A banchieri Énekegyüttes tagjai a nyíregyházi kodály zoltán Ének-zene tagozatos Általános iskolában kezdték zenei tanulmányaikat, ahol a - szabó dénes vezette - cantemus gyermekkórusban énekeltek

Ildikó Földesi
The members of the Banchieri Singers are former pupils of a singing and music specialised school called Zoltán Kodály Olga Major
Primary School, where they sang in CANTEMUS Children’s choir led by Dénes Szabó. After finishing this school -in 1988 - László Leányvári
Szilárd Szilágyi
They regularly give concerts in Hungary, in most countries of Soma Szabó
Europe and in Japan. On their concerts can be heard madrigals from the renaissance period and church music, Gábor Nagy
contemporary Hungarian music and arrangements of popular music and their own arrangements. Their first cassette cameout in 1995, then a year later their first CD was published bythe Japanese HARMONIA Ltd. They made two CD-s in 1998.
("Musica", "Liliomdal"), and next year made another one (“On CD’ S OF TH E GROU P:
the cart of the Illés”). In 2000 they had new recordings (“East &West”). Their newest CD (“L’anima Spiro”) was made in 2002.
The Banchieri Singers regularly participates in master courses and they themselves organise professional continuation LILIOMDAL
courses. In 1991 in Vienna - then in 1992 and 1996 in AZ ILLÉS SZEKERÉN
Budapest, in 2001 in London they took part in Jeremy EAST & WEST
Jackman and Alastair Thompson’s - the King’s Singers former L’ANIMA SPIRO
countertenor and founder tenor - master course. In 1997,1998, 2001 and 2002 Alastair Thompson, Grayston „Bill” Ives, Rebecca Stewart (Capella Pratensis), Sally Dunkley and Francis Steele (The Tallis Scholars) held their professional continuation They successfully participated in a number of national andinternational competitions.
After winning the category competitions in the InternationalChoir’s Competition in Coccaglio, Arezzo (Italy), Tolosa (Spain),in 1996 the choir also won the Grand Prix of the chambers BANCHIERI SINGERS LTD.
choirs category in the XVII. Béla Bartók International ChoirCompetition in Debrecen.
Nyíregy háza, H- 4400Eötvös u . 4.
The Banchieri Singers deliberately accepts Zoltán Kodály’s +36 42 402-890
intellectual heritage and has been undertaking the task of popularising his music pedagogy since their establishment.
+36 30 9155-82 7
Through their work they would like to make this form of joint singing possible for everyone to enjoy and to make it popular.
m a i l @ b a nc h i e ri . h u
That’s why they chose one of their denominators, Adriano w w w . b a n c h i e r i . h u
As well as serious dramatic works people need joy, pieces providing light entertainment. Do one of them well and enjoy theother.”

Source: http://www.banchieri.hu/english/ujtoriki.pdf

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