Ultrasound Screenings
An ultrasound is a procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to create a picture. Not only are these scans routine, but they are also fun for you and your partner. You will get great images of your baby at these appointments. It is used in pregnancy to examine the uterus, amniotic sac, placenta and unborn baby during various stages of development. • Mt. Sinai Maternal Fetal Medicine: 212-241-6551 • 212-722-7426 Optional Screenings
There are optional tests for prenatal diagnosis such as nuchal translucency ultrasound, chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis. The risks and benefits can be discussed in full at your first prenatal visit. Morning sickness is nausea or vomiting that occurs during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. It is very common and doesn't always happen in the morning! It usually goes away by your second trimester, when the level of pregnancy hormones in the body falls. When morning sickness is severe, it is called hyperenesis gravidarum. • Persistent vomiting shortly after eating or drinking anything, including water • Weight loss • Dehydration • Concentrated, dark-colored urine Over-The-Counter Medications Approved For Pregnancy & Nursing Allergies & Congestion:
• Metamucil • Fibercon • Senokot-S • Surfak • Colace Dental Work:
• Novacaine • Local Anesthetic with Epinephrine Headache:
• Tylenol
**Do not take: aspirin, Aleve, Motrin, Advil or any Ibuprofen-containing
• Maalox • Mylanta • Rolaids • Tums • Pepcid Itching:
• Aveeno • Cortaid cream • Benadryl cream or spray • Calamine Leg Cramps:
• Calcium Supplements (e.g. Oscal, Caltrate, etc.) • Apricot/Peach nectar • Ginger • Crackers • Small, frequent meals Sore Throat:
Yeast Infection:
• Mycolog • Monistat (Any form, use as directed. Use special caution with applicator.) Our philosophy is that a well-balanced diet is just as important while you are pregnant as at any other time. Here are some guidelines and recommendations for foods you should eat. There are also foods you should avoid and foods that will help some of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy-learn all about them here. What You Should Eat
Regular, well-balanced meals are a source of nutrition for both you and your baby. You will need more protein, vitamins, calcium, and iron, which are critical to your baby's growth and development, and give your baby strong bones and teeth, healthy skin, and a healthy body. Sources of protein and vitamins are:
• legumes (beans & peas) • meat & poultry • nuts & peanut butter • fish • eggs cheese, milk & yogurt Sources of calcium are:
• cheese, milk & yogurt • sardines & anchovies • broccoli & spinach • tofu • almonds Foods rich in iron are:
• liver & kidneys • dried fruit • spinach & kale • beets • oat & wheat bran (e.g. bran flakes cereal) While each individual is different, usually 25 to 35 pounds is the maximum amount of weight gain recommended. It's important to incorporate a balance of protein and carbohydrates (grains, fruits, vegetables) in your daily diet. Variety is important. Foods to Avoid/Limit
• High Mercury Fish • Under-cooked red meat • Maximum 16 oz. caffeinated beverage/day Foods that Alleviate Pregnancy-Related Nausea (Morning Sickness)
• Candied Ginger • Mint • Sour Candy Dietary Supplements
The following vitamins and minerals are often recommended: • A multivitamin tablet with 60mg of iron and 1mg of folic acid (usually called a prenatal vitamin); this may be the only vitamin the doctor suggests. • A DHA supplement of 300mg from a low-mercury source. • Iron: many women need an extra 30mg a day of iron in the last half of the pregnancy. Women carrying twins, women with low iron in their blood, and larger women may need up to 100mg a day of additional iron. Your doctor will let you know what you personally require. First ask your doctor, of course, as any discussion of this topic can only be a general one. You may be surprised at what you can safely do, as long as your pregnancy is low risk. First-time exercisers should proceed more cautiously. If you have a chronic disease or have had problems in a previous pregnancy, please consult your doctor before exercising. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that you exercise three times a week or more at a comfortable pace, but cautions that you should limit the length and intensity of your workout. If you feel exhausted, you are likely overdoing it-be sure to warm up first, cool down afterwards, and avoid getting overheated, especially in warm weather. ACOG also recommends that you drink plenty of water while you exercise to avoid dehydration. Please choose a type of exercise that lessens the change of physical injury to you or your baby (such as biking, skiing, hiking, or rollerblading.) Anything that helps posture and increases lower back strength (such as pre-natal yoga is encouraged. Please discuss your options with your doctor. Stop exercising and notify your doctor if any of the following signs or symptoms occur: • If you have persistent pain anywhere (especially abdominal) • Vaginal bleeding of any amount • No fetal motion for 20 minutes after exercise • Fluid leakage from the vagina suggesting membrane rupture You should be checked by your physician before resuming exercise if any of these things occur.

Source: http://www.obgynwestside.com/ob_welcome_packet.pdf

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