April 6-8, 2006
Nagasaki, JAPAN
9:30-12:00 Friday, April 7, 2006: A-Hall (Memorial Hall)
Moderator: Kawada H
9:30 A01 Effects of mosquito trap built as a trial
9:40 A02 Developing mosquito trap 'MOSQUITOLL'
Araki O, Y Fujimori, Y Kominami, K Ikari 9:50 A03 Evaluation of capture ability in mosquito traps by indoor test
10:00 A04 Efficient distance of a new suction trap "MosquitollTM" in a field
Ogino K, T Hashimoto, A Muto, H Hara, M Ozono, K Ikari, O Araki Results of mosquito collections by yeast-generated CO
2 traps in Surabaya,
Tsuda Y, K C Mulyatno, S Yotopranoto, S Bendryman Moderator: Tsuda Y
10:20 A06 Overwintering appearance of Culex pipiens complex in Osaka city.

10:30 A07 Ecological survey of vector mosquitoes in Toyama Prefecture from 2003 to 2005

Watanabe M, Obara M, Nishio E, M Kobayashi Recent expansion of the distribution and peripheral population density of vector
10:40 A08 mosquitoes in Tohoku District in Japan

10:50 A09 Surveillance of mosquitoes in Nagoya City, 2005

Predictive analysis of vector mosquito in Tokyo Metropolitan area by using the
11:00 A10 city's GIS

Nihei N, Y Tsuda, O Komagata, K Mochizuki, M Kobayashi Moderator: Toma T
11:10 A11 Mosquito collections at zoos at metropolitan area

Tsuda Y, Y Higa, K Sawabe, K Murata, Y Sato, R Matsumoto, M Ueda, N Nagatsuka 11:20 A12 Variation of ommatidial number in Culex pipiens complex in Japan

11:30 A13 Intrinsic optimum temperature for development of Aedes aegypti

A comparison of operation for various numbers of a week in light trap caught
11:50 A15 Population dynamics of chironomid midges in Lake Suwa in relation to changes in
the lake's environment
Hirabayashi K, G Kimura, N Sakai, T Hanazato 9:20-12:00 Friday, April 7, 2006: B-Hall (Pompe Hall)
Moderator: Tabaru Y
9:20 B01 Insecticide susceptibility of the blow fly
Komagata O, S Kasai, Yoshio Tsuda, M Kobayashi, T Tomita 9:30 B02 Ecological survey of tabanid flies at Yamanomura district in Hietsu highlands
9:40 B03 A bait trap for Diptera collecting which is built of components for water pipes
9:50 B04 Is the mosquito-net trap the best for the survey of blood sucking tabanid flies?
10:00 B05 Horn fly control on water buffaloes with permethrin-impregnated ear taps in

Moderator: Hayashi T
10:10 B06 Development of Calliphora nigribarbis under different diet and temperature
Moribayashi A, Kurahashi H, Hayashi T, Sawabe K, Tsuda Y, Kobayashi M, Tsuchida K, Katagiri C 10:20 B07 An initial study of forensic entomology in Hokkaido: the succession of insects on
pig carcasses
10:30 B08 Effects of moxidectin on coprophagous insects in Japan

Moderator: Iwasa M
10:40 B09 Natural infections of black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) with filarial larvae in Oita,
Fukuda M, C Aoki, H Takaoka
Phylogenetic analysis of the two recently found subgenera of the genus Simulium
10:50 B10 (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the Oriental Region

Aoki C, Y Otsuka, H Takaoka, W Choochote 11:00 B11 Blow and flesh flies fauna of Sarawak, East Malaysia

11:10 B12 The genus Pullimosina (Diptera, Sphaeroceridae) from Japan

Moderator: Agui N
11:20 B13 Microarray analysis of cytochrome P450 in Culex pipiens complex (1)

11:30 B14 Microarray analysis of cytochrome P450 in Culex pipiens complex (2)

11:40 B15 Microarray analysis of cytochrome P450 in Culex pipiens complex (3)

11:50 B16 Susceptibility to insecticides in adult and larva of the Lesser mealworm

13:20-17:45 Friday, April 7, 2006: A-Hall
Moderator: Otsuka Y
13:20 A16 Vector competence of mosquitoes against arboviruses (10) Experimental
transmission of West Nile virus by Culex inatomii mosquitoes
Eshita Y, H Mizuta, Y Ueda, T Takasaki, N Tamori, J Higashihara, K Kato, T Okada, H Dieng, S Imura, Y Uchida, I Takashima, I Kurane 13:30 A17 Isolation of Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus from Culex tritaeniorhynchus
collected in several prefectures of Japan in 2005
Sawabe K, K Hoshino, H Isawa, A Nakaguchi, T Sasaki, Y Higa, Y Tsuda, T Takasaki, A Kotaki, S Inoue, K Morita, H Kawada, M Takagi, H Nagano, I Fujii et al. 13:40 A18 Study on the survival of H5N1 influenza virus in a blow fly, Calliphora nigribarbis
Sawabe, K T Sasaki, K Hoshino, H Isawa, H Kurahashi, C Shudo, K Tanabayashi, A Hotta, A Yamada, M Kobayashi 13:50 A19 Virus isolation from Culicoides biting midges collected in Okinawa Prefecture
Yanase T, T Kato, T Kokuba, Y Katagiri, M Araki, M Aizawa, K Takayoshi, M 14:00 A20 Surveillance for Flaviviridae in mosquitoes at Zuhai City, China
Maeda J, Hongbo Ma, Sun Hong, Chuangwen Ke, H Takagi, I Kurane, M Horiuchi, I Takashima, A Maeda Moderator: Eshita Y
14:10 A21 Comparative laboratory study on host-seeking behavior of Aedes aegypti and
Aedes albopictus
Laboratory experiments in the host preference and blood feeding of mosquitoes,
14:20 A22 and molecular identification of blood sources of filed collected mosquitoes.

Yokoyama H, Saitou Y, Nihei N, Sawabe K, Tsuda Y, Kobayasi M Blood-sucking behavior of pyrethroid resistant mosquitoes (Culex pipiens pallens)
14:30 A23 under fumigating conditions with a mosquito liquid

Hashimoto T, G Shinjo, T Tomita, S Kasai 15:30-16:30 Prize Winner's Presentation: Iwasa M (Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine) “Studies of
taxonomy, ecology and epidemiology of dipterous flies associated with
environment in livestock farm”

16:45-17:45 Special Lecture. Moderator: Takagi M “Ecology of Japanese encephalitis virus and possible transmission of West Nile
virus in Asia”

13:20-14:40 Friday, April 7, 2006:B-Hall
Moderator: Hashimoto T
13:20 B17 The influence of an amount of solvent of aerosol on a particle size , an amount of
adhered insecticide ,and efficacy
13:30 B18 The influence of the control of particle size of less solvent aerosol on an amount of
adhered insecticide and efficacy
13:40 B19 Efficacy of several gel baits against wild colonies of German cockroach (II)

The Warfarin resistant Norway rats in Aomori prefecture: the first case report in
13:50 B20 Japan

14:00 B21 Analysis of venomous substances in venomous hairs of caterpillars and venomous
jaws of centipede

Moderator: Muto A
Experimental infection of Bartonella quintana to a laboratory colony of Pediculus
14:10 B22 humanus using artificial membrane feeding system

Seki N, S Kasai, T Sasaki, T Tomita, T Sasaki, M Kobayashi 14:20 B23 The head lice presented to our laboratory

14:30 B24 Spatial analysis of redback spider, Latrodectus hasseltii, distribution and
evaluation of the control measure in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
Nihei N, M Kobayashi, M Yoshida, K Tadokoro, H Kaneta 9:00-12:00 Saturday, April 8, 2006: A-Hall
Moderator: Isawa H
Control of antipathogenic response by activation of innate immunity in Anopheline
9:00 A24 mosquitoes
Okado K, T Teramoto, H Aonuma, M Miura, K Fujisaki, H Kanuka 9:10 A25 Genetic identification of anti-malaria parasite factor in insect vector
Aonuma H, T Teramoto, D Schneider, M Miura, H Kanuka Genetic dissection of key players in innate immune pathway in Anopheline
9:20 A26 mosquitoes
Teramoto T, H Aonuma, K Okado, M Miura, H Kanuka Moderator: Sasaki T
9:30 A27 Genetic identification of antipathogenic factors in insect hemocytes
Ishii K, H Aonuma, N Shinzawa, M Miura, H Kanuka 9:40 A28 Genetically engineering mosquito expressing the CEL-III gene impaired in
transmission of a malaria parasite
Shimada Y, D Kondoh, Y Kouzuma, S Yoshida
Genetic dissection of anitpathogenic factors in Drosophila: implication for vector
9:50 A29 control
10:00-12:00 Symposium: “Ecology of African Malaria” Moderator: Tuno N 1. Githeko AK
Perspective of African malaria situation, and rationales of the project of
“Ecology of African Highland Malaria”

2. Yan G
Ecology of African Highland Malaria “project review“

3. Minakawa N
Human impact affecting the local distribution and abundance of larval

4. Githeko AK
Climate changes and Vector borne diseases

Summary and Discussion
9:20-9:50 Saturday, April 8, 2006: B-Hall
Moderator: Takai K
Survey on the vector mosquitoes of malaria in Solomon Islands (3) Fluctuation of
9:20 B25 parous rate on human-bait collections in rainy and dry seasons
Suguri S, C Fujimoto, H Arif, A Ishii , N Ohta, M Harada Survey on vector mosquitoes of malaria in Solomon Islands (4) Distribution of
9:30 B26 Anopheles larvae and adults in Guadalcanal Island
Arif H, S Suguri, C Fujimoto, A Ishii , N Ohta, M Harada Survey on the vector mosquitoes of malaria in Papua New Guinea (11)
9:40 B27 Phylogenetic analysis using the nucleotide sequences at ITS2 and CO2 regions
13:00-14:40 Saturday, April 8, 2006: A-Hall
Moderator: Suguri S
Identification and characterization of the platelet aggregation inhibitors from
13:00 A30 salivary gland of the assassin bug, Triatoma infestans

Morita A, H Isawa, Y Orito, S Iwanaga, Y Chinzei, M Yuda Relationship between the contents of xanthurenic acid in the salivary gland and
13:10 A31 transmission ability of malaria in anopheline mosquitoes

Matsuoka H, M Hirai, R Hattori, Y Kasahara, H Yoshida, M Arai 13:20 A32 Melanization of Armigeres subalbatus against Plasmodium gallinaceum

Sasaki T, T Isobe, N Saito, K Hoshino, H Isawa, K Sawabe, M Kobayashi
Moderator: Matsuoka H
Malarial protein kinase essential for parasite movement in the vector mosquito
13:30 A33 midgut lumen

13:40 A34 Transcriptome analysis of salivary proteins from the sand fly vector of Leishmania
major, Phlebotomus duboscqi
Kato H, J Anderson, F Oliveira, J Valenzuela Adult feeding in the dengue vector Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae): male
13:50 A35 effect and meal status-induced protein expression in the midgut

Dieng H, M Boots, N Tamori, J Higashihara, T Okada, K Kato, Y Eshita
Moderator: Shirai Y
14:00 A36 Inhibition of JNK suppresses growth on Aedes albopictus during young larval stage

Satho T, Y Nagano, T Mizutani, Y Eshita, T Miyata, N Kashige, F Miake Embryogenesis in the dengue vector Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae):
14:10 A37 ecological basis and transgenic implications

Dieng H, M Boots, N Tamori, J Higashihara, T Okada, K Kato, Y Eshita 14:20 A38 Establishment of a laboratory colony of Ochlerotatus japonicus from Japan
Hoshino K, Hisawa, T Sasaki, K Ssawabe, S Roychoudhury, M Kobayashi, Y Higa, Y 14:30 A39 Fecundity related to mating frequency in six freshwater copepods (Copepoda:
Vu Phong Tran, N Tuno, H Kawada, M Takagi 13:00-14:30 Saturday, April 8, 2006: B-Hall

Moderator: Kadosaka T
13:00 B28 The survey of the tsutsugamushi disease and tick born diseases at Noto Peninsula,
Ishikawa Prefecture in 2005
Spotted fever group rickettsioses in Fukui Prefecture, especially on the vector
13:10 B29 survey in the endemic site.

Fauna and seasonal fluctuation of ticks in northern Kyushu
Larval stage of Ixodes tanuki tick confirmed by laboratory rearing of Ixodes sp.
13:30 B31 LY collected from Apodemus speciosus mice in Shimane Prefecture, Japan

Tabara K, A Itagaki, H Fujita, T Kadosaka, Y Yano, N Takada, H Kawabata
Moderator: Takada N
13:40 B32 Detection of Babesia microti SSU rRNA gene from wild rodents in Shimane
Tabara K, K Hoshina, S Arai, M Tsuji, H Kawabata, T Kadosaka, H Fujita, Y Yano, N Takada 13:50 B33 Human tick-bite by Amblyomma geoemydae in Ishigakijima Island of Okinawa
Prefecture, Japan
Kadosaka T, H Fujita, I Goto, H Kawabata 14:00 B34 Detection of Japanese spotted fever rickettsiae DNA from ixodid ticks on the
Osumi Peninsula, Kagoshima Prefecture
14:10 B35 Detection of Rickettsia and Ehrlichia DNA from ticks in Tokachi, Hokkaido

Inokuma H, M Ohashi, Tai Jilin, K Miyahara, S Tanabe 14:20 B36 Detection of Babesia microti from salivary glands of ticks

14:40-15:40 Saturday, April 8, 2006: A-Hall
Moderator: Tomita T
14:40 A40 Field evaluation of spatial repellency of metofluthrin-impregnated latticework
plastic strips against Aedes aegypti (L.) in My Tho city, Tien Giang, Vietnam
Kawada H, LL Loan, TK Tien , NTN Mai, M Takagi Analysis of environmental factors affecting efficacy of metofluthrin-impregnated
14:50 A41 latticework plastic strips against Aedes aegypti (L.) in My Tho city, Tien Giang,
Kawada H, T Iwasaki, LL Loan, TK Tien, NTN Mai, Y Shono, Y Katayama, M Takagi Evaluation of SumiOne® (Common name metofluthrin) performance with fan
15:00 A42 vaporizer

Iwasaki T, M Sugano, Y Katayama, Y Shono, T Matsunaga
Moderator: Shinjo G
Field evaluation of a bubbling insecticide tablet containing pyriproxyfen against
15:10 A43 Culex pipiens complex larvae in catch basins and septic tanks

Utsumi Y, A Kamada, M Furuta, M Kamei, M Yoshida, T Yamashita, M Kobayashi 15:20 A44 Insecticidal efficacy of profluthrin against flies and fabric pests

15:30 A45 Selective toxicities of two medicinal plants against mosquito and midge larvae

15:40 Closing
14:30-15:40 Saturday, April 8, 2006: B-Hall

Moderator: Sugiyama A

14:30 B37 Morphological characteristics of adult Armigeres mosquitoes collected from
different habitats in Sarawak, East Malaysia
Toma T, T Okazawa, I Miyagi, Y Higa, C Leh 14:40 B38 Mosquitoes liveing in coconats shell in Sarawak, Malaysia
Okazawa T, T Toma, I Miyagi, Y Higa, C Leh 14:50 B39 Outline of a cooperative mosquito survey with Sarawak Natural History Museum
in Kuching, East malaysia, 2005
Miyagi I, Y Higa, T Toma, T Okazawa, C Leh 15:00 B40 Faunal study of mosquitoes in Viti Levu Is., Fiji, related to the Pac ELF (Pacific
Programme for the Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis
Toma T, I Miyagi, K Ichimori, J Koboivueta, K Nakamoto
Moderator: Minakawa N
15:10 B41 Genetic and morphological studies of Anopheles maculatus chromosomal form K
Thongwat D, P Somwang, K Morgan, S O'Loughlin, C Walton, W Choochote, P Molecular classification of Culicoides biting midge based on the nucleotide
15:20 B42 sequences of rDNA ITS region and mitochondrial genes.

Genetic variation of mitochondrial gene sequences within and among Japanese
15:30 B43 populations of Aedes albopictus

15:40 Closing

Source: http://www.jsmez.gr.jp/test/jsmez58pro-er2.pdf

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