This game was designed with the thought of simplicity (except for situations where jokers have to be dealt with), illusion of strategy (luck actually takes place most of the time), and scalability in terms of amount of players.
This presentation will elaborate on the rules of the game,hopefully in a simple way.
Try to first play without jokers to understand the game morequickly, then play with jokers added (do not give up on that,it’s a nice feature).
GOAL: earning the maximum amount of cards of all.
GAME END: when the bank is empty or if all players have already lost The first player has to be determined in this manner: 1. Let Players be the group of all players at first.
2. Until there is only one player in Players do: Every player draws a card: if its Shape differs from ♦ thenthey are removed from Players. If the card is A♦ specificallythen the player is removed from Players as well.
3. That one player in Players starts the game.
GAME ROTATION: every player plays on their turn, which is then givento the next player according to the Right-hand rule (up).
1 CARD LEFT IN BANK : If no cards were drawn then the currentplayer earns it and the game ends, unless DEATH influence is in effect.
1. A player may declare drawing THE LAST CARD.
2. One card must be taken from the bank.
3. If the player declared it as THE LAST CARD then its corresponding INFLUENCE must be done and the turnends, otherwise: mark its shape with S and do the following: For every two consequentially-unveiled cards sharing thesame shape S’, if S=S’ then its INFLUENCE must takeplace and the turn ends.
Let x be the amount of cards drawn including the last one.
otherwise the current personplaying.
Encountering A♦ causes loss.
until x cards have been drawn ora card having the SHAPE orA♦ has been summoned.
If A♦ is drawn during an INFLUENCE phase then the player does not lose the game necessarily, but rather perform a specific demand in that case according to the influence, Otherwise the player returns the last drawn card to the bankand shuffles it. Then the x remaining drawn cards are to bedivided equally between the rest of players who have yet lostthe game, and that player loses, leaving the game.
A joker’s shape may be decided at any time provided that its color is the same as the color of the shape and also past events in the turn flow cannot be changed, specifically this case is invalid: shape set to X, more cards were drawn, shape set to Y mentioned cards cannot have been drawn due to an Influence.
If the player has already drawn 2 pairs of 2 cards where: { {everypair’s cards are consequential in place and have the same shape},{the pairs differ in shape but agree on their color}, {a joker havingthe same color was drawn (not necessarily consequential inlocation to any pair, but must be drawn in a later time than thepairs) }, then the last card drawn shall be the Influencing one.
If 2 location-consequential cards having the same shape, alongwith a joker (later) in the same color, were drawn, then if thejoker’s shape will be decided to be the same one as the pair’s thenit’s the Influencing card, otherwise if the player continues tounveil cards then the last card drawn will be the Influencing one,meaning the Joker cannot be set to that shape at a later time.


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