperature between 5 and20°C. Avoid storing in heat or direct sunlight.
If stored in a cold area, let CBA reach shoptemperature before use.
CBA should be kept out of the eyes and off the skin.
• Use with good ventilation and adequate safetyequipment including impervious gloves and safetyglasses.
• If skin contact occurs, remove contaminatedclothing immediately, and wash the affected areathoroughly with ATL’s 845 hand cleaner and water,avoiding the use of solvents.
• If eye contact occurs, immediately flush withrunning water for at least 15 minutes and seekmedical advice.
• If swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting, and contacta doctor of the Poisons Information Centre.
NOTE Our products are intended for sale to industrial and commercial customers. We request that customers inspect and test our products before use and satisfy themselves as to contents and suitability. Nothing herein shall constitute a warranty, express or implied, including any warranty or merchantability or fitness, nor is protection from law or patent to be inferred. All patent rights are reserved. The exclusive remedy for all proven claims is replacement of our materials and in no event shall we be liable for special or



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