August 2011
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SemiSouth is a silicon carbide (SiC) based semiconductorcompany specializing in SiC materials and electrical componentsfor high-power, high-efficiency, harsh-environment power managementand conversion applications. Typical applications range from power conversion,such as in computing and network power supplies, to variable-speed drives for industrialmotors and hybrid electric vehicles, to high-power, harsh-environment military and aero-space applications. SiC-based semiconductor devices offer significant advantages overcompeting products based on silicon, GaAs and other materials for power-basedelectronic applications. In some applications, the properties and parameters of SiCpower transistors have allowed for replacement of up to 10 conventional solid-statedevices.
At 1200 V and 45 milliohms, SemiSouth introduces the industry’s lowest
resistance SiC power transistor for efficient power management
Fast switching, normally on SiC JFET; no ‘tail’ current, four to ten times lower switching energy
than competing 1200 V power switches

SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc.has launched a new class of record-low, 45 milliohm,1200 V, normally on trench SiC power JFETs. These breakthrough devices target arange of application spaces, including solar inverters, SMPS, induction heating, UPS, wind applications, and motor drives. Pulse Electronics Launches 10GBASE-T Integrated Connector Module
Supports 10 Gigabit server and storage applications
Pulse Electronics Corporation introduces its new 10GBASE-T (10 Gigabit over twisted-pair) integrated connector module (ICM) for servers, LAN on motherboard (LOM),adapter cards, and storage devices. This new 1x1 RJ4510GBASE-T platform is halogenfree and RoHS compliant and offers customers a choice of multiple LED configurationsand EMI tab options.
It meets PCIe mechanical requirements and supports the latest 10GBASE-T physicallayer device (PHY) technology and applications.
Power Solutions for Down Hole Drilling & Exploration
The landscape of oil exploration is a study in extremes, from the harsh North Sea to the
deserts of the Middle East. That’s why every Electrochem battery solution is designed
specifically to meet your exact specifications.
Fortunately, Electrochem’s safe and reliable lithium battery solutions enable peak
performance in extreme heat and pressure, pounding shock and vibration, and extremely
corrosive environments. In fact, our high-energy density lithium chemistries power
customers through temperatures up to +200°C. Whatever your needs, Electrochem has
a power solution.
SynQor Introduces a New Line of High Power Military COTS Half-Bricks
Ultra high power density units at up to 500W and 95% efficiency with built-in current share SynQor, Inc. announces a new line of Military Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS)products aimed at applications requiring large amounts of power in limited space. TheMCOTS Zeta line of dc-dc converters is designed to provide isolated dc power forelectronics such as power amplifiers, jammers, and systems requiring high power busvoltages. These converters use SynQor’s synchronous rectifier based technology toachieve extremely high efficiencies, up to 95% at full load. This superior performanceallows the unit to provide industry leading output power levels of up to 500W in astandard half-brick package (2.49" x 2.39" x 0.51")


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Social Movements: Challenging the State Paper for Harold Wolpe Memorial Seminar, 4 May 2005 Mark Heywood I’d like to thank the organisers for the chance to make this presentation this evening – I thought for a minute I might have Trevor’s time as well because he was late coming in but he’s here now. I want to start just by saying that I think the Treatment Action Campaign (


EN DIRECT DE LA NOUVELLE-ORLEANS (USA) Congrès 2009 de l’American Diabetes Association Quatre ans après Katrina, la ville ne s’est pas encore relevée des blessures de l’ouragan. Ce congrès a néanmoins réussi à rassembler près de 12000 participants venus du monde entier pour partager l’actualité. Pour la pratique courante deux grands essais ont surtout retenu l’attenti

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