TX4IWL: wireless transmitter module
TX4IWL is a wireless battery-powered transmitter module, compatible both with Domino and Contatto bus, and it uses the ENOCEAN wireless technology.
This transmitter module can be thus indifferently used with Domino DFWRX or Contatto ModWRX receivers.
TX4IWL module features 4 digital inputs for external con-tacts: at every input change, the module performs a trans-mission; in addition, the module executes a cyclic transmis-sion every 17 minutes about, regardless of changes of in-puts, so that to always ensure the alignment between the field and the receiver.
TX4IWL module has been developed for all those applica-tions requiring to transmit in wireless mode the status of some contacts (e.g. end-point switches or similar devices) that are not integrated pushbutton assemblies; this module is therefore suitable in all cases when the conversion of Installation hints
mechanical energy in electrical energy (typical characteris-tic of the pushbutton assemblies using the ENOCEAN tech-nology) is not possible, thus the transmitter must be exter- The maximum communication range between the transmit- ters (with or without battery) and the receivers using ENO- More than one TX4IWL module can be installed in the CEAN technology is normally specified to be 100 meters same system, thus increasing the number of wireless upon free propagation; this range is typically reduced to 30 meters inside buildings with walls made by cement, metal or similar materials. Before to install in definitive mode the TX4IWL is powered by a not rechargeable 3V Lithium bat- transmitters and the receivers, execute some test on the in- tery type 123 (it can be easily found on the market because it is the typical battery used for photo cameras), and there-fore no supply cables are required.
The maximum range also depends on the location where The only connections to be made are those related to the 4 the receiver and transmitter have been installed. The re- ceiver and transmitter modules are housed in a plastic box; the receiving antenna is inside the box, therefore avoid to One LED on the opposite side of removable terminal block install the module inside full metallic cabinet that will drasti- and battery holder allows to monitor the transmitter status: the LED flashes when a valid transmission occurs. This Avoid to install TX4IWL module near to electronic devices LED can be viewed through the semitransparent cover of that potentially can generate high frequency signals (e.g. computers, video systems, power supplies, alarm systems, mobile phones, etc.). The minimum distance from TX4IWL TX4IWL module is housed inside a plastic module with module and potential disturbance sources may be 0,5 me- semitransparent cover and IP55 protection degree.
In order to extend as more as possible the duration of the Acquiring the transmitters
battery, the current flowing in the external contacts is very low, and so the inputs are very sensible to electrical distur-bances; for this reason, it is strongly recommended to TX4IWL transmitter does not require any configuration; as avoid to connect the inputs through cables with length high- any transmitter compatible with DFWRX and ModWRX re- er than 2 meters. Is moreover recommended to use a cable ceivers, TX4IWL must be acquired and so registered in the 5x1mmq (or 5x1.5mmq), optionally shielded (in this case receivers memory. To perform the acquisition procedure on connect the shield to pin 5 of TX4IWL only).
the receivers, refer to related technical sheet of DFWRX or Use only dry contacts, because the humidity, due to the low current levels, can generate transmission containing wrong information.
LEDs information
Wiring diagram and installation
TX4IWL module features a red LED that is visible through the semitransparent cover; this LED beams a short light TX4IWL module, for its operation, only requires the battery insertion and the connection of its inputs. The follow wiring diagram shows the proper connections.
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Place in the correct way the gasket on the cover and apply it to the the bottom of the module: pay attention that the re-movable terminal block be on the opposite side of the cable bushing.
Technical characteristics
By Lithium Battery (Lithium/Manganese Dioxide, Li/MnO), 3V, 1500mAh The bottom of the case must be fixed on the wall (vertical or horizontal) by two screws (not provided). Introduce the multicore cable through the cable bushing: pay attention to the coupling between them in order to as- sure the water-proof characteristic of the module. After that connect the wires to the 5-way removable terminal block as 3 years about, depending on the using and on the self-dis-charging of the used battery Outline dimensions
Insert the removable terminal block into the related male connector. Insert the battery, taking attention to the polarity shown on the battery holder.
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Source: http://domotics.cz/sources/Contatto/Input%20Modules/TX4IWL_10%20MUK.pdf


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