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Consumer Medicine Information
What is in this leaflet
Before you have
When you must not have it
Do not have Dihydergot if you have
ever had an allergic reaction to any
of the following:
You should ensure that you speak
to your pharmacist or doctor to
obtain the most up to date
information on the medicine. You
can also download the most up to
date leaflet from
Do not have Dihydergot if you have
any of the following health
problems / medical conditions:
If you have any concerns about this
medicine, ask your doctor or
is not controlled or you have had a heart attack Keep this leaflet with the medicine.
Ask your doctor if you have any
questions about why this medicine

has been prescribed for you.
What Dihydergot is
migraine, "cluster" headaches and that you buy without a
How Dihydergot is
prescription from a pharmacy,
supermarket or health food store.
Follow all directions given to you
by your doctor and pharmacist
Do not have Dihydergot if you are
pregnant or intend to become
If you do not understand the
instructions on the label, ask your
doctor or pharmacist for help.
Do not breast-feed if you are
having Dihydergot.
How it is given
Do not have Dihydergot after the
expiry date printed on the pack or
if the packaging is torn or shows
signs of tampering.
How much is given
Acute migraine attack: the usual dose is 1 mg by injection into the muscle Before you start to have it
Tell your doctor if you have liver
problems or severe kidney
Migraine in children under 12 years of age: one-third to two-thirds of the Tell your doctor if you smoke.
"ergotism" (excessive constriction of blood vessels). See Side Effects Do not use sumatriptan,
naratriptan or zolmitriptan or any
medicine containing ergot

Tell your doctor if you are lactose
alkaloids (e.g. Cafergot®or
amounts of your medicines or to take different medicines while you are Ergodryl®) at the same time as you
Tell your doctor if you are allergic
have Dihydergot.
to any other medicines, foods, dyes
or preservatives.
If you have not told your doctor
about any of these things, tell
him/her before you start having
this medicine.
Taking other medicines
Do not have more than the
Tell your doctor if you are taking
maximum recommended daily and
any other medicines, including any
weekly doses of Dihydergot. Do not
continue treatment for longer than
Things you must not do
your doctor recommends.
Do not use Dihydergot to prevent a
migraine attack from happening.
Do not be alarmed by these lists of
possible side effects. You may not
"ergotism" or retroperitoneal or experience any of them.
Ask your doctor or pharmacist to
Avoid drinking grapefruit juice
answer any questions you may
while you are having Dihydergot.
If you have too much
Tell your doctor immediately if
you notice any of the following:
Immediately telephone your doctor
Do not give this medicine to anyone
or the Poisons Information Centre
else, even if their condition seems
(telephone number 13 11 26), or go
similar to yours.
to Accident and Emergency at
Do not use it to treat any other
your nearest hospital if you think
complaints unless your doctor tells
that you or anyone else may have
had too much Dihydergot. Do this
even if there are no signs of
discomfort or poisoning. Keep the
telephone numbers for these places
Things to be careful of
spasms in muscles, weakness in the lower legs, chest pain Be careful driving, operating
machinery or doing jobs that
require you to be alert until you
know how Dihydergot affects you.
Children should avoid doing things
like riding bicycles or climbing
While you are having
Things you must do
Prolonged use of Dihydergot should be avoided as it may cause drug If you become pregnant while
having Dihydergot, tell your
Tell your doctor if you notice any
Side effects
of the following and they worry
If you are about to be started on
Tell your doctor or pharmacist as
any new medicine, remind your
soon as possible if you do not feel
doctor and pharmacist that you
well while you are having
are having Dihydergot.
Dihydergot, even if you do not
think it is connected with the
Tell any other doctor, dentist or
pharmacist who treats you that
you are having Dihydergot.
All medicines can have side effects. Sometimes they are serious, but most • feeling anxious or restless • dry mouth also contains ethanol, glycerol and water for injections. Tell your doctor if you notice
anything else that is making you

feel unwell.
effects not yet known or mentioned in this leaflet. NOVARTIS Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Limited After having

Keep the medicine where children
cannot reach it.

A locked cupboard at least one-and-a-half metres above the ground is a good place to store medicines. Disposal
If your doctor tells you to stop
having Dihydergot or the expiry
date has passed, ask your
pharmacist what to do with any
medicine that is left over.

Product description
What it looks like
Dihydergot ampoules contain a clear colourless liquid in a 1 mL glass ampoule; packs of 5. Ingredients
Dihydergot ampoules contain 1 mg dihydroergotamine (as the mesylate


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