UltraRAE 3000
Portable Handheld Compound-Specific VOC Monitor
The UltraRAE 3000 is the most advanced Compound-Specific Monitor on the market. Its Photoionization Detector’s (PID) extended range of 0.05 to 10,000 ppm in VOC mode and 50 ppb to 200 ppm in benzene-specific mode makes it an ideal instrument for applications from entry pre-screening during refinery and plant maintenance to hazardous material response, marine spill response and refinery down-stream monitoring.
Key Features
Easy to Use
Superior Performance
Low Cost of Ownership
Dual detection mode for total benzene
exposure assessment: 60-second snap-
shot or 15-minute STEL measurement
- Detects benzene down to 50 ppb (0.05 ppm) • Unique 15-minute benzene STEL calculation High sensitivity to benzene (down
with 15-minute real-time benzene-specific to 50 ppb) providing a lower detection
range for potentially lower future
benzene exposure limits
• Highly specific readings, combining a 9.8eV UV lamp and RAE-Sep™ benzene tube Lower risk of false alarms through
advanced speciation method producing
benzene readings you can trust
Extremely Versatile
Total VOC measurement mode with
• VOC mode or Benzene-Specific mode for extended range of 0.05 to 10,000 ppm
• Real-time wireless data transmission with Wireless
built-in Bluetooth and optional RAELink3 portable modem • Integrated RAE Systems Correction Factors list for more than 200 compounds, measuring more compounds than any other PID • Field-interchangeable battery pack is CERTIFIED
UltraRAE 3000
Sensor Specifications*
Monitor Specifications*
Gas Monitor Range
Response Time (T90)
10" L x 3.0" W x 2.5" H (25.5 x 7.6 x 6.4 cm) Photoionization sensor with standard 9.8 eV or optional 10.6 eV • Rechargeable, external field-replaceable lithium-ion battery pack Butadiene
Operating Hours
UltraRAE 3000 Ordering Options
Display Graphic
Monitor Only Includes
1 operation and 2 programming keys, 1 flashlight on/off button • UltraRAE 3000 Monitor, Model PGM-7360 Direct Readout
• Wireless communication module built-in, as specified • Datalogging with ProRAE Studio Package for • 95dB buzzer (at 12"/30 cm) and flashing red LED to indicate • RAE UV lamp and RAE-Sep™ Tubes, as specified • STEL and TWA: 1 beep and flash per second • Alarms latching with manual override or automatic reset • Additional diagnostic alarm and display message for low battery Highly resistant to EMI/RFI. Compliant with EMC directive (2004/108/EC); R & TTE directive (1999/5/EC) IP Rating
• Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery with universal AC/DC Datalogging
Standard 6 months at one-minute intervals Calibration
2-point or 3-point calibration for zero and span. Calibration memory for 8 calibration gases, alarm limits, span values and calibration dates Sampling Pump
• Internal, integrated flow rate at 400 cc/min • Sample from 100' (30m) horizontal y and vertical y Monitor with Accessories Kit
Low Flow Alarm
• Hard transport case with pre-cut foam padding Communication
• Download data and upload instrument setup from PC through • Charging/download cradle (instead of charging/ • Wireless data transmission through built-in BlueTooth™ Frequency for RAELink3 902 to 928 MHz (License free), 2.400 to 2.4835 GHz (license-free),
Optional Modem
Up to 15'/4.5m (2.400 GHz - Bluetooth™), extendable with RAELink3 Hazardous Area
US and Canada: , C
lassified as Intrinsical y Safe for use in Optional Calibration Kit
Class I, Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D. Europe: ATEX II 2G EEx ia IIC T4
Operating Temperature -4° to 113° F (-20° to 50°C)
• Calibration regulator and flow controller Humidity
0% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing) Attachments
Optional Guaranteed Cost of Ownership Program
• 4-year repair and replacement guarantee Warranty
3 years for 10.6 eV lamp, 1 year for 9.8. eV lamp, pump, battery, *Specifications are subject to change
Ordering Information
Part Numbers
Monitor with Accessories, Calibration Kit P/N 059-D311-200
Toll-Free: 877-723-2878
RAE Systems Inc.


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