Mycotoxins from Molds
Many molds produce mycotoxins into their living environment, either into the cereals they infect in, which in turn are consumed by animals or humans, or into our living environment as volatile compounds, or into infected tissues or organs directly. The mycotoxins include: Aflatoxin, Amatoxin, Citrinin, Cytochalasin, Fumonisin, Gliotoxin, Ibotenic acid, Muscimol, Ochratoxin, Patulin, Sterigmatocystin, Trichothecene, Vomitoxin, Zeranol, Zearalenone Aflatoxins
Aflatoxins are naturally occurring any species, esp. are largely associated with products in the ong the mostcrops are frequently contaminated. Aflatoxin B1, the mostciated with Citrinin
Citrinin is a originally isolated from. Now it has been found in several species of Aspergillus and Penicillium. Citrininin s. Fumonisin (B1 and B2)
Fumonisin B1 is the most prevalent member of a family of toxins produced by several species of which occur mainly in maize. Fumonisin B2 is a y the verticillioides and is more toxic than B1. Gliotoxin
Gliotoxin, originally isolated from Gliocladium fimbriatu, is an produced bypossesses maycertain types of cells of the Ref: for partial contents.   Ochratoxin
Ochratoxin A, B, and C are y some uced by Penicillium verrucosum, and Aspergillus species in Aspergillus carbonarius is the other main species of this toxin causing kidney damage ngal species and is found in moldycereals and other foods. It may be carcinogenic and is reported to dama in animals. Sterigmatocystin
Sterigmatocystin (similar to Aflatoxin) is a . It occurs on with mold. Toxic effects of in lab animals have included kidney and liver damage, skin and hepatic tumors. Trichothecenes
Trichothecenes are a very large fam, Verticimonosporiummy Griseofulvin 
Griseofulvin (= Grisovin), originally from fulvum, is at nails. . It is aslo Potential for cancer treatment due to its interruption for cancer cells to divide. But this toxin has too many negative health effects. Ref: for partial contents.  


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