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Keller Elementary School
PCC Meeting Minutes - October 4, 2012
Board Members Present: Carie Scagliarini, Amy Donovan, Erin BenoitSchool Staff Present: Ms. Vincentsen, Principal There were 20 parents present. The meeting began at 7:08 with Carie Scagliarini calling the meeting to order.
Welcome - Carie Scagliarini thanked everyone for coming.
Carie sent out pieces of paper for members to place their name
on for a raffle of pumpkin and Dunkin Donuts gift card at the end
of the meeting.
Board Member Vote: Carie Scagliarini noted that Amy
Donovan had originally been voted in as Co-Treasurer,
however, she has offered to slide over to the role of
corresponding secretary in order to fill each Board position with
one person. Carie asked for a vote for Amy Donovan as
Corresponding Secretary, Lisa Costa seconded. Parents voted
unanimously yes.
President Report:
Carie Scagliarini thanked hospitality for the generous donations
of snacks and beverages for the meeting. Thanks to Lois
Eppihimer and Drive-Up Theatre Night Committee for hard work
on a successful night. Thank You to Lisa Costa for taking notes
at this meeting for Beth Peterson.
Introductions - Amy Donovan suggested going around the
room to introduce ourselves.
Committee Chair Updates:
Banking - Sara Reagan reported. Banking will begin on
10/17/2012. Banking has historically been the 1st and 3rd
Wednesday of the month but now looking to go to every
Wednesday as it is easier for kids/parents to remember. Need
more volunteers to make this happen. Looking for 3 volunteers
per day (2-4 more total). Amy Donovan stated that she will add
this request to the newsletter. Volunteers need to arrive by 8:25
and will volunteer for approximately 10-20 minutes depending
on how many kids come.
Student Directory - Lisa Costa reported. Lisa stated that she
has looked into a new vendor (NHS Printing) for this year’s
directory. In years past we have used Allegra Printing. NHS
has matched the price of Allegra and is willing to add the new
Keller logo. Plans are to send the file to NHS on Tuesday,
October 9th with hopes of book delivery on Monday 10/15.
Room Parent Coordinators - Katie Marino and Marleen
Durkey reported. The room parent meeting will be next
Thursday, October 11th @ 9:00. Purpose of this meeting is to
get all room parents on the same page with information. Room
parents will receive packets of information for the entire year.
This will explain their role and is helpful for 1st time room
parents. Many parents requested a consideration to streamline
teacher appreciation week (May) gift giving policy. Ms.
Vincentsen sent around copies of the ethics law from the State
Ethics Commission (http://www.mass.gov/ethics/gifts-to-public-
school-teachers-and-staff.html) . Discussion of teacher
appreciation week with be discussed closer to the event.
Community Service - Carie Scagliarini reported. There will be
a Coat / Clothing Drive to benefit Cradles to Crayons. Donation
boxes will be placed in the Keller lobby October 22 - October
26. Parents/Student/Staff may drop off donations anytime
during the school day. This committee is still searching for
volunteers, as well as a co-chair. If interested please contact a
Keller Wear - Amy Donovan reported. 6 members of the
committee met on Wednesday, October 3rd. They are looking
into some new items to offer as well as old favorites. Jason
Sebell is willing to help with the logo designs if necessary by
adding/removing pieces of the original. He needs the original
vector file for this and will contact Betsy Humes or Denise
Shanahan to see if they have it. Amy Donovan is working on
possible online ordering this year so that people can pay with
PayPal. She reminded us that the company, Threadz, required
a minimum number of orders on many items. Last year many
items were offered but the minimum wasn’t met. In that
situation, money needed to be refunded to families. Threadz
has lowered some of the minimums for items but not all. A
parent asked to look into smaller sizes because the child size
small was still too big for younger children. Marleen Durkey
asked if we ever be interested in saying “Franklin” only instead
of only offering “Keller”. Older students may prefer this. Ms.
Vincentsen asked that order forms be placed in the mailboxes
of all staff.
Fundraising - Erin Benoit reported on behalf of Linda Lucier.
Reminder that orders are due no later than Wednesday,
October 10th. Pick up will be in the cafeteria on November
11th. Direct Donations are still being accepted.
Winter Bazaar - Carie Scagliarini reported for Tobey Dillon.
Looking to bring back the Winter Bazaar but with some
changes. No outside vendors will participate. Offer a holiday
shopping store that will be open to all, using a company called
“Penguin Patch”. Carie passed around a visual of items that
might be offered. Items have low prices (25¢ to $10). Schools
pick a mark-up percentage. Sales generate points called
‘penguin bucks’. These could be then used as incentives in
classrooms or for students in special circumstances. Grade 5
committee could sell dinner & drinks to enhance event. Carie explained Tobey’s idea of also asking students to pay $5.00 to enter event. This would cover the cost of Hot Chocolate, cookie and 2 crafts. The craft would be a project that allowed each student to create a piece of a quilt that might include a topic around values, traditions, etc. the pieces would then come together as a whole quilt for display at Keller. Students could also decorate a canvas journal (or drawstring bag). These items would go home with students. Possible dates of week after Thanksgiving or 1st week in December. Carie opened discussion / questions. While about half of the parents like the ideas of the shopping and crafts, the other did not. The overall consensus was that December was too busy. Ms. Vincentsen suggested a book entitled In our School. This book gives suggestions about Winter Carnivals. She will share with the Board. Parents and Ms. Vincentsen were all interested in considering an entirely new event in January or February. Go Green - Colleen Graham reported. November 15th is
National Recycle Day. Colleen would like to see the school
participate in a ‘No Waste Day’. Carie Scagliarini said that our
next meeting is on November 2 and suggested that Colleen
bring ideas/suggestions on how this might work at Keller.
Colleen agreed.
Hospitality - Melissa Cieszkowski reported. Last year the
Hospitality Committee had a new ‘event’ in December. They
had a breakfast cart with donations from committee members
and parents. The cart traveled around to each classroom for
teachers to enjoy, the loved it. They plan to do again this
December. Melissa would like to add an additional event this
year. Melissa shared the email from the town that announced
the tour of Keller for community awareness that will take place
in March. Members of the School committee and principals of
Keller will lead tours in the evening. Hospitality would like to
offer food for the evening. Parents agreed this would be a good
idea for the Hospitality Committee. Carie Scagliarini suggested another event might be to provide snacks for the teachers during MCAS in spring.
Bottle and Can Drive - Jason Sebell and Emilee Whitaker
reported. The Bottle and Can Drive will be on Saturday,
November 3rd. They are connecting with the YMCA, Dean
College and local restaurants to see if they would participate or
donate can/bottles to our cause. Jason created a logo with the
Keller Hawk holding a soda bottle that states “Support Our
School”. There is a flyer going home soon that will list the
dates, and email address Kellercandrive@gmail.com. This
email address can be used to email the committee to pick up
cans at their home. There is also a Facebook page. Jason
asked to ‘like’ Keller Can Drive on Facebook. Carie Scagliarini
will donate gloves for the day. Committee is looking to hold 2
Bottle and Can Drives this year!
Coins for Keller - Lisa Costa reported. Looking to have a
meeting later this month with committee to brainstorm new
ideas for the program. Looking to maintain 100% profit. Lisa
would like more committee members. If interested contact her
or any Board member.
Keller Night Out at the Revolution - Carie Scagliarini
reported. Keller will be having it’s first “Night Out” on October
20th. Tickets are $22. Flyers will be going home tomorrow.
Book Bingo - AnnMarie Dadoly reported. Looking to continue
Book Bingo this year in November. AnnMarie is new to doing
this committee and is still working out what needs to happen to
get this planned. Marleen Durkey agreed to help her by
answering questions and providing guidance. It was suggested
to contact teacher, Jen Lyons to see if she would like to be the
announcer again. A date has not been locked down.
Drive Up Theatre Summary - Lois Eppihimer reported. 61
families attended. Looking for someone to take over for next
F.A.C.E. - Lois Eppihimer reported. Looking into a FREE
program called ‘Miss Money & The Coins”. This program is
about saving, spending and sharing. The following F.A.C.E.
sponsored events for the fall are: 10/12 - Jane and Paul’s Farm
(grade 1), 10/18 - Plimoth Plantation (grade 3), 10/28 - Patriots
Place (grade 4), 11/16 - Plimoth Plantation visits Keller (grade
1), 12/7 or 12/18 - Chris Trembly Visits Keller, 12/19 - Brain
Show (still waiting for Gymnasium approval from Kathy
F.A.C.E 4th Grade Field Trip Revisted - Lois reported that the
4th Grade field trip to Patriots Place coming in November. This
year students will be creating a BioScan Map of each of their
hands. The staff would like to be able to extend the day there
and want to go to lunch (SkipJacks suggested at $6 per person,
plus tax & gratuity). It was noted that last year, PCC sponsored
the same for the 4th grade at Red Robin. Carie Scagliarini
opened the topic for discussion. It was mentioned to help
subsidize the cost and allow parents to pay. Consider Red
Robin again for more kid-friendly atmosphere. Many students
have seafood allergies consider alternative restaurants. Carie
Scagliarini called for a paper ballot vote. Does PCC want to
pay for the Teachers and Students only (Chaperones to pay for
themselves) to have lunch on the day of their field trip? Carie
mentioned that if the vote was no, a second vote would be
taken to consider subsidizing the lunch to reduce the cost to
families. The vote was unanimously ‘yes’. PCC will pay for
Teachers and Students to have lunch. Lois will look into Red
Robin again as a possible location.
No Effort Fundraising -
BoxTops - Carie Scagliarini and Amy Donovan reported. Past
years Box Tops totals are: 2010-2011 = $1,933.80. 2011-2012
= $2514.89. This year our goal is $3,300. Box Tops can be
collected all year, however, only 2 submission dates (Nov. 1
and March 1) and 2 checks are administered. BoxTop contest
will be October 15th - October 19th. Each child will receive a
flyer, a box top collection bag and sheet. Possible incentives
were discussed (lunch w/principal, extra recess). It was
decided that the class in each grade that was the highest
collector will receive an extra recess.
Labels for Education - Carie Scagliarini reported that Chrissy
Sanfrason will be organizing the “Labels for Education” drives.
This is new to Keller so we are asking parents to begin saving
and collecting these labels.
Good Search - Please consider signing up for this Yahoo!
driven search engine that gives money back to Keller each year
for doing basic searching, shopping and eating at restaurants.
Go to GoodSearch.com and look for Helen Keller Elementary
Take Charge of Education - Target - Reminder to bring a
check to Target to sign up for this program.
New Business -
1) Need an additional Chairperson for Community Service.
2) We will be reviewing Keller PCC By-Laws next month.
Copies are available at this meeting and can be looked at/
printed online at our PCC Webpage.
3)Reminder that all fliers and dates need to be approved
through Ms. Vincentsen or Kathy Carucci.
4) Please remember that the new Learning Centers span all
grades. If committees are doing events that are grade specific,
be sure to remember to include them.
Treasurers Report - Erin Benoit reported. Brought in $3,000 in
September from Movie Night and Target. Spent $850 on
insurance and Constant Contact.
Principal’s Report - Ms. Vincentsen reported.
The new photo company (O’Connor Studios) was successful
from the school stand point. Staff really like their
professionalism. Looking for feedback from parents. O’Connor
Studios will come to the school and take pictures of events at
our school (free of charge) and post to their website using a
special log-in code. Picture could be ordered from their site at a
Mr. Atwell and Ms. Vincentsen have started the 1st round of
assemblies with students. They run these assemblies to create
an opportunities for them to connect with students. This time
give the classroom teachers a chance for common planning
time. The first month they read the story The Golden Rule.
Tomorrow they will begin working with the second graders.
Between now and December, Ms. Vincentsen will begin to
participate in classrooms to learn/see what life is like from the
perspective of a ‘Keller Kid’.
Ms. Vincentsen thanked everyone for attending Back to School
Night. She mentioned that she is looking to go back to two
nights instead of just one. Having only one night makes the
evening very late for many teachers who travel far to get home
and need to return early in the morning.
We have 2 consultants working with Keller this year. Special
Education Department is working in different capacities as in
years past. They have raved about Keller, the kids and the
teachers. What we as Keller parents consider as ‘our normal’
can be considered much more special than what can be found
Giveaway Prize - Lois Eppihimer’s name was pulled from jar.
She won a pumpkin and Dunkin Donuts gift card.
Adjournment - Carie Scagliarini adjourned the meeting at
9:02 pm.
The next meeting will be on November 2, 2012 at 9:00 a.m.
in the Keller Music Room.

Source: http://kellerelementary.vt-s.net/Pages/FranklinKeller_PCC/Minutes/201210.pdf

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