Very often, the person suffering from the virus starts out with flu like symptoms. Then the rash begins. The pox, or lesion, starts offflat and red. Then a bump, or papule, forms. It starts to look like ablister with pus, or pustule. Then the pustule forms a dry, hard Chicken Pox
covering. The most important thing, but probably the hardest thingto do as well, is to try not to scratch so there is less risk of infection By Jennifer Kenny
There is no cure for chicken pox. There is an antiviral drug named Zovirax, which relieves symptoms, but it is not for everyone.
No aspirin should ever be given to a child with chicken pox because of the possibility of Reye's syndrome developing. The aspirin can cause delirium, severe vomiting, convulsions, or a coma.
bumpy rash developed andbecame very itchy. She had To relieve itchiness, there are several home remedies. A cool bath in uncooked oatmeal, baking soda, or cornstarch may help.
Calamine lotion helps, too. Parents often put gloves or socks on the hands of little children so they can't scratch while they are sleeping.
symptoms must mean the
chicken pox.
In 1995, the American Academy of Pediatrics approved the use of Varivax, or a chicken pox vaccine, for children 18 months to 12 Chicken pox is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, or VZV. It is
years who have never had the chicken pox. There are exceptions to much more common among children than adults. Four million the recommendation so the doctor should always discuss theses children a year suffer from chicken pox. Ninety percent of them are recommendations individually. The vaccine is used to prevent the under age 15. It can be much more serious if an adult comes down disease. It is actually made of the virus so the vaccine tricks the body and causes the body to create antibodies to fight the disease.
Questions remain about the long-term effectiveness of the vaccine, A virus is not alive until it is in a living cell. Once in a living cell, but it is incredible to think that this once common childhood illness it can reproduce. The living cell is the host. The virus attacks the cell, sends its own DNA and RNA code, and can then spread.
In the case of the chicken pox virus, it attacks the nose lining and mouth first. Then it moves to the skin where the itchy, red rashdevelops. Then it hits the nerve cells where it is inactive, but can Questions
become active later on. In fact, the virus can cause shingles later on.
The chicken pox virus is highly contagious, meaning that it is
easily passed to another person. It spreads quickly through families, classes, playgroups, and day care facilities. It is an airborne virus that can spread when the person coughs or sneezes.
C. the varicella-zoster virusD. a vaccine related virus The chicken pox virus has an incubation period, or a time
before symptoms appear, of ten to twenty-one days. During thistime, the virus multiplies but there is no clue of any illness.
Meanwhile, the disease spreads.
Why do you think chicken pox is so contagious?
2. How many children suffer from chicken pox a year? A. 10 millionB. 40 millionC. 1 millionD. 4 million 3. A virus needs a host to reproduce.
4. Which word means easily passed to another person? A. vaccineB. incubationC. virusD. contagious 5. What is the incubation period of chicken pox? A. 10 to 21 daysB. 10 to 21 weeksC. 10 to 21 hoursD. 10 to 21 minutes 6. Which is the first stage of the chicken pox rash? 8. Which should never be used with a child suffering from A. cornstarchB. aspirinC. calamine lotionD. uncooked oatmeal Have you ever suffered from chicken pox? Do you know anyone who
has? What is it like?


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