Bottom & thigh diet - suitable for pear shaped figures

Bottom & Thigh Diet - Suitable for pear shaped figures.
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Other names for pear shaped figure are – Ovarian Shape, Gynaeoid Figure & Gluteo-Femoral
Shape. The pear shaped figure is the most common female shape.
The pear figure is typified by having a small upper body with an overly curved hourglass waist,
large rounded hips, full buttocks, wide pelvis and thick thighs. Upper arms and upper legs taper
quickly and are rarely fat below the elbows and knees.
Pear figures ‘over produce’ oestrogen compared to progesterone from their ovaries. They tend to
have a ‘sweet tooth’ and often crave sweet creamy foods. This is especially marked pre-
menstrually. These high calorie foods trigger the ovaries to produce oestrogen, which results in
fat being deposited in the typical pear shape.
When trim the pear figure has an hourglass curvaceous figure. When the pear figure becomes
overweight the buttocks droop and cellulite develops easily, especially on the bottom & thighs.
These excess fatty tissues produce further oestrogen which enters the bloodstream and result in
lumpy breasts & heavy, painful periods.
Bottom & Thigh Diet

Avoid saturated fats, full cream products, fried foods, creamy foods, butter, cheese, margarine, processed foods, take away foods. Avoid foods combining fats & sugars (eg chocolate, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, custard). Beware of hidden combinations eg fat in dinner combined with sugary desert. It is best to separate any fatty foods from sweet foods for a couple of hours. Avoid fatty and sweet foods to minimize excessive eostrogen hormone production by the ovaries. As pear figures have their appetites stimulated easily by sweet foods, keep breakfast and lunch light to avoid over eating all day. Avoid snacking on biscuits etc. Snack on fruit, vegetables, unsalted raw nuts. Pear figures tend to become hungrier in the evening and crave comfort type foods. Don’t eat sweet creamy foods, especially after dinner. Enjoy a palm sized serving of protein each day to stabilize blood sugar and insulin. Good sources of protein are obtained from pulses and legumes (beans, lentils, peas, tofu, houmos, bean spouts), nuts (except salted nuts and peanuts), seeds, fish, lean red meat, skinless free range chicken and eggs (free range because battery hens have often been fed hormones to grow). Maximize liver cleansing foods as the liver breaks down excess steroid hormones. Enjoy foods such as- raw fruits, vegetables, salads, garlic, onion, chives, dandelion, beetroot and carrots. Avoid alcohol as it stops the liver from metabolizing excess steroid hormones and fats. Wholegrain cereals stimulate the pituitary gland to improve metabolic rate and hormone imbalance. Trap fat in the digestive system to minimize absorption with psyllium husks, lecithin or chitosan (obtainable from health food shops). Avoid refined foods made with white flour – eg, bread, biscuits, pasta, cakes. Avoid white rice products. Minimize other high calorie starchy foods such as potatoes & bananas. Avoid ‘empty calorie foods’ such as sugars, soft drinks and cordials. Curb cravings with vegetables, fruits, nuts, or psyllium with low fat milk or yoghurt. Exercise regularly to work the legs and buttocks, eg walking, running, cycling.
Pear figure shaping supplementation

Balance hormones by making it easier for the body to decrease excessive eostrogen and increase
natural female progesterone production to encourage fat loss from the bottom and thighs, rather
than from the breast and face. Improve liver function to burn fat and destroy fat forming
hormones. Reduce cellulite and fluid retention from buttocks and thighs.
Useful ingredients are - Wild Yam, Vitex Agnes Castus, Viburnum Opulus Bark, Angelica
Polymopha Root, Melissa Officinalis Leaf, Hypericum Perforatum Flower, Parsely Piert,
Dandelion Root, Tumeric Root, Gravel Root, Mullein Leaf, Black Walnut, Marshmallow Root,
Liquorice Root, St Mary’s Thistle, Skullcap Leaf, Choline, Inositol. These can be formulated for
you by either your health care professional or by our doctor. We are unable to sell our formula via
the internet as they require a professional consultation before they can be prescribed.
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