Linda Parker, Principal

September 15, 2011
Happy Fall, C2E! This is my favorite time of year. The days are temperate, the
nights are cool and the kids are back in full swing!
With all the construction hubbub, I haven’t been shouting this from the roof tops,
but C2E began our 10th year of educating Douglas County Children this school year.
I’ve had the honor and pleasure of watching entire families of students grow up
here. I mention this to all parents now as I feel as though we’ve rather come full
circle. If you hadn’t noticed, the modular facility is complete and occupied. Two
of our fifth grade teachers occupied the newest addition to our facility over Labor
Day weekend, with the students joining them on Tuesday, September 6th.
C2E actually opened our doors to students on September 17, 2002 and were located
in…, you guessed it, modular facilities just north of the current playground/playing
field. Fifth grade teacher, Kristen Parsons, who is housed in one of the modular
classrooms, has actually placed a pink flamingo on the ramp railing into her room to
welcome her students every day. Kristen was hired after we moved into the
permanent facility we currently occupy so she doesn’t have the “fond” memories of
modular classrooms from the past. The new classrooms were specially made for
C2E and are of a different breed than the modular classrooms of years past.
I encourage everyone to visit our formal fifth grade opening morning, Tuesday,
October 11th from 7:00am-7:45am . This will be an informal meet and greet walk
through. No formal activities will be planned but I wanted to welcome all parents to
see our newest addition. We will open the modular for your viewing pleasure and
allow all current staff to become jealous over the new classroom space. I fully
anticipate my entire staff to request to move into the new building.
16995 E Carlson Drive, Parker, CO 80138
303-841-9816 Fax: 303-840-3246
Linda Parker, Principal

This brings me to answer a recurring question on people’s minds. I have often been
asked of late, “Why didn’t you just build an addition?” Well…. the answer is simple,
really. We needed two additional classrooms to house the current student
population. The pre-planned “addition” would have added four classrooms, a
bathroom and would have cost us about $6 million. The modular gave us the space
we desperately needed, cost us roughly, $135,000 and two bottles of Pepcid, AC for
the administration team. The math on that was overwhelmingly in favor of the
modular addition, especially given the ongoing saga of budget cuts flowing down
from the State of Colorado.
On another construction note, the Kitchen/lunchroom addition continues on
schedule for the December 1, opening date. The students are fascinated with all
the interesting things going on in their environment as a temporary wall went up in
the current lunch room so sledge hammers could begin working on taking out the
existing window.
For those of you who would like some face time with the administrative team,
please join us for the next Parent Coffee at Fika Coffee house on Main street in
Parker, September 22. We will be there around 8:00am and would love to see you
all there if you have time!
Thanks again to every one of our dedicated parent/grandparent volunteers. You all
make a huge difference to all our students! If you are would like to join the ranks
of parents who make things happen here at C2E, please contact the school
Volunteer Coordinator, Carolyn Kouts .
I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming C2E events!
Linda Parker
Challenge to Excellence
16995 E Carlson Drive, Parker, CO 80138
303-841-9816 Fax: 303-840-3246

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