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Death of a child-
Nicole that although she could not run in the event she agreed that she could be a pom pom Government Settles out of
since she was an infant recalled the day Nicole the event,” he said. “ The run started at about 11 am. It was a very hot day. An extra hot adults about “nor were there appearing to Nicole Pierre was just ten years old
when she collapsed and died yards from the
and observed that he was the only one running finishing line after running in a three mile
Mongouge Combined School marathon.
intelligent, bright, hard working, courteous ambulance. The teacher’s reply according to student Nicole tragically died on a hot day on him was lees than helpful. He was told quite bluntly that since he had children enrolled in the school it was not any of his business to ask grandmother. Three years before she died Nicole was diagnosed with Bronchial asthma some point along the route noticed that another child had fallen. He picked her up he recalled grandmother from taking part in any vigorous and told a teacher standing nearby that this was a sign to stop the event. ”This child was bruised maintained that “all of Nicole’s teachers were aware of her medical condition” and “from as Sab we Sha beach he again observed two other early as May 2000 the entire school staff knew children. They had fainted. “There were no teachers around them,” he recalled. “I took these two children to the side of the road and that one particular teacher at the school was in left them in the care of an older child.” He charge of supervising Nicole in the taking of continued running he said and caught up with her Ventolin medication and that all her Nicole. ”She appeared well and so I kept teaching staff were aware of her condition hospital stays. Further Nicole’s grandmother and more angry at a series of events he was “had never and would never give any teacher witnessing. “I was thirsty. There was no water the authority to allow Nicole to participate in provided for the children. They were leaving the run unsupervised and going into people’s homes to get water.” About a quarter mile from the finishing line he observed the schoolmaster permission to take part in the run. She told Nicole a simple “no” and expressed surprise that the school had not issued consent forms for two children,” he said. “They were walking, the event. However in consolation she told too exhausted to run in the sun. The head teacher asked them why they had stopped running. The children started to but I told them not to do so because they were too tired and weak.” school. “About three minutes later Nicole arrived and fell at the finish line. A lady picked her up and brought her to a class room. I followed. Nicole looked very still as if she was dead. The police arrived five minutes later. Nicole was lying on a desk. She was then taken into a police jeep. I did not see any teacher attempt to revive Nicole from the time she fell at the finish or when she lay on the desk.” vowed to sue the authorities for negligence. No matter how long it took they wanted answers. Foster who had launch suits against the principal of the school, the ministry of education and the attorney general battled it out in High Court. negligence at all, their defence being that teachers at the school had never been informed either verbally of in written form about Nicole’s medical condition and further that she had regularly taken part in “all physical education activities of her class” and that “Ms Pierre Appears to be a normal and healthy student.” week when the Attorney General agreed to pay out $25,000 to Nicole’s family in an out court settlement. SOURCE: Voice Newspaper of July 2, 2008 page 2 Article by: Christine Larbey


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