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…extraordinary listening experience, made in Europe! Positioning
Despite all of the magical qualities of our other tube power amplifiers, some people like the perspective of being in front row, centre or even the middle of the orchestra to totally immerge into music. Almost anyone can make an amp that plays loud. That wasn't hard. The hard part is that we at WLM ACOUSTICS committed ourselves to bring out the purity of music. We didn't want an amp that played loud. We wanted one that could sing loudly. Therefore the ALLEGRA mono-blocks are first choice for music lovers preferring tube amplification with superb top-end extension, extreme powerful non-bloomy bass and overall more “lively” music reproduction. They are capable to drive loudspeakers to their best performance regardless of efficiency and are carefully designed and manufactured to very high specifications making them a true audiophile product, to greatly enhance any high quality two-channel music system by offering the listener an emotionally involving, natural, and effortless musical presentation. The ALLEGRA deserves to be used with high quality ancillary components and works particularly well with other WLM-ACOUSTICS range products. All WLM ACOUSTICS amplifier were carefully designed to be perfect sonic mates for the WLM-LOUDSPEAKER range products and of course are also explicit recommendations for all the other well conceived loudspeakers available. Structure and Functioning
We built our ALLEGRA mono tube power amplifier around six EL34 tubes per channel with great circuit integrity and superior transformer craft in a switchable ultra-linear / triode mode that could provide 90 / 45 watts of subtly textured music with 8Ohms load in class-A configuration. Mono-block operation also provides complete separation of the left and right channels. Each loudspeaker is now powered by its own dedicated tube power amplifier. The case is precision made from massive high-density plywood in the best tradition of Austrian craftsmanship and finished with multiple layers of Indian macassar veneer of highest quality. The engraved front plate and hole-pattern top plate are made of brushed stainless steel. Thus the overall appearance is very harmonic, both of traditional and modern design. Together with the in-house advanced expertise in transformer manufacture and circuit design of the WLM-ACOUSTIC team, this cooperation reflects in a true “made in Europe” origin and is a destination piece of exclusive tube audio. Every ALLEGRA mono tube power amplifier is proudly hand-made and carefully tested, inspected and packaged before making its journey to our highly-valued and satisfied customers. ALLEGRA with gold-plated front- and top plates are available upon request (surcharge). Sound Characteristics
Compared to the SONATA stereo tube power amplifier, the ALLEGRA tube mono power amplifiers features improved bass response, sound staging, stereo imaging, and spaciousness. This distinctiveness is attributed to the mono-block operation. In triode mode you will enjoy this exceptional intimacy only triodes set up with the music with a soundstage more upfront with great focus on voices and small combos, whereas the ultra-linear mode deepen and widen the soundstage. A larger amount of information and of the related harmonics turns into a better instrument localization within their individual soundstage positions. More “air” around the instruments themselves with improved three-dimensional effects and higher stereo separation. Recording details come to higher evidence; for instance the different sections of a large orchestra are easier to make out, even in the most dynamic passages. Frequency bands are widened with a deeper and also more controlled and articulated bass range. High frequencies are clearer with a more natural hissing words reproduction and a more tactile presence of small instruments. Specifications
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.



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