Outpatient Hysteroscopy – Patient Information Leaflet
What is a hysteroscopy?
Hysteroscopy or visualisation of the uterine cavity is a test carried out to see if anything is wrong inside the womb (uterus). You may be having this investigation if you have had some abnormal or irregular uterine bleeding, if there is suspicion of endometrial polyps of fibroids, if there is suspicion of endometrial overgrowth (hyperplasia), or if you have suffered repeated miscarriages (spontaneous abortions). The test cannot be performed if you are having a period. Should this happen please phone 0161 834 6065 and arrange an alternative date. Who should I bring with me?
You are welcome to attend the department with your partner, friend or a relative. He/she may remain with you during the test if you so wish. On arrival
You will be greeted by the reception staff who will book you into the GyneHealth outpatient clinic. An experienced nurse assisted by a nursing aide will be with you throughout the test and will be only too happy to answer any questions you may have. Prior to the test you will be directed into a cubicle and advised to remove lower undergarments. You will be able to put on a dressing gown, which we will supply. What happens during the test?
The investigation is similar to having a cervical smear (Pap test) and takes about 15 minutes. Your consultant will use an instrument called a speculum, which is inserted into the vagina. This allows the neck of the womb (cervix) to be visualised. A very small telescope (called hysteroscope) will be introduced through the opening of the cervix into the womb. The inside of the uterus (known as uterine cavity) will be expanded with some sterile water. A picture of the inside of the uterus will be seen on the TV screen, which is connected to the camera. If you wish your consultant will talk you through the procedure. Sometimes a small sample of the lining of the womb is taken to be sent to the pathology department for further examination under the microscope. During the procedure you will feel some wetness because the sterile water is flowing through the telescope in to the vagina. Will I have any pain?
Some ladies complain of a slight discomfort rather like period pain lasting for a couple of hours maximum. Your consultant may ask you to take some pain-killers to reduce any discomfort before the procedure. If you wish you can take either Paracetamol or Ibuprofen 1 hour before the appointment. After the hysteroscopy
When the test is over you will be advised to get dressed. You will be given the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns with your consultant before having a drink of water, tea or coffee. You should feel well enough to walk, travel by bus, train or plane or to drive home unless you have taken any tablets that help you to relax. You can return to your place of work straightaway if you wish. Are there any complications?
The complications of such simple test are very rare. Occasionally the test may cause infection in the womb and/or in the tubes. This would make you feel unwell with lower abdominal pain, bleeding and possibly an unpleasant-smelling vaginal discharge. If this happens, you need to contact your consultant or your GP. Very rarely, the instrument might go through the wall of the womb causing perforation. In this case you would need to stay in hospital overnight and take some oral antibiotics for the following 7 days. How do I get the result?
Most of the time your consultant will be in a position to discuss the findings with you just after the test. However, if a sample of the lining of the womb is taken (biopsy) you will be sent a follow up appointment to discuss the results and to plan further management as appropriate. Should you wish to discuss things further before the hysteroscopy please do not hesitate to contact the GyneHealth clinic on 0161 834 6065.


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