Minimum module prescription-only items are noted by ?; names are u.s. generic and trade names.

Wilderness EMS
Medical Kit
Version 2.0N August 5, 2001
A version with detailed explanations is available at Minimum Module Prescription-only items are noted by y; names are U.S. generic and trade names. Pain Meds

naproxen 220 mg tablets (e.g., Aleve®) y acetaminophen with hydrocodone tablets (e.g., Vicodin®, Lortabs®, Anexsia®: 500 mg Allergy Meds

y injectable epinephrine anaphylaxis kit (Epi-Pen®) (may omit if advanced module with injectable y Rotocap™ albuterol capsules for above diphenhydramine 25 mg tablets (e.g., Benadryl®) loperamide 2 mg. tablets (e.g., Imodium-AD®) diarrhea: ii PO, then i PO q loose BM up to 7/day meclizine chewable 25 mg. tablets (e.g., Bonine®, y TransDerm Scop® transdermal scopolamine Bites and Stings

Sting-Eeze® solution 15 cc bottle Cardiac Meds

y bottle nitroglycerine spray (e.g., Nitrolingual®) Antibiotics Etc.

y azithromycin 250 mg tablets (e.g., Zithromax®) y 3.5 g tube polymyxin/bacitracin (e.g., Polysporin®) mild liquid soap 30 cc bottle, e.g., Hibiclens®; or, a small piece of solid soap (to save weight) ; or, a small (e.g., 8 cc) bottle of waterless hand sanitizer Povadone-iodine solution 15 cc bottle (e.g., Betadine®) Thermometer

digital thermometer (may substitute Radio Shack™ or similar continuous-reading digital thermometer) Personal Wilderness Medical Kit
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y haloperidol 5 mg. tablets (e.g., Haldol®) packets Gatorade® or ERG® powder, each to make ½ liter 1" (by at least 10 yards) waterproof adhesive tape sterile cotton applicators ("Q-tips®") 3" by 5 yds (stretched) elastic bandage (e.g., Ace®, Coban®, Vet-Wrap®) 3" by 5 yds (stretched) conforming roller gauze (e.g., Kling®) medium-size (e.g., 3" x 3") gauze pads small pieces of clear adherent dressing (e.g., Tegaderm™, OpSite™) nylon zipper bag or equivalent for MedKit waterproof contents/protocols/standing orders one-pint freezer-style zip lock plastic bags (if not available elsewhere in SAR pack) WEMSI Patient Record continuation sheets Advanced Module Prescription-only items are noted by y y naloxone 1 mg/mL, 1 mL ampul (e.g., Narcan®) y midazolam 5mg/mL, 10 ml vial (e.g., Versed ®) sedation: 3-5 mg IV Q10’ seizure: 14 mg IM y ceftriaxone 2 g powder, and sterile water 10 mL, for reconstitution (e.g., Rocephin®) y diphenhydramine 50 mg/1 mL vial (e.g. Benadryl®) allergy: Personal Wilderness Medical Kit
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y dexamethasone 10mg/mL, 10 mL vial (e.g., y 18 ga, long, over-the-needle IV catheters Search Module Prescription-only items are noted by y Pain Meds Etc.

acetaminophen tablets, 325 mg (e.g., Tylenol®) y phenazopyridine hydrochloride tablets, 200 mg Cough, Cold, Allergy Etc.

15 mL squeeze bottle oxymetazoline nasal spray (e.g., nasal congestion: Afrin®) 12-hour sustained-release pseudoephedrine tablets 12-hour sustained-release chlorpheniramine tablets 8 allergy symptoms: mg. (e.g., Chlor-Trimeton®) y 1 mL dropper tube tetracaine ophthalmic solution 2 mL dropper bottle cyclopentolate ophthalmic solution 0.5% or 1% (e.g., Cyclogyl®) famotidine tablets 10 mg (e.g., Pepcid-AC®) y 15 g tube fluocinolone acetonide cream 0.2% or Personal Wilderness Medical Kit
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similar high-strength steroid cream or lotion (e.g., Valisone®, Benisone®, Lidex®, Kenalog®, Aristocort®, Uticort®, Synalar®) y 1 oz. tube Pramosone® 1% or Aveeno® cream Altitude Etc.

acetazolamide tablets 250 mg (e.g., Diamox®) y nifedipine capsules 10 mg (e.g., Procardia®, 10 mL bottle clotrimazole solution (e.g., Lotrimin®) fungal skin infection: apply BID-QID yeast vaginitis: i mL intravaginally daily 1 cc TB syringe, no needle (as vaginal applicator for above antifungal) pair small sharp scissors (not necessary if available on WEMT's pocket knife) pair fine-point splinter forceps (not necessary if available on WEMT's pocket knife) SamSplint™ or equivalent flexible splint small adhesive bandages (e.g., 1" x 3" Bandaids™, Coverlet™) Ta ble 1: A Per sonal Wil der ness Medi cal Kit AN AL GE SICS
Mild analgesic. Controls fever. Unlike aspirin or ibuprofen, does not irritate stomach or causeulcers, but also unlike them, has no significantanti-inflammatory effects. Safe for pregnantwomen. Usual adult dosage: 2 (650 mg.) every 4 hrs. (10 mg./kg. every 4 hours for children).
Toxic if taken in more than recommendeddosage.
Mild analgesic, anti-inflammatory. Usual adultdosage 2 (650 mg.) every 4 hours. May causestomach upset or bleeding. Should be takenwith food or antacids. Not for pregnant women.
Mild-moderate analgesic, anti-inflammatory.
Usual adult dosage for pain 400-600 mg every 4 hours; 800 mg three times a day foranti-inflammatory effect. May cause stomachupset or bleeding. Should be taken with food orantacids.
Moderate-strong analgesic. Initial loading dose 30-60 mg IM, followed by half the loading dose(i.e., 15-30 mg) IM every 6 hours as needed forpain. Not for children or pregnant females.
Precautions similar to ibuprofen.
Narcotic analgesic. Controls moderate pain.
Usual adult dosage: 1 or 2 tablets every 4 hours Narcotic analgesic. Indications and precautions similar to acetaminophen with codeine; may cause less GI upset and less sedation.
1 btl Topical dental analgesic. Applied to painful tooth as needed for pain. Provides temporary relief.
Analgesic for the urinary tract. One tablet four times a day for symptomatic relief of UTI pain.
Antihistamines. Used for the relief of upper airway congestion due to allergy or infection.
e (e.g., Chlor-Trimeton®),timed releaseTerfenadine* Antihistamines. Similar to Benadryl although is associated with less drowsiness. Adult dosage ofSeldane is 1 tablet twice a day. Hismanal is taken, 1 tablet per day. Expensive. Do not take
more than recommended dosage; do not take
with erythromycin.

Decongestant. Indicated for the relief of nasal congestion due to common cold or allergy. May assist in relief of ear pain caused by eustachiantube dysfunction. May cause an elevation of BPand therefore should not be used in patientswith severe hypertension or severe heartdisease. Adult dosage for pseudoephedrine 120mg sustained-release is 1 tablet twice a day.
(Note that antihistamines and variouscombination pills are now also sold under theSudafed® brand name.) 1 btl Nasal decongestant. Indications similar to Sudafed, less problems with hypertension. Two sprays in each nostril, twice a day for amaximum of 5 days.
Bronchodilator. Useful in treating bronchospasm Lifesaving in anaphylaxis induced by allergy.
Steroid, anti-inflammatory. Indicated for severeallergic reactions, including insect stings, poisonivy, asthma, etc. Begin with 2-3 tablets per day,reduce dosage by 1/2 tablet per day after 3days. Prednisone may elevate blood sugar andreduce the patient’s ability to fight infections.
Long term use (more than 1 week) is generallynot indicated in the field and requires specialprecautions on discontinuing the drug.
Steroid cream. Useful for allergic reactions on the skin. Apply twice a day. Do not use on the ANT AC IDS
Antacids may be used for relief of stomachdiscomfort associated with excess acid. Can take along with aspirin or ibuprofen. May causediarrhea or constipation depending on type.
For motion sickness. Indicated for the relief of including nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Adultmeclizine dosage is 25 - 75 mg per day. Often causes significant drowsiness. Dramamine may be given 1-2 tablets every 6 hours. Transderm Scop is a disc that is applied to the skin that allows for the sustained release of its active ingredient, scopolamine. Disc should be used only in adults and not in the elderly. A newpatch is applied every 3 days. May cause drymouth, blurred vision and infrequentlyrestlessness and hallucinations. All of the drugs in this category work best if taken before the onsetof symptoms.
Antidiarrheal. Provides symptomatic relief of diarrhea. Does not treat the underlying cause ofthe diarrhea. Should not be used with diarrheaassociated with bloody stools or fever. Adultdosage is 2 capsules followed by 1 capsule aftereach loose bowel movement, maximum 8capsules per day.
Antinausea and vomiting. Provides symptomatic relief of nausea and vomiting. For use in adults only, 1 tablet 3-4 times a day. A suppositoryform exists, but it may melt in a warmenvironment. May cause extrapyramidalsymptoms including restlessness, involuntarymovements, and extreme eye deviations. Thesereactions are treated with diphenhydramine (e.g., Benadryl®).
1 btl Topical anesthetic for the eye. Placing 2 drops in the affected eye allows easier examination and removal of foreign bodies. For temporary useonly.
1 btl Cycloplegic (dilates pupil). Reduces eye pain caused by pupillary spasm from abrasions orsnowblindness. Will cause blurred vision.
1 btl Antibiotic for the eye. Used in treating eye AN TI MI CRO BI ALS
Antidiarrheal. Provides relief from diarrhea and diarrhea. Contains aspirin, turns stools black.
Antibiotic. Broad spectrum antibiotic useful for respiratory, skin, and urinary tract infections.
Also good for animal and human bites. Dosage, 1 tablet, three times a day. Often causesdiarrhea. Do not use with history of penicillinallergy. Expensive.
Broad spectrum antibiotic for respiratory, urinary tract, skin, and bone infections, and for travelers’ diarrhea. Adult dosage 500 mg twice a day. Forsevere infections, 750 mg twice a day. Not forthose under 18 or pregnant women. Nocross-allergy with penicillin or sulfa antibiotics.
Antibiotic. Good for respiratory infections and
skin infections. Usual adult dosage 1 or 2 four
times a day. Pediatric dosage 40 mg/kg four
times a day. Take with food to avoid stomach
upset. Do not take with terfenadine (Seldane_)
or astemizole (Hismanal_)

Antibiotic. A sulfa containing drug. Good for some respiratory infections and diarrhea. Adult Antibiotic. Indications and dosage similar toBactrim. Not a sulfa drug. Not for children orpregnant women.
Antibiotic, antiparasitic. Useful in treating diarrhea caused by protozoa (Giardia). Dosage is 1 or 2 tablets 3 times a day. May also be helpfulfor intra-abdominal infections. Not for pregnantwomen.
Please note that this is not an all inclusive list. Many other useful drugs exist and could beconsidered with respect to individual preferences. On the other hand, every drug on thislist would not be carried by every WEMT on all trips. Many of the drugs have overlappingindications and uses. The development and use of a personal Wilderness Medical Kitshould be done only in consultation with a family or medical command physician.
*=prescription drug **=prescription drug, but a nonprescription form exists • di aze pam or lo raze pam (IV and PO) pa tient popu la tion, the medi ca tions car ried in mem bers’ per sonal wil der ness • epi neph rine (IV or SQ) (for weight rea - medi cal kits, and the pref er ence of the items may be kept on standby for air lift medi cal prob lems. Ex am ples in clude in - • lido caine (IV, can be used as lo cal an - su lin, an ti venin, and spe cific an ti con vul - • mor phine sul fate or other po tent nar - • bre tylium to sy late (IV) (This is the only an ti ar rhyth mic thought to be ef fec tive in • cepha lo sporin an ti bi otic (IV or IM) (cef - • Lac tated Rin ger’s so lu tion 500cc • Lido caine 1% and 2% with epi neph rine • Neo my cin/grami cidin/po lymixin oint.
Povadone- iodine so lu tion (Be tadine®)


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