Naturopathic Medicine – Intake Form
Please complete the following form in order to provide us with the background information we
require to ensure you receive comprehensive care. It should take 15-20 minutes.
Contact Information:
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How did you hear about the Integrative Health Institute? (If another person, please provide name)
Care Co-ordination:
Medical Doctor
Please List any other Medical Providers:
Integrative Health Institute
46 Sherbourne Street, 2nd Floor I Toronto ON I M5A2P7 I 416.260.6038
Health Priorities / Chief Concerns:
List your main heath concerns (or reasons for visiting the clinic) in order of importance
1. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________________________________________ Medical History:
How would you describe your general state of health? (circle one) excellent good fair poor
Medical conditions: Please indicate any serious illnesses, conditions, or reasons for hospitalizations
Allergies or Food sensitivities: Please indicate any allergies and/or serious food sensitivities
Medications/Supplements: Please list all current medications/supplements
Integrative Health Institute
46 Sherbourne Street, 2nd Floor I Toronto ON I M5A2P7 I 416.260.6038
Past Medications/Supplements: Please list all past medications/supplements in the last 5 years.
Have you taken anti-biotics within the last 5 years (circle one)? Yes I No How many times have you taken anti-biotics within the last 5 years ____________ Were you frequently given anti-biotics as a child? ___________ Vaccinations: Please indicate which vaccinations you have received.
Do you use/have any of the following?
Integrative Health Institute
46 Sherbourne Street, 2nd Floor I Toronto ON I M5A2P7 I 416.260.6038
Screening Tests: Please indicate which of the following screening tests do you receive (if known)
Are you currently or could you be pregnant: Y I N How many weeks: _____ Have you ever been pregnant? Y I N How many times: _____ How many vaginal births: _____ C-Sections: _____How old were you when you had your first period: ____ Have your periods been regular: _____Have you taken/used (circle all that apply): The birth control pill/when:________ The patch/when:________ An IUD/when:________ Depo Provera injections/when:________ Other: ______________ Are you currently (circle one): Pre-menopausal I Transitioning through menopause I Post-menopausalHave you/are you, taking HRT: Y I N How long: _____ Integrative Health Institute
46 Sherbourne Street, 2nd Floor I Toronto ON I M5A2P7 I 416.260.6038
Family History:
Do you identify as: straight homosexual bi-sexual trans-gendered other: ___________________________
Do you have a strong emotional support network: Y I N Who: ________________________________________
Have you experienced any major trauma or loss in the past 5 years? __________________________________
Have you experienced any other trauma or loss in your life? __________________________________________
How would you currently rate your level of stress at this time? Minimal Average Considerable
What are the major causes of stress in your life at this time: (circle all that apply): financial career personal
marriage/relationship health family spiritual other (please elaborate):
How does your stress manifest itself: _____________________________________________________________
What type of coping mechanism to you employ to manage your stress? _______________________________
What do you do for exercise/movement? (Indicate type, frequency and time of day): _____________________________________________________________________________________________How many hours per night do you sleep: ______ nap: ______ Do you wake rested in the morning: Y I NWhat is your occupation: _________________________ Do you enjoy your work: Y I N I SometimesHow many hours per day do you spend on the following: Driving _____ Watching TV _____ Reading _____ In front of a computer _____ Work _____When was your last vacation: ___________________ Do you actively participate in a spiritual discipline (church, synagogue, meditation, etc…) Y I N Integrative Health Institute
46 Sherbourne Street, 2nd Floor I Toronto ON I M5A2P7 I 416.260.6038
Dietary Habits
What time of day do you eat the following: Breakfast: ______ Lunch: ______ Dinner: _____ Snacks: ______
Do you consume the following (circle all that apply and indicate frequency): Fresh Vegetables: ______ Fresh
Fruit: ______ Cold-water Fish: ______ Tuna: ______ canned goods: ______ Pop: ______ Milk: ______
Coffee: ______ Water: ______ Juice: ______ Processed Foods: ______ Microwavable meals: ______ Red
meat: ______ Cheese: ______ Chocolate: ______ Aspartame: ______ Deli meats: ______ Fast Food: ______
Do you crave (circle all that apply): Sugar I Chocolate I Salt I Crunchy food I Other: ______________________
Please provide examples of the following:
Breakfast: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Snack: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Lunch: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Snack: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Dinner: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Do you have regular bowel movements: Y I N Do you have to strain for a bowel movement: Y I N Do you
regularly have loose stools: Y I N Do you associate digestive difficulties with any particular foods: Y I N
Which foods: ________________________________________________________________________________
How many bowel movements do you have per day? ____________
Review of Systems
Please list conditions or concerns that involve the following systems:
SKIN (eg. eczema, psoriasis, hives, rashes) _______________________________________________________
HEAD (eg. headaches) _________________________________________________________________________
EYES (eg. itching, pain, infection, corrective lenses) ________________________________________________
EARS (eg. wax, discharge, hearing impairment) ____________________________________________________
NOSE (eg. sinus problems, pain, nose bleeds) _____________________________________________________
MOUTH (eg. difficult dentition, cavities, loss of taste, problems swallowing) _____________________________
NECK (eg. stiffness, tenderness, hoarseness, tonsillitis, swelling) ______________________________________
HEART (eg. rheumatic fever, murmurs, chest pain) __________________________________________________
LUNGS (eg. cough, asthma, wheezing) ___________________________________________________________
GASTROINTESTINAL (eg. vomiting, swallowing, diarrhea, constipation) ________________________________
URINARY (eg. pain, increased frequency, blood) ___________________________________________________
MALE (eg. hernias, pain or masses in scrotum/testes) _______________________________________________
FEMALE (eg. urgency, menstruation/menarche, discharge, pain or masses in ovaries/uterus ______________
MUSCLE AND SKELETON (eg. joint pain, stiffness, weakness, back pain, fractures) _____________________
NEUROLOGICAL (eg. seizures, paralysis, clumsiness, memory, vision changes, speech problems, sensation
alteration) ____________________________________________________________________________________

Integrative Health Institute
46 Sherbourne Street, 2nd Floor I Toronto ON I M5A2P7 I 416.260.6038

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