CCC Heep Woh College
Monthly School Report
February 2013
Social Worker Performance Appraisal Half Yearly Review
On 1st February, Mr. Lo Chung Bill, Supervisor of School Social Worker, came to our school with social workers Ms. Wong Nga Man Rebakah and Mr. Leung Hon Sum Vincent. We had a meeting with Mr. Moy Ka Yiu, Vice-principal, Mr. Kwan Chi Ho, Guidance Master, Ms. Hou Cheung Pui, Discipline Mistress, and Ms. Tong Suk Wai, Representative of Parental Affairs Committee to evaluate our school social workers’ performance in the First Term and discuss the program plan in the Second Term of Invitation to talk for Po Leung Kok H.K.T.A. Yuen Yuen Primary
School on Knowledge Management

On 1st February morning, I was invited by Po Leung Kok H.K.T.A. Yuen Yuen Primary School to give a talk to teachers on the use of Knowledge Management on School On 1st February, Executive Committee of PTA discussed the arrangement of PTA Special Staff Meeting
On 6th February afternoon, I chaired the Special Staff Meeting to prepare for External School Review (ESR) by Education Bureau. Staff Club Lunch Gathering
On 6th February noon, our school’s Staff Club organized a lunch gathering for teachers with Chinese Basin Meal. 65 staff joined the gathering. The aim of the gathering was to provide opportunities for communication among teachers. Invitation to talk for SAHK Jockey Club Elaine Field School on
Knowledge Management

On 6th February morning, I was invited by SAHK Jockey Club Elaine Field School to give a talk to teachers on the use of Knowledge Management on School Development. 7. External
Review (ESR) by Education Bureau
On 18th, 20th to 22nd and 27th February, members of External School Review (ESR) team of Education Bureau visited our school and conducted ESR for our school. They inspected the school documents, conducted interviews with School Directors, teachers, parents and students and conducted lesson observation to examine and double check the result of the School Self Evaluation Report of our school. On 27th February, ESR team gave oral feedback to our school. ESR team members expressed their appreciation of our school performance in all domains, especially Domain III: School Ethos and Student Support with strong caring culture, good teacher student relationship and outstanding student performance. On the other hand, the effectiveness of recent development in Teacher Professional Development, such as Knowledge Management, Lesson Study, Formative Instructional Practice, in enhancing teaching and learning effectiveness was positively PTA Meeting
On 22nd February evening, Executive Committee of PTA discussed the arrangement of PTA picnic and other forthcoming activities. Prayer Meeting for S.6 Students and Parents
On 22nd February evening, a prayer meeting for S.6 students and parents was co-organized with several Christian secondary schools in the district to provide spiritual support to them through prayers and worship. Moreover, our school gave each S.6 student a prayer book for sitting examinations, and encouraged them to use the prayer passages every day to pray for themselves for the forthcoming HKDSE, so that they can be empowered by 10. Parents’
On 23rd February, Parents’ Day was held. S.1 to S.5 parents were invited to come to the school to discuss with class teachers their children’s academic and non-academic The Dongguan Service Tour
From 24th to 26th February, the Dongguan Service Tour was held. The service tour provided a chance for our students to know more about the authentic situation of migrant workers and their families and also the recent development of China. Also, students were given chances to serve the needy by organizing activities for migrant children and providing teaching service in a migrant school. This year, 25 students, 2 alumni helpers and 5 teachers participated in the activity. Special Staff Meeting
On 28th February afternoon, I chaired the Special Staff Meeting to report the result of oral feedback of the External School Review (ESR) conducted by Education Bureau. Report from Subject Departments
Chinese Department
Mr. Tse Sik Wai, the Department Head of Chinese Language Department, was invited by The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) to be the guest speaker of Designing School-based Assessment (SBA) of Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination Sharing Session, sharing school- based experience on designing the assessment of elective modules on 23rd February. The topic was “The Design of SBA to Cater for Learners’ Diversity”. Chemistry Department (Science KLA)
Recent Highlight(s) or Students’ Award(s): (1) Twenty S3 students were successfully passed end of level 1 test of “Education Bureau Web-based Learning Course” on “Earth Science”, “Astronomy” and “Paleontology”. Level 2 courses will be offered from 25th Feb to 28th Apr. End of level 2 test will be conducted from 29th Apr to 12th May. (2) On 23rd February, 2013, a team of two S5 students participated the “Fun Science Competition – Drips Down a Vine” organized by the Hong Kong Science Museum. (3) With the aids of “Diversity Learning Grant”, sixty S4 and S5 students were nominated by Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics teachers to participate in the “Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition (SSMSC)” organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. (4) Fifteen S4 Science students, divided into 3 groups, participated in the “Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Quiz” Competition organized by the Hong Kong Baptist University. A written test was held on 2nd February, 2013. Professional Development Activity/Activities: (1) On 22nd February, Mr. Moy KY & Mr. Lau CK attended a “Thank-you Dinner 2013” organized by the School of Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The Dinner provided opportunities to exchange ideas on the latest developments of education programs in HK. HMSC Department
Our school health ambassadors shared health tips on eating Chinese New Year food in the History Department
(1) 26 S4 and S5 History students attended the guided tour and workshop at Po Leung (2) Ms. Chan MY and Ms. Wu SH conducted the Lesson Study on 20th February and 21st February on the topic: Dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki for Music Department
(1) On 1st February, a concert was held to celebrate the coming of the Chinese new year. Using a rhyming couplet “Sound of Pipa, Guzheng and Dizi rings out so clear; Good fortune from the artful snake welcomes the new year.” This attracted more than 150 audiences to attend. We had a wonderful time sharing Chinese music together including pipa, guzheng and dizi ensembles. Highlight of the concert was the performance of the School Chinese Orchestra. (2) The 65th Schools Music Festival period will start from 25th February. Our school representatives will participate in more than 40 events, including instrumental solos, duets, ensembles and choral singing. Participants are now actively involved in rehearsals and practice for the competitions. Physical Education Department
(1) In February, our school athletic team participated in the Inter-School Athletic Championships. Our students won 6 individual events and 2 relay events. (2) The Hong Kong Jockey Club International Youth Invitation Football Tournament was held in Po Kong Village Road Park on 18, 19 and 20 February. Our department arranged a total of 560 F3 to F5 students to watch the match. Students really gained so much from this exhilarating experience. Report from Library
“24th Top ten favourite books for students” activities were successfully held. The results
for each activity are as follows:
a) “24th Top ten favourite books for students” reading commentary writing
competition (Internal):

b) “24th Top ten favourite books for students” bookmark design competition
c) Voting for “24th Top ten favourite books for students” (Internal):
The most favorite book is 《女兒的六個爸爸》and the most favorite author is 幾米.
Report from Academic Affairs Committee
(1) On Parents’ Day, 23rd Feb., 2013, 75 S.1 to S.5 students, together with their parents, were interviewed by Ms. Y.S. Tin, Mr. W. S. Fung and Mr. C. T. Wong. They were encouraged to work hard to improve their academic performance. Report from Guidance Committee
(1) On 20th February, the first IPSC Air Gun Shooting Training was arranged for Heep Woh Social Service Team. The first round training lasts for 6 months. The participants would be required to attend 7 training sessions from February to May. (2) From 21st February onwards, a course on ‘Life Skills’ was co-organized with General Affairs Committee for S.1 students. The aim of the course was to teach students skills in basic home furniture maintenance, needle work, cooking, cleaning and ironing. The aim is to equip the participants with self management and problem solving skills.
(3) On 22nd February, an activity of ‘Instagram photo taking’ was held for S.6 students. Report from Extra-Curricular Affairs Committee
(1) Interest classes have started the second term practice in this month. (2) Jazz dance class of our school participated in the 49th Hong Kong Schools Dance (3) The post-trip presentation of the Shanghai Exchange Trip was completed. Participants shared their projects and their views. Report from Career Guidance Committee
(1) On 1st February, a speaker from Hok Yau Club was invited to give a talk to S.3 students to allow students to learn more about the senior forms curriculum and strategies for choosing subjects in senior forms. (2) On 1st February, a speaker from City University of Hong Kong was invited to give a talk to S.5 students to introduce their curriculum, admission requirements and (3) On 6th February, S.6 students submitted their OEA information to the JUPAS (4) On 23rd February, 10 S.5 students were arranged to join workshops on “Career Planning” and “ Journey of being a reporter” organized by College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University. (5) On 28th February, our school submitted S.6 students’ School Reference Report (SRR) Report from Religious Education Committee
(1) On 1st February, the Classroom Board Display Competition with our school yearly topic: “Renewing our minds, Soaring high up the sky” was organized (2) On 6th February, training on making new friends and enhancing communication skills was held for the Core Members of Students Fellowship. (3) On 18th February, a lunch meeting for the members of the Executive Committee of Students Fellowship was held to prepare the future plan. (4) On 20th February after school, a meeting of Celebrating New Year for the members of (5) On 4th February, a cell group meeting for S.4 students was held. (6) On 26th February, a cell group meeting for S.5 students was held. (7) On 22nd February, 10 S.6 students attended a prayer meeting for blessing students (8) On 23rd February, 20 students participated in volunteering service at Caritas Lok Yan School for severely mentally retarded children. (9) From 27th February to 1st March, a fundraising activity with the title: ‘Five Loaves Two Fishes’ was co-organized with PTA to raise money for Social Service Division of Report from Parental Affairs Committee
(1) On 1st February, more than 10 parents attended a meeting about the preparation for (2) On 1st February, the 1st special meeting of 18th PTA Executive Committee was held. In the meeting, matters about the Fund-raising Activity (Charity Coupon) were (3) On 21st February, more than 10 parents attended the interview with the ESR team. (4) On 22nd February, the 8th committee meeting of 18th PTA Executive Committee was held. In the meeting, matters about the Basin-Meal Banquet for Celebrating PTA’s 20th Anniversary and the Lunar New Year were discussed. Report from School Promotion Committee
(1) The decoration of the School Archive Room of including information of the celebration of the 40th Anniversary was completed at the end of January, 2013. (2) The arrangement of the interview with alumnus, Mr. Philip Tse, Chief Executive Officer of ChinaChem (China) Ltd. is in progress. The proposed date of the interview will be either on 12th, 13th or 14th of March, to be confirmed with Mr. Tse and the Principal’s External Activities
(1) On 6th February noon, I attended a meeting for organizing Retreat for WTS (2) On 8th February noon, I was invited to attend a luncheon for principals of secondary schools with Professor Timothy Tong, President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The event was organized by Communications and Public Affairs Office of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. (3) On 25th February afternoon, I attended a meeting of Training about Financial Management organized by CCC Headquarters. (4) On 26th February afternoon, I was invited to attend the Spring Cocktail Reception of 2013 organized by People’s Government of Guangdong Province.


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