Overview of clinical studies with sodium selenite1998 – 2011 Note: Even if not mentioned specifically, sodium selenite has always been given in addition to standard therapy, not as an alternative to standard therapy! Note: Cancer prevention studies are not included. Some minor pilot studies or preliminary publications have also been omitted, if consecutive high quality studies have been published in the meantime.
Design/application Supplierof sodium selenite Different increases in Burk et al., Cancer as selenite, Se yeast and Se-methionine66 healthy volunteers ? Increase of serum Se Broome et al., Am. J. immune response, T-helper cells Better resistance to polio virus challenge 15 sodium selenite (50 mcg / d for 28 days) cal improvement (CD4 = T-helper cells!), no difference in viral load intracranial pressure Elem. Res. 62: 1 – 6 and other symptoms 10 of 12 pts. showed Micke et al., Int. J. marked reduction of Radiation Oncol. Biol. control), single high – 9 (2000); Kasserol- inflammation, no use 18: 2227 – 30 (1998) effects (20,5 % heavy diarrhea grade 2 vs. 44,5 %), no reduction of therapy efficiency (trend toward longer survival) levels of blood Se and GPx activity, in Se group back to normal values reduction of therapy Anticancer Res. 30: significant reduction Princ. Pract. 13: 185 significant improve-ment of quality of life, tracheostomy avoided in 65 % of pts. with endolaryn-geal edema ced immune respon- cher et al., Biol. Trace higher T-cell activity 111 (2000)against tumor cells vs. 7.1 % in placebo group) in apoptotic lympho- Trace Elem. Res. 127: Chemicals, St. Louis, ma cells (78,9 vs. 58,9 200 – 210 (2009); %), higher efficacy of Asfour et al., Biol. et al., Biol. Trace Elem. Res. 110: 19 – 32 (2006) Cassel Laboratoires, antioxidant status in Chim. Acta 373: 92 – 27 pts. RT36 pts. RT + 400 mcg Se p.o. /d for 6 mo.
Significant reduction Zimmermann et al., phlebitis > grade 2 + 1000 mcg Se i.v. in 500 ml saline immediately before n 100 pts. with elective selenase®, biosyn, 128 pts. 500 mcg Se p.o. 132 pts. 200 mcg Se p.o. 132 pts. placebo 12 weeks blood Se concentrati- Med. Klin. 94: S3, 78 No reduction of TPO Bonfig et al., Scienti- antibodies, reduction fic World Journal 10: Better quality of life, Karanikas et al., TPO antibodies, more Ernährung & Medizin Significant reduction Gärtner and Gasnier, in groups with further Biofactors 19: 165 – Significant reduction Gärtner et al., J. Clin. of TPO Ab (63,6 % vs. Endocrinol. Metab. group with complete-ly normalized antibody conc. (vs. 2 pts.) and normal echogenicity of thyroid ment of quality of life, 1920 – 1931 (2011) B IFN + antioxidant cocktail incl. 400 mcg Se p.o. C IFN + antioxidant cocktail + vit. E Plasma Se level and Berger et al., Crit. Pts. with > 4 days of Andrews et al., BMJ Pancreatitis, acute 67 pts. 32 pts. 2000 No effect on clinical Lindner et al., Med. – 5, then 300 until release from ICU35 pts. placebo No effect on clinical Wollschläger et al., outcome (prevention Med. Klin. 94: S3, 81 - non-fortified (35 mcg/d)- selenite (134 mcg/d)- selenate (140 mcg/d) errors in publication 37: 808 – 815 (2011) SELENIO®, Laborato- Significant decrease Manzanares et al., pneumonia after hospital discharge, no adverse events.
10 pts. high dose Se ries Rivero, Buenos endpoints, very high Nutrition 26: 634 – No clinical benefit, no Forceville, J. Trace Per-protocol-analysis: Angstwurm et al., reduction of mortality Crit. Care Med. 35: ml, one as bolus injection within 30 min, rest as cont. i.v. with 2 ml/h), 1000 mcg Se cont. i.v. on day 2 – 14 97 pts. without Se No change in thyroid Angstwurm et a., Eur. 21 pts. placebo (= 35 mcg Se in TPN solution)



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