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MARKETING NAME*: PowerVault™ MD3620f
Dell Inc.
EFFECTIVE DATE: June14, 2011

Product Safety
System Dimension and Weight
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Declarations and Certifications
Power Cords and User Documentation
Performance Data
Datasheet Responsible Party Name and Address
Trade Import/Export Compliance Data
Design for Environment
Recycling/End-of-Life Service Information
Dell Corporate Environmental Information
The product has been certified and bears the Mark, as applicable, of the Product Safety authorities as indicated below. Country/Region
Authority or Mark
Belarus BELLIS Canada SCC Croatia KONCAR European Union Moldova INSM Nigeria SONCAP Norway NEMKO Russia GOST Saudi Arabia
* Notice: This product has been assigned a unique regulatory model and regulatory type that is imprinted on the product shipping invoice and product labeling to
provide traceability to the regulatory approvals noted on this datasheet. This datasheet applies to any product that utilizes the assigned regulatory model and type
including marketing names other than those listed on this datasheet. Requests for specific information on product regulatory approvals should reference the assigned
product regulatory model and type.
1 The above-listed Product Safety certifications may vary depending upon the location of the factory and specific product configuration. Certification marks may not
be applied on products for countries outside the purchaser’s country.
Product Safety, EMC & Environmental Datasheet

The product has been certified and bears the Mark, as applicable, of the EMC authorities as indicated below. Country/Region
Authority or Mark
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia

Dell products are provided with the power cord and user documentation suitable for the intended country of delivery. Products that are relocated to other countries should use nationally certified power cords and plugs to ensure safe operation of the product. Contact Dell to determine if alternate power cords or user documentation in other languages is available for your market.

Department: Global Regulations and Standards TRADE (IMPORT/EXPORT) COMPLIANCE DATA
System US Harmonized Tariff System (USHTS) Number System US Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) For additional questions regarding importing & exporting classification of Dell products, please send an e-mail to: 2 The above-listed EMC certifications may vary depending upon the location of the factory and specific product configuration. Certification marks may not be applied on products for countries outside the purchaser’s country. Product Safety, EMC & Environmental Datasheet VI. SYSTEM DIMENSION AND WEIGHT

* EPEAT registered where applicable/supported see: Desktops, Monitors, Notebooks, Workstation-Desktops, and Workstation-Notebooks for registration status by country. Information on Dell’s participation in various Eco-labels and Green Standards can be found here. Dell is a member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition ( Through internal design controls and supply chain declarations, this system has been verified to comply with the EU RoHS Directive. For more details, see All Dell products shipping directly into China which are manufactured on or after March 1st, 2007, will be China RoHS compliant. For more details, see All Dell products shipping to South Korea are compliant with South Korea RoHS requirements, declarations here. Information on Japan RoHS (J-MOSS) chemical disclosures is available here. REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, EC 1907/2006) is the European Union’s (EU) chemical substances regulatory framework. Dell complies with the REACH directive. For more details, see Dell’s Energy Star qualified products are listed on the EPA website here Product Safety, EMC & Environmental Datasheet VIII. PERFORMANCE DATA

Energy Consumption3
Energy efficiency benefits the environment and lowers the total cost of equipment ownership by reducing power
consumption. Dell offers energy calculators that help estimate power needs, potential emissions avoidance and
potential cost savings. Click here for Dell’s Client Energy Savings Calculator, Data Center Capacity Planner, and
Monitor Power Savings Calculator. Information on Energy Efficiency is available here
Dell has implemented process controls and corrective actions throughout its organization and supply chain to
ensure that its chemicals management objectives are met — and that the targeted restricted materials are
replaced and alternative materials are developed for future product generations. Process controls that Dell
implemented include piece-part supplier declarations and Dell factory and supplier material testing audits.
To review Dell’s Restricted Material Guidance document click here.
Information on Dell’s material use is available here.

Restricted Substances

This Dell product does NOT contain any of the following substances (in concentrations exceeding legal threshold limits):
Azo dyes/colorants in components that come into direct contact with human skin Cadmium and its compounds (except for use in applications exempted by the EU RoHS Directive) Ozone Depleting Substances; Class I and Class II CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) Chloroparaffins, short chained (10-13 carbon chain) Chromium VI and its compounds (except for use in applications exempted by the EU RoHS Directive) Halogenated dioxins or furans (i.e. polychlorinated dibenzodioxines, polychlorinated dibenzofurans) Lead and its compounds (except for use in applications exempted by the EU RoHS Directive) Mercury (except for use in applications exempted by the EU RoHS Directive) Nickel and its compounds in components that are likely to result in prolonged skin exposure BFR (brominated flame retardants) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in plastic parts greater than 25 grams 3 This document is informational only and reflects laboratory performance. Your product may perform differently, depending on the software, components and
peripherals you ordered. Accordingly, the customer should not rely upon this information in making decisions about electrical tolerances or otherwise. No warranty
as to accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied.
4 Waste Handling. Local regulations should be observed when disposing of this product due to the presence of the materials and substances as listed above.
Product Safety, EMC & Environmental Datasheet
Additional Materials Information

External and/or Internal cables may use PVC as an insulating material to ensure product safety Product may contain post-industrial recycled content (plastics, metal, glass) This product contains 0% post-consumer recycled plastic Materials that may require special handling, please see WEEE Product End-of-Life Instructions here Marking of plastic parts greater than 25 grams are done in accordance with ISO 11469 (see below) Flame Retardants Used in Motherboard

Motherboard TBBPA

Flame Retardants Used in Mechanical Plastic Parts > 25 grams


Information on Dell’s sustainable packaging effort available here. No CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), HCFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) or other ozone depleting substances are used in packaging material. Chromium, lead, mercury, cadmium are not intentionally added to packaging materials and are not present in a cumulative concentration greater than 100 ppm as incidental impurities. No halogenated plastics or polymers are used for packaging material. Dell complies with the EU Directive 94/62/EEC. Plastics packaging materials marked according to ISO 11469 standards. Printed user documentation is bleached in a chlorine-free process. Product Safety, EMC & Environmental Datasheet

Below is a listing of batteries that could be present in the product: Battery Description – Internal Batteries
Battery Type
Battery Weight (kg)
 Batteries used in this product are in compliance with EU Battery Directive 2006/66/EC.  Batteries in this product are not based on mercury, lead or cadmium technologies.  Information about takeback and the recycling of batteries can be found in the in the Recyclability section below.  The product documentation includes instructional information on the proper removal and disposal of the batteries

 Printer MSDS for batteries are available here.  Printer MSDS for ink and toner are available here. XI. DESIGN FOR ENVIRONMENT

Longevity and Upgrading
Dell systems are, when applicable, designed for easy assembly, disassembly, and servicing. Connections are easy to find and
accessible with commonly available tools. To extend the life of your system, you can install or upgrade certain system
components (e.g., microprocessor, memory, expansion cards, optical drives, and storage devices). Spare parts (such as
batteries, power supplies, keyboard parts) are available after the end of production for up to five years, or otherwise through
the warranty period.
Information for recycling is available here.
For recyclability, this system incorporates the following design guidelines:
 EU WEEE mark is applied to products sold in Europe, EU recycling information can be found at  WEEE Product End-of-Life Instructions are available here  Plastic parts heavier than 25g have material codes according to ISO 11469:2000.  Minimal use of composite structure materials.  Minimal use of non-separable connections, such as gluing and welding between different materials  Painting/coating of plastics <100 grams is compatible with recycling or reuse  Mechanical plastic parts greater than 100 grams consist of one material or of easily separable materials. Product Safety, EMC & Environmental Datasheet

Take back and recycling services are offered for this product in certain countries. If you want to dispose of system components, contact Dell for instructions by emailing or visit and select the relevant country.


Information on Dell’s Environmental initiatives, policies, programs and goals can be found at Dell’s Corporate Responsibility Policies are available here. Product Safety, EMC and Environmental Datasheets for Dell products are located at: Dell’s commitment to accountability and assurance is further demonstrated in leveraging the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G3 Guidelines in the preparation of our annual summary report and Web site. We are self-reporting at a B level and have submitted our self-report to GRI to check it against the criteria for GRI Application Level B. To view GRI Index 2009 click here. Dell holds International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) certifications/registrations in a number of important areas including global product development and recycling/take-*back programs, quality, safety, and health and environment. You can view or download copies of certificates here. Information related to Supplier Responsibility is available here. Product Safety, EMC & Environmental Datasheet


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