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Safety Data Sheet Sakarat X
Sakarat X
Killgerm Chemicals Ltd, Denholme Drive, Ossett, West Yorkshire, WF5 9NA. Tel: Not classified as hazardous under CPLDS, “CHIP” or COPR. Warfarin is listed in EH40 and has been given an 8 hour exposure limit of 0.1mg/m³ and 0.3mg/m³ for a 10 minute exposure period. I gram of Sakarat whole wheat contains 0.25mg Warfarin. The product is not in a form whereby dust can be readily raised and consequently breathed in. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Wipe contaminant out of mouth then rinse out mouth several times with clean water. Seek medical attention. Wash off with soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing. Flush thoroughly with eye wash solution or clear water. Warfarin is an indirect anticoagulant. Vitamin K1 (phytomenadione) is antidotal. Poisoning is unlikely unless large quantities have been ingested. In case of suspected poisoning, determine prothrombin times not less than eighteen hours after consumption. If elevated, administer vitamin K1 and continue until prothrmbin times normalise. Continue determination of prothrombin times for three days after withdrawal of antidote and resume treatment if elevation occurs in that time. For comprehensive medical advice on the treatment of poisoning contact the nearest Poisons Information Centre. Use water spray, dry chemical, carbon dioxide or foam fire extinguishers. Toxic fumes will be evolved in a fire. Self-contained breathing apparatus should be worn by fire fighters. Sweep up, wearing appropriate PPE, into a marked container. Contact supplier for advice on disposal. Wash contaminated area with soap and water. PREVENT ACCESS TO THE BAITS by children, birds and domesticated animals, particularly cats, dogs and pigs. REMOVE ALL REMAINS OF BAIT AND BAIT CONTAINERS after treatment. SEARCH FOR RODENT BODIES AND DISPOSE OF SAFELY. DO NOT PLACE in refuse bins or on rubbish tips. STORE IN ORIGINAL CONTAINER, tightly closed, in a safe place. EMPTY CONTAINER COMPLETELY and dispose of safely. Store in original container, tightly closed under cool and dry conditions, in a Store and transport away from products which have an odour. Not classified for transport under CPLDS of The Road Traffic (Carriage of Dangerous Substances in Packages etc.) Regulations 1986. Dust mask if sweeping up. Half mask to prEN140 with P2 filter e.g.- Polimask 100 twin + P2 (PC11) filter. Disposable mask to HSE TM 14/9.1 e.g.- Sekur Pirelli SM100. Unlined synthetic rubber, 300mm in Unlined synthetic rubber, 300mm in length e.g.- Solvex Nitrile. Basic type e.g. heavy-duty polycotton Basic coverall- dust resistant e.g. EP or disposable EP coverall. Physical and chemical properties Appearance: Particulate solid, cut wheat chips, green coloured. Not considered a fire hazard but it will burn. Safety Data Sheet Sakarat X
The product has a low vapour pressure and little dust component so the risk of contact via this route is very low. Warfarin can be absorbed through the skin. Hazardous if ingested in large quantities. Clinical signs are unlikely to occur until 18 hours after ingestion. Thereafter they may develop rapidly. Clinical signs result from an increased bleeding tendency and include; an increased prothrombin time, bruising easily with occasional bleeding from minor cuts and abrasions, pale mouth and cold gums, anorexia and weakness. More severe cases of poisoning include haemorrhage (usually internal), shock and coma. Warfarin shows cumulative effects i.e.- repeated doses will have significantly greater effects than acute exposure. Warfarin rat bait is hazardous to mammals including domesticated animals and birds if ingested. Access to bait by non-target animals, must be prevented. Warfarin degrades in soil and is expected to be slowly but ultimately completely biodegradable. Empty completely- do not remove inner liner. Dispose of as below. Do not dispose of in domestic refuse. Treat as special waste. Ask supplier for advice. Do not dispose of in domestic refuse. Treat as special waste. Ask supplier for advice. Approved under COPR – MAFF no. 01851. Refer to other relevant measures such as Health & Safety at Work etc. Act and the COSHH regulations. The information contained in this data sheet does not constitute the user's own assessment of workplace risks as required by legislation Ensure users are adequately trained. Health surveillance: Depending on potential worker contact and advice from an occupational hygienist, consideration should be given to the need for measuring prothrombin times of blood samples at regular intervals.


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