Position Title
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Education/Training

Research and Professional Experience.

Senior NMR Spectroscopist, Chemistry, Indiana University Senior Molecular Modeler, Chemistry, Indiana University Assistant Scientist, Chemistry, Indiana University Director of the NMR Facility, Chemistry, Indiana University Director of the Molecular Visualization Facility, Chemistry, Indiana University Associate Director of Technical Services, Chemistry, Indiana University Assistant Professor of Chemistry (non-tenure track), Indiana University Director of Information Technology, Chemistry, Indiana University Director of the Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange, Indiana University, Senior Research Scientist, Monsanto Company Crop Analytical Sciences Technology Dev. Team Leader, Monsanto Co., St. Louis, MO Senior Research Scientist, Pharmacia Corp., St. Louis, MO Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University Assistant Professor of Radiology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
1988 John C. Sowden Prize in Chemistry, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
1994 Department of Chemistry Staff Award, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
2003 Early Career Recognition Award, Pharmacia Corp., St. Louis, MO

Professional Publications.

1. Antelmann B, Chisholm MH, Iyer SS, Huffman JC, Navarro-Llobet D, Pagel M, Simonsick WJ, Zhong W. Molecular Design of Single Site Catalyst Precursors for the Ring-Opening
Polymerization of Cyclic Ethers and Esters. 2.1 Can Ring-Opening Polymerization of

Propylene Oxide Occur by a Cis-Migratory Mechanism? Macromolecules, 2001, 34(10):
2. Pagel MD, Baldwin SJ, O’Neal JM, Ornberg RL, Davis TW, Kotyk JK, Merits of Multiple
Contrast Agents and Pixel-by-Pixel Analyses for Detection of Early Changes in
Vascular Permabilities in Murine Tumor Models Following Drug Therapy and/or

Radiation Therapy. Proc ISMRM 11:1250, 2003.
3. Davis TW, O’Neal JM, Pagel MD, Zweifel, BS, Mehta PP, Heuvelman DM, Masferrer JL. Synergy
between celecoxib and radiotherapy results from inhibition of COX-2 derived PGE2, a
survival factor for tumor and associated vasculature.
Cancer Res., 2004, 64:279-285.

Expertise Summary
• Developing “smart” contrast agents for molecular imaging using MRI (Case) • Developing high throughput screening methods using MRI and MR Spectroscopy (Case) • Assessed early changes in tumor vascularity during anti-angiogenic therapy using MRI • Developed rapid assays for quantitative evaluation of bone metastatic disease (Pharmacia) • Developed new MRI-based high throughput screening methods to evaluate chemical properties • Developed NMR-based methods to elucidate chemical properties of agricultural samples • Developed 35Cl NMR methods to assess oxyhemoglobin concentration in whole blood (IU) • Developed 13C-observe 2D NMR experiments to elucidate polymer microstructure (IU) • Developed NMR triple-resonance and quadruple-resonance decoupling experiments (IU) • Developed molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulation methods to evaluate intermolecular interactions and molecular conformations (IU) • Determined structures, dynamics, and functions of disulfide-stabilized peptides (UC Berkeley) • Developed NMR-based methods to assess hydration of wheat flours (WU, Nabisco Brands) Commercial Expertise
• Established an ISO-17025-compliant low-field NMR spectrometer laboratory (Monsanto)
• Managed the Quantum Chemistry Program Exchange, a non-profit organization that acquired, validated, and disseminated software programs for the quantum chemistry research community (IU)


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