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Many people have used Viagra in sex and their reports reveal that they have greatly benefited from it.
Viagra can be of a great help to you when you use it as recommended. It is advised that before you start using it, you should know about it, what it does, how it works and its dosage as well. Many people fear using Viagra because they doubt whether it can help them solve their problem or not while others fear the side effects that it can cause when they begin using its medication. All drugs have side effects including Viagra. The side effects of Viagra are normally mild and can be treated easily.
Many people think that when they first take Viagra it can greatly react with their bodies but this is false because nothing happens when you first take the drug. Actually, there will be something happening in your body but you will not be able to feel anything. After taking Viagra it is then absorbed in the blood and it starts is effectiveness by blocking the PDE – 5 enzymes thus the blood flow into the penis increases. This is because Viagra only targets the penis but not other parts of the body. Viagra cannot work alone but it works together with stimulation and your brain must also be in the mood.
Not everyone can benefit from Viagra or use Viagra. This explains why you have to visit your doctor before you begin using Viagra. You must discuss with your doctor about your health history and undergo necessary tests in order to be sure that you are fit for Viagra medication. Note that Viagra should only be used by the patients who are suffering from erectile dysfunction because if just take it for granted it can cause discomfort or it can lead to others serious health conditions due to its side effects. It can also damage your penis if you overuse it.
Today women can also use Viagra. Reports reveal that Viagra can lead to noticeable sensations, it allows more blood to flow to the female genitals and increase their sex libido therefore women who have problems such as lack of sensations, vaginal dryness and lack of arousal can make use of Viagra and enjoy their sex life. Viagra has also been approved to the best drug that can cure erectile dysfunction that is psychologically based. Viagra can also be used by men with diabetes, vascular diseases, hypertension, men suffering from depression and ischemic heart disease among others.
Since Viagra is a prescription drug, it should only be used after it is prescribed by a doctor. Remember toinform your doctor about any medication that you are currently using before you begin using Viagra. Thisis because Viagra can react with other medicines and lower your blood pressure tremendously forexample the drugs that contain nitrates or alpha blockers. Viagra should only be taken once a day unlesswhen the dosage is adjusted by your doctor. In case of any discomfort, you should contact your doctorimmediately.


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