June 6th, 2011 11
Industrial Restructuring Catalog (2011 Edition)
for Petroleum, Chemical and Related Sectors ( II )
and an elas ticity modulus of 240GP a and using t he acet one cy anohy drin p rocess , above, aramid fiber (A F ), p olys ulfone grain-based acetone/butanol units , prop y- amide (PSA), ult ra-high molecular w eight l e n e o x i d e u n i t s u s i n g t h e (Continued page 6, is sue 10, 2011) poly et hy lene (U HM WPE) fiber (sp inning chlorohy drinat ion proces s and ep ichloro- units w it h a single line production cap ac- hy d rin un it us i ng t he s ap on ificat ion Te xtil es
ity of 300 t/a and above), poly phenylene p roces s, and sap onin (cont aining hydro- s ulfide (P PS) fiber, p oly imide (PI) fiber, lyt ic matt ers ) units (excluding unit s for poly tetrafluoroethene (PT FE) fiber, P BO comprehensive ut iliz at ion) with a cap ac- modification of differential and functional (p olybenzoxazole) fiber, p olyoxadiaz oles polyes ter (P ET) (cationic-dyes tuff dyeable (P OD ) fiber, basalt fiber (BF ), s ilicon car- 3. N ewly cons truct ed poly p rop ylene poly est er (CDP and ECDP ), alkali-soluble bide fiber (SiCF ) and high s trength fiber- (PP ) unit s (us ing the cont inuous proces s poly es ter (CO PET), high-shrinkage p oly- or t he int ermit tent p rocess ) w it h a capac- es ter (H SP ET ), flame ret ardant p olyest er it y of below 70 000 t /a, p oly ethylene (P E) and low melt ing p oint poly est er, etc.); t he unit s with a capacit y of less t han 200 000 p roduction of different ial and funct ional t/a, p olyvinyl chloride (P VC) unit s us ing fibers (ant ist at ic fibers , ultraviolet res is - t he calcium carbide proces s , P VC unit s tant fibers and colored fibers ) by the con- us ing t he ethylene oxychlorination process tinuous proces ses; t he p roduct ion of dif- Pe tr oc he mic al s ec tors
with an init ial capacity of below 300 000 ferent ial and funct ional p oly es t er (P ET ) t /a, poly st yrene (P S) unit s with a cap ac- as w ell as fibers wit h int elligence and 1. N ew ly const ruct ed atmos pheric and it y of les s than 100 000 t/a, acry lonitrile- s up er emulat ion; and t he p roduction of vacuum dist illat ion units w it h a cap acit y butadiene-s tyrene cop olymer (A BS) units differential and funct ional modified fibers of les s t han 10.0 million t /a, cat aly t ic (excluding units us ing t he bulk cont inu- cracking unit s with a capacity of les s than ous process) w ith a capacit y of below 200 acrylic fibers , poly amide fibers , sp andex 1.5 million t /a, continuous reforming units 000 t/a, and general sy nthet ic lat ex-car- (including aromat ic hy drocarbon ext rac- b oxy l a t e d s t y r en e -b ut a di e ne l a t e x t ion unit s ) w it h a cap acity of below 1.0 (including st yrene-butadiene latex) unit s cat ion of new-ty p e poly est er and fibers , million t/a, and hy drocracking units w it h w it h a cap acit y of below 30 000 t /a, and s uch as p oly trimet hy lene t erep hthalat e a cap acit y of les s t han 1.5 million t/a (P TT ), p olyethylene naphthalene (P EN ), 2. New ly const ructed ethylene units us- general-p urpose adhes ives including s ol- p o ly but y l ene t ere p h t h ala t e (P BT ), ing nap htha cracking p roces s wit h a ca- vent-bas ed chlorop rene rubber adhesive, p o ly b ut y len es s uc ci nat e ( P BS ) a nd p acit y of below 800 000 t /a, acry lonitrile s ty rene-but adiene t hermoplast ic rubber poly cyclolexylene dimethylene t erephtha- unit s with a capacity of less than 130 000 adhes ives, p olyuret hane adhes ives and t/a, P TA (purified t erephthalic acid) units 3. Production of new fibers (solvent-pro- w it h a capacit y of below 1.0 million t /a, 4. N ewly cons t ruct ed s oda as h units , cess cellulos e fiber (Ly ocell), bact erial cel- M EG (mono-ethylene gly col) unit s with a caus tic s oda unit s , s ulfur-based s ulfuric lulos e fiber, regenerative cellulos e fiber capacity of less t han 200 000 t/a, s ty rene acid unit s w ith a cap acity of below 300 made from new-t ype regenerative res ources units (excluding unit s us ing dry gas t o 000 t/a, p yrite-bas ed s ulfuric acid unit s like bamboo and hemp , p oly lact ic acid produce ethyl benz ene) with a capacit y of w it h a cap acit y of les s than 200 000 t /a, (PLA ) fiber, alginat e fiber, chitin fiber, below 200 000 t /a, cap rolact am unit s with nitric acid unit s us ing the atmos p heric poly hy droxyalkanoates (P HA ) fiber, and a capacity of less t han 100 000 t/a, acetic p ress ure p roces s and t he comprehens ive animal and veget able protein fiber) by en- acid units us ing the ethylene process , ace- p rocess , calcium carbide unit s (excluding vironmental friendly processes and equip- tic acid unit s us ing t he carbonylat ion pro- unit s us ing large-scale advanced p rocess es cess w it h a cap acity of below 300 000 t/a, nat ural gas -t o-met hanol unit s , coal-t o- and p ot as s ium hy droxide unit s w it h a ganic and inorganic high-p erformance fi- met hanol unit s (excluding units for com- s ingle-line capacity of below 50 000 t/a bers and products (carbon fiber (CF ) with prehensive utilization) with a cap acit y of 5. Newly const ruct ed s odium t ripoly - a tens ile st rengt h of 4 200M Pa and above less t han 1.0 million t/a, acrylic acid units June 6th, 2011 11
hexamet ap hos phat e units , p hos phorus chlorp y rfos unit s (excluding unit s us ing accelerator T M TD (t et ramet hy l t hiuram trichloride unit s, phos phorus p entasulfide the water-phase process ), t riazophos unit s, units , feed-grade calcium hydrogen phos - p ara quat u nit s , chloro t halon il uni t s , phat e units, sodium chlorat e unit s, sodium avermect in units , imidaclop rid unit s and Pharmac euti c al s ec tor
dichromat e unit s us ing t he les s calcium acet ochlor unit s (excluding units using t he roast ing process , electroly tic manganes e dioxide units , general calcium carbonat e gulonic acid units and vitamin C (including unit s , anhy drous sodium s ulfate unit s ide unit s using the s ulfuric acid process , (excluding t he co-p roducts and byproducts lead chrome y ellow units , iron oxide p ig- cosmet ic-grade vitamin C) units, and new ly of t he s alt indus t ry ), barium carbonat e ment units wit h a cap acit y of below 10 cons t ructed units for the p roduction of units , barium sulfat e unit s, barium hy drox- 000 t/a, s olvent-based coat ings (excluding ide unit s, barium chloride units, barium ni- t he encouraged variet ies and p roduct ion cosmetic-grade vitamin B1, vitamin B1, vi- trate units , s trontium carbonat e unit s, sili- p ro c es s es of co at i ngs ) u ni t s , an d tamin B12 (excluding vitamin B12 for com- con dioxide (excluding gas p hase silicon t riglycidyl isocy anurat e (T GIC)-contain- prehensive ut ilization) and vitamin E.
dioxide) units , choline chloride unit s, p o- 2. Newly constructed units for the produc- t as s ium p ermanganat e unit s us ing t he 11. N ewly built dy es , dye intermediat e, tion of penicillin industrial s alt, 6-A PA (6- open-heart h proces s, and sodium sulfide aminopenicillanic acid), chemical-met hod- units using the caldron evaporation p rocess t ive p roduction unit s (excluding t he en- based 7-ACA (7-aminocephalosporanic acid), 7-ADCA (7-aminodesacetoxy cephalosporanic units with an init ial production capacity of acid), Penicillin V, ampicillin, amoxicillin, les s t han 30 000 t /a, s odium cy anide 12. N ew ly built hydrogen fluoride (H F) cepalosporin C, oxytetracycline, tetracycline, (containing 100% NaCN ) units with single- units (excluding unit s for the product ion chloramp henicol, analgin, p aracet amol, line capacity of below 10 000 t /a, lit hium of electronic grade hy drogen fluoride and lincomycin, gentamicin, dihydrostreptomycin, carbonat e units w ith a capacity of less t han t hose as the s up port ing facilit ies of w et - am ika cin, me dem y ci n, kit a s am y ci n, 5 000 t/a, lit hium hydroxide units w it h a p ro ce s s p h os p ho ri c a ci d) , m et hy l cip rofl oxacin, norf loxacin, ofl oxacin, cap acit y of below 5 000 t/a, and anhydrous chloros ilane monomer units wit h an ini- rifampicin, caffeine and theobromine.
aluminum fluoride units or cryolite (with tial cap acity of below 200 000 t/a, methyl low and medium mole ratio) units w it h a chloros ilane monomer unit s with a s ingle Lig ht i ndus tr y
line cap acit y of les s t han 100 000 t /a, 7. N ewly cons tructed nitrogen fertiliz er methane chloride unit s (excluding t he sup- 1. Convent ional PVC leat her production unit s using pet roleum (excluding high-sul- port ing units of s ilicone plants) w ith a ca- fur p etroleum coke) and nat ural gas as raw pacity of below 100 000 t /a, and met hane 2. Super-t hin (less than 0.015mm t hick) materials, synthet ic ammonia unit s using the chloride unit s w ith a capacity of more than fi xe d be d int er mi t t en t ga s i fi ca t i on 100 000 t/a but without facilit ies for dis- technology, ammonium phosp hate units , and p osing by p roduct carbon t etrachloride; plast ic p roduct ion lines and continuous ex- copper-washing purification process for raw n ew ly - bu il t a nd e xp a nd ed H C F C s truded polys tyrene (X PS) foam plast ic p ro- 8. N ew ly cons tructed unit s of pes ti- cides w it h high t oxicit y, high pers is tence thos e to produce HCF Cs as raw mat erials 4. P VC p ackage films for food pres er- omet hoat e, is ocarbop hos , is ofenp hos - p erfluorooct anesulp honat e (P FO S) unit s met hy l, p horat e, t erbufos, methidat hion, and perfluorooctanoic acid (PF OA ) unit s, Te xtil e ar eas
an d s ulf ur hexaflu ori de (SF 6) uni t s c a r bo f u r a n , s o d i u m d i p h a c i no n e , dip hacinone, w arfarin, coumat et raly l, 13. N ewly const ruct ed bias t ire units , tinuous p olymerization unit s w ith a s ingle- cycle tire (cart t ire) unit s , polyamide fi- toxin, bis ultap, ethoprop hos, endos ulfan, ber cord units , st eel cord units w it h a ca- 2. Conventional dimet hy l t erephthalate aluminum phos phide, dicofol, organochlo- p acit y of below 30 000 t /a, convent ional rine insect icides , organot in ins ect icides , reclaimed rubber unit s (excluding unit s 3. Semi-continuous s pun vis cos e fila- thiram fungicides and sodium (p otass ium) us ing t he dy namic cont inuous des ulfuriz a- t i o n p r o c e s s ) , r u b b e r p e p t i z e r 4. Intermit tent sp andex polymerization 9. Newly constructed gly phosate unit s, p entachlorothiop henol unit s, and rubber June 6th, 2011 11
8. the product ion of coat ings-p urpos ed 4. Sodium t rip olyp hos phate units w ith a res ins by the direct fire heating method, the s ingle-line capacit y of below 10 000 t /a, production of chlorinated rubber by the car- Note: The time marked in bracket s after an s odium hexametap hos phate units wit h a bon t etrachloride solvent method, Saponin item is the elimination deadline of the item.
capacity of les s t han 5 000 t/a, p hosp horus (containing hydrolytic matt ers) unit s wit h a For example, if the elimination deadline of trichloride units with a capacity of below 5 cap acit y of below 100 t /a, Saponin unit s an it em is 2011, it means t hat t he item 000 t /a, feed-grade calcium hydrogen phos- using the hy drochloric acid hydrolys is p ro- should be eliminated before the end of 2011.
phate units wit h a capacity of below 30 000 cess whose pollutant emis sions cannot reach It ems wit h eliminat ion deadlines should be t/a, hydrogen fluoride (H F) unit s using out- the national s tandards , and iron powder re- eliminated before the deadlines. Eliminat ed dated process es and technologies with s e- duction processes (those for the product ion items w it hout elimination deadlines have rious p ollut ion and a capacit y of less than of DSD acid (4,4-diaminodiphenylethylene- already been ordered by t he Chines e gov- 5 000 t /a, wet-proces s aluminum fluoride ernment to be eliminated immediately.
units w it h a cap acit y of below 5 000 t /a, chloro-4-methybenz enesulfouic acid) and H and open cryst alliz at ion villiaumit e units Eli minated pr oduc ti on units
NaCN) unit s w ith a single-line capacity of 9. Bias tire units with a capacity of 500 Petroch emical an d ch emi cal areas
les s than 3 000 t/a, p ot as s ium hy droxide 000 pieces/a and below, tire production lines unit s w it h a cap acity of below 10 000 t/a, that use the natural cotton cord as the rim and 1. A tmospheric and vacuum dist illation general silicon dioxide unit s wit h a capac- have a capacity of 500 000 pieces/a and below, units (excluding unit s in Golmud, Qinghai it y of les s t han 15 000 t/a, general calcium carbon black units (except for units for the province and in Zepu, Xinjiang region) with carbonat e units w ith a cap acity of below 20 production of special carbon black and semi- a cap acit y of below 2.0 million t/a (2013), 000 t/a, general anhydrous s odium s ulfate reinforced carbon black) t hat use t he dry oil refining units using scrap rubber and plas- unit s (excluding co-products and byproducts granulation process and have a capacity of 15 tic indigenous methods , and as phalt produc- of the salt indus try) with a cap acity of less 000 t/a and below, natural latex condom units tion units using the tar intermitt ent process t han 100 000 t /a, lit hium carbonat e unit s with a capacity of less than 300 million pieces/ 2. Pyrite-based s ulfuric acid and sulfur- with a capacit y of below 3 000 t /a, lithium a, rubber curing accelerator N-oxydiethylene- base sulfuric acid units (excluding unit s in hydroxide units w ith a capacity of less t han border and remote regions ) with a cap ac- 3 000 t /a, general barium carbonat e unit s ity of below 100 000 t/a, p ot as sium p er- wit h a capacit y of below 20 000 t/a and gen- 10. The follow ing p roduct s, p rocess es manganat e unit s using the op en-hearth oxi- eral strontium carbonate units w ith a cap ac- a n d u n i t s s h o u l d b e e l i m i n a t e d dation proces s, caus tic soda units using t he immediately: chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs ), diaphragm p rocess (2015), open-hearth and 6. Semi-water gas liquid-p has e desulfur- H CF C s , cl e an i ng- p u r p o s ed 1, 1 ,1 - caldron evap oration proces ses for alkali iz ation p rocess wit h ammonia liquor, nat u- trichloroet hanol (methyl chloroform), pro- sulfide p roduction, and mirabilit e process ral gas atmos pheric p res sure int ermitt ent duct ion unit s t hat mainly produce carbon convers ion p roces s for sy nthet ic ammonia tetrachloride (CTC), all p roducts t hat use 3. Yellow phosphorus units with a single production, carbon monoxide at mos pheric CT C as the p roces sing ass is tant, fluorine- cap acit y of below 5 000 t /a and y ellow pressure s hift and full medium-t emperature phos phorus unit s that can not conform to shift (high-temperature shift) process , wet- the threshold conditions, chrome compound process desulfurization process without sul- dichlorodipheny lt richloroethane (DD T)- production units using the calcium-contain- fur recovery unit s, and fixed bed intermit- containing p aints and coatings , and non- ing roas ting p rocess (2013), general barium tent coal gasification units w ithout blowing closed p roduct ion unit s of dicofol us ing sulfate, barium hy droxide, barium chloride gas waste heat recovery unit s and gas-mak- DD T as the raw material (t hes e product s, and barium nitrate unit s with a single-line ing s lag comprehensive utiliz ation units proces ses and p roduction unit s should be cap acity of less t han 3 000 t/a, sodium chlo- eliminated according to t he overall plan of rate units wit h a capacit y of below 10 000 duct ion proces s, t richlorfon-alkaline-pro- the Chinese government 's implementing in- t/a, calcium carbide kilns with a single ca- cess -based dichlorvos product ion p roces s, pacit y of below 12 500 kVA and op en cal- p roces ses and equip ment for t he manual cium carbide kilns , high mercury cataly st packing (filling) of s mall-packed (1 kg and Lig ht i ndus tr y
units (cont ent of mercuric chloride being below) pes ticide products , Ray mond-mill- bas ed p esticide pow der production p rocess, 1. Vacuum salt units w ith a capacit y of units us ing high mercury cat aly st, and am- p entachlorop henat e (sodium) unit s us ing below 100 000 t/a, lake salt production fa- June 6th, 2011 11
cilities w ith a capacity of less than 200 000 t/a, and sea salt production facilit ies with emuls ion ext erior wall coat ings , t ar-t yp e 5 . H i gh l y t o xi c p e s t i c i d e s : a capacit y of below 300 000 t/a in China's polyurethane waterproofing coatings, w ater- bas ed PVC tar-t ype waterproofing coatings, da min oz i de , b is - A D T A , ni t ho p he n, 2. Sea s alt production units w it h a ca- p olyvinyl alcohol and acet al int erior and pacity of 20 000 t/a and below in China's fluoroacet amide, s odium fluoroacet at e, coat ings), and p olyviny l acetate emulsion d i br o m o ch l o r op r o p an e , s u l f o t e p , 3. Super-t hin (less than 0.025mm t hick) (including EVA (et hy lene-viny l acetat e p ho s p ha m i do n , gl i ft o r , s i la t r an e , cop olymer) emulsion) ext erior wall coatings me t h am ido p h os , p ar at h io n, me t h y l 4. P roduct ion of P VC p ackaging p rod- 2. Excessive-harmful-subs tance-contain- p arat hion, monocrot op hos , p hos folan, ing coatings for int erior walls , solvent-based asomat e, urbacide, as w ell as all ars enic 5. Production of benz ene-containing sol- wood, toys, automotives and ext erior walls, p rep arations , mercury compounds , lead and coat ings t hat cont ain hazardous sub- p rep arat ions , 10% gly p hosat e aqueous 6. Production of p olyurethane, PE and PS s t anc es s uch a s dichlo rodip heny lt ri- s ol ut ion , p ho s fola n-me t hy l, calc ium foam plastics us ing CFCs as blowing agents chloroet hane, tributyltin, perfluorooctanoic p hosp hide, zinc phos phide, fenamiphos , aci d (P F O A ) as w ell as t heir s al t s , fonofos, magnes ium phosphide, cadus afos, perfluorooctanesulfonic acid, and red lead.
8. Production proces ses using t richloro- 6. P es ticides that should be eliminat ed trifluoroet hane (CFC-113) and methyl chlo- according t o the overall p lan of the Chi- roform (TCA) as cleaning agents and solvents reducing condition (az o dyes used in non- nes e government imp lement ing int erna- 9. F att y acid p roces s -bas ed t ert iary t e xt il e s e ct or s ar e p os t p oned t o be amine p roduct ion p roces s, fuming s ulfuric eliminat ed), and 9 carcinogenic dyes (those h ep t ac h l or , b r om o me t ha n e , D D T , acid s ulfonation proces s, and st irred tank us ed areas w ithout direct cont act w ith t he he xa ch lo ro ben z e ne , mi rex, li nd an e, h um an bo d y ar e p o s t p o n ed t o b e 7. Bicycle tires w ith a s oft-rim structure, Outdate d pr oduc ts
4. P aint removers that contain benzene, general convey ing belt s us ing t he cot ton p henol, benz aldehy de, dichloromet hane cord as the s keleton mat erial, general V 1. M odified starch coat ings , modified fi- belt s us ing t he ny lon cord as t he skelet on ber coatings , color interior w all coatings (O/ based cons t ruction, wat erp roofing and W coat ings mainly using nitrocellulos e as s eaming mat erials (t ar-t y pe), ty p e 107 niz ing moulds for t ires , bicycle tires and the res in and xylene as t he solvent), vinyl adhesive, clenbuterol and poly chlorinat ed

Source: http://www.ccr.com.cn/include/txt/2011/1111/C1111S1.pdf


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