Let's cook for our dog, 1993, edmund r. dorosz, our pet's incorporated, 1993, ebook

Let's Cook for Our Dog, Edmund R. Dorosz, Our Pet's Incorporated, 1993, 0969688407, 9780969688402, . . The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care , C.J. Puotinen, Dec 1, 2000, Pets, 544 pages. Alternative health titlesare topping bestseller lists as people search for effective, natural ways to care for themselves and theirfamilies--and, as every pet owner knows .
Environmental management in animal agriculture , Stanley E. Curtis, Sep 30, 1983, Technology &Engineering, 409 pages. .
Toxicology , Gary D. Osweiler, Apr 18, 1996, Medical, 491 pages. The National Veterinary Medical Series(NVMS) is an effective, economical system for learning and review. Basic and clinical veterinary science areoutlined in a practical .
Small animal surgery , Colin E. Harvey, Charles D. Newton, Anthony Schwartz, 1990, Medical, 686 pages.
Procedures for surgery on small animals includes wound care oral & dental diseases reconstructive surgeryorthopedics.
Grow Your Pups with Bones The BARF Programme for Breeding Healthy Dogs and Eliminating SkeletalDisease, Ian Billinghurst, 1998, Dogs, 405 pages. .
Food pets die for shocking facts about pet food, Ann N. Martin, 1997, Health & Fitness, 144 pages. .
Natural nutrition for dogs and cats the ultimate diet, Kymythy R. Schultze, Oct 1, 1999, Health & Fitness, 135pages. In this reader-friendly book, you'll learn how to easily prepare a nutritious homemade meal, which canhelp your pet develop a shiny coat, healthy skin and digestion, clean .
The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat , Juliette de BaГЇracli Levy, Mar 25, 1991, Pets, 345pages. Suggests special meal plans for dogs and cats, explains how to use herbs to treat their commonailments, and argues that vaccinations have not been successful in preventing dog .
Herbs for Pets The Natural Way to Enhance Your Pet's Life, Gregory L. Tilford, Mary L. Wulff, 2009, Health& Fitness, 328 pages. .
Residues of Some Veterinary Drugs in Animals and Food: Monographs ., Volume 16 Monographs Preparedby the Sixty-second Meeting of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives, Rome, 4-12February 2004, Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives. Meeting, 2004, Medical, 112 pages.
On cover: Cefuroxime sodium, Cypermethrin, alpha-Cypermethrin, Doramectin, Lincomycin, Melengestrolacetate, Pirlimycin, Ractopamine.
Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog , Wendy Volhard, Kerry Brown, May 24, 2000, Pets, 336 pages. Discussesalternatives to standard veterinary care, including acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, and traditionalEastern treatments.
Love, miracles, and animal healing a veterinarian's journey from physical medicine to spiritual understanding,Allen M. Schoen, Pam Proctor, 1995, Biography & Autobiography, 238 pages. Revealing natural and effectivehealing techniques and presenting the case stories of seemingly hopeless animal patients, a celebrated vetexplains the spiritual potential of .
Four Paws, Five Directions A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs, Cheryl M. Schwartz, 1996,Nature, 406 pages. For the growing number of animal lovers seeking an alternative to Western medicine, thiscomprehensive approach to home animal care includes descriptions of acupuncture and .
How to Meditate with Your Dog An Introduction to Meditation for Dog Lovers, James Jacobson, KristineChandler Madera, 2005, Body, Mind & Spirit, 174 pages. In the past decade, the thousands-year-old practiceof meditation has charged into the Western mainstream. Everyone from rock stars to medical professionalsrave about .
Veterinary Management of Tortoises and Turtles , Stuart McArthur, Apr 18, 1996, Medical, 170 pages. Thisbook is an easy-to-use and practical guide on tortoise and turtle care for the veterinary practitioner. The textcovers the common medical and surgical conditions .

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Mycotoxins from Molds Many molds produce mycotoxins into their living environment, either into the cereals they infect in, which in turn are consumed by animals or humans, or into our living environment as volatile compounds, or into infected tissues or organs directly. The mycotoxins include: Aflatoxin, Amatoxin, Citrinin, Cytochalasin, Fumonisin, Gliotoxin, Ibotenic acid, Muscimol, Oc


Collitis Ulcerosa: samenvattingen voedingsonderzoek en -adviezen Voeding CU Inleiding Wetenschappelijk onderzoek (april 2004) Review artikel Head & Jurenka 2003 "Alternative treatment option." Zwavel bevattende amino zuren (o.a sulphite) Mijn conclusies op basis van de onderzoeken Mijn dieet deels i.v.m. de onderzoeksresultaten Mijn "kookbook" V2 (15 jun

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