Consigned by BOXWOOD FARM, Englishtown, NJ
Barn 11
Stall D-103

BAY FILLY. Foaled May 20, 2010. Tattoo No. 8H4346.
Durita Hanover 2,2:03.3 . [ Dulcie Hanover 3,T2:03.4 1st Dam
ROYAL AXE 3,2:00.4f ($22,746) by Royal Prestige. 2 wins. At 2, second in NYB-LC at Syracuse; third
in NYSS at Yonkers, Buffalo and Monticello; timed in 2:01.3. From 9 foals, dam of 7 winners (2in 1:56, 5 in 1:59): TROPICANTE 2,2:04.1f; 3,1:56.2f; 1:55.4f ($208,246) (g, American Winner). 38 wins. At 2, winner
of Keystone Classic at The Meadows; second in leg of Fritz Beinhauer Series at The Meadows;third in Pa. All Stars at Pocono Downs and Lexington LC; fourth in Arden Downs S.; timed in2:00.2. At 3, early Season's Champion; winner of Arden Downs S.; second in PaSS at TheMeadows and Pocono Downs; third in Reynolds Memorial, timed in 1:55.2f. At 4, third in aPreferred. At 6, second in 2 Preferreds; third in a Preferred. At 9, second in leg of Billings Seriesat The Meadows; third in leg of Billings Series at Hoosier Park.
MANHATTAN SPECIAL 2,2:01.1f; 3,Q2:01f; 4,1:58.2; 1:56 ($161,165) (g, Lindy Lane). 23 wins. At
2, winner of PaSS at The Meadows and Pocono Downs; second in Pa. All Stars at PoconoDowns; third in Reynolds Memorial and PaSS at The Meadows. At 3, third in PaSS at TheMeadows; timed in 1:58.3f. At 4, winner of Plainville Trot, leg of World Cup Amateur Trot at TheMeadows and Opens at Saratoga and Vernon; third in leg of Yankee Bambino Series atRockingham, a Preferred and an Open. At 5, winner of 3 Opens at Saratoga and an Open atPlainridge; second in 6 Opens; third in 3 Opens.
REZULIN 3,2:03.4h; 1:57.2 ($92,451) (g, American Winner). 27 wins.
ZESTRIL 3,Q2:00.3; 4,1:58.1 ($63,774) (h, Donerail). 10 wins. At 2, third in 2 NJFS at Garden State;
timed in 2:00.2. At 3, third in NJSS Green Acres at Garden State; timed in 1:59, 1:59.1f. At 4,second in 2 legs of Lotto S Collins Series at Vernon Downs. At 5, second in leg of BostwickSeries at Saratoga; third in leg of Holiday Series at Yonkers. At 6, third in an Open at Saratoga.
DAISY CHIP 3,1:58.3f ($53,769) (m, Lindy Lane). 6 wins at 3. At 2, second in PaSS at The
Meadows (twice) and Pocono Downs; third in Pa. All Stars at Pocono Downs; timed in 1:59.2.
At 3, second in PaSS at Pocono Downs. Exported and dam of BULLCHIP 4,1:58.2f-'10
($137,858) (Norway).
CHARMING WAY 2,2:01h ($33,215) (m, Angus Hall). 2 wins. At 2, winner of ONTSS Grassroots
2nd Dam
2,2:03.3 ($35,223) by Speedy Count. 2 wins. At 2, winner of Matron S.; third in
Reynolds Memorial. At 3, winner of PaSS. From 14 foals, dam of 6 winners, including: ROYAL SNUB 2,Q2:01.2f; 3,1:57.4 ($151,060) (m, Royal Prestige). 5 wins. Dam of REMY
HANOVER 3,Q1:59.2; 4,1:57.3. Grandam of HAULITORMOVEOVER 3,1:59.4f.
POWER SUITS 4,1:57.2; 1:55.2 ($116,048) (g, Armbro Goal). 13 wins.
PRUSSIAN PRESTIGE 2,2:05.1h; 3,2:01.4h ($100,000) (m, Royal Prestige). 4 wins.
3rd Dam
DULCIE HANOVER 2,T2:09; 3,T2:03.4 ($2,711) by Ayres. 6 wins. Half sister to the Stakes Winners
DUKE RODNEY 2,2:04.1; 3,1:59 ($639,408), MASTER RODNEY 2,2:03.2; 3,2:00.4 and the dam
of COURTLY 2,1:59 ($174,371). From 10 foals (6 fillies), dam of 6 winners, including:
JEF'S VISIONARY p,3,2:02.1f; 1:58.1 ($40,041) (m, Whata Baron). 14 wins.
DURITA HANOVER 2,2:03.3 ($35,223) (m, Speedy Count). As above.
Dunita Hanover 3,2:05.4 ($9,422) (m, Speedy Count). At 2, second in PaSS. Dam of MAROON AND
GRAY 3,2:02.3; 2:01.4h ($52,158). Grandam of YELLO CONQUEST 2,2:14.2h.
Diedre Hanover 2,T2:02.4 ($16,306) (m Florida Pro). 2 wins. Her only foal is ARNOVER 2,Q2:01.2.
Rosalind's Girl (m, Speedy Count). Dam of ROSALIND'S GUY 2,Q2:01.1; 3,T1:57.4 ($300,000),
SUPER SAMANTHA 2,2:04.4f; 3,2:03.2h ($101,120). Grandam of PERFECT POINT 2,1:57.4;
3,1:56.4 ($263,985), GIANNA 2,2:05h; 3,1:58.4f; 1:55.1 ($265,546), SUPERNATURAL 2,2:03.2f;
3,1:58; 1:57.4 ($175,801), IL VENTO 2,2:01f; 4,1:57.2 ($173,919), AIDA 2,2:01.2f ($129,906),
CROWNING TRIBUTE 2,2:01.4f; 1:58.4 ($123,272), SUPERIOR MOTION 3,1:57.4, etc. Third dam
of COVENTRY 2,1:57.4; 3,1:56.1f ($576,149), TW KATE 2,2:05.3h; 3,1:57.1 ($200,744), EXPERT
2,Q2:07.2f; 3,2:03.3f; 4,1:56.2 ($157,321), GIANTESS 2,2:06.3h; 3,1:56 ($146,879), SENATOR
2,1:58.1f; 3,1:56.2; 4,1:56f-'10 ($160,988), QUEENIE ROCKS 3,1:59.2; 4,1:56.1 ($135,695),
JUDY GARLAND 2,2:00.4; 3,1:56.3 ($111,703), WAY POINT 2,2:01f; 3,1:57.1 ($103,783), JUDGE
2,Q2:04.2; 3,1:56.3 ($96,545), PERFECTLY 2,2:05.2h; 3,1:58; 1:57 ($80,873),
LITHOGRAPH 3,2:00.1; 4,1:59.1, etc. Fourth dam of JUDGE JOE 2,1:56.4; 3,1:55.1f ($938,792),
CRÈME DE COCOA 2,1:56.3-'10 ($328,090), SUPERIOR JUDGE 2,Q2:02f; 3,1:56.1 ($161,849).
Duanita Hanover (m, Speedy Count). Dam of Stakes Winner SILVER NUTMEG 2,2:03.4f ($58,857).
Next Dam: Duke's Dutchess 2,2:10.1h by Lusty Song–Dutchess Hanover 3,2:08 ¼ by Calumet Chuck.
Well-bred trotting filly out of a good producing mare. Eligible to be nominated to the lucrative New Yorkprogram.

Source: http://boxwoodfarmnj.com/UNNAMED-YEARLING(Royal%20Axe).pdf

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