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Citations for Cat#100-1: Aniline blue fluorochrome

Stone, BA, Evans, NA, Bonig, I, Clarke, AE (1984). The application of sirofluor, a
chemically defined fluorochrome from aniline blue for the histochemical detection of
callose. Protoplasma 122 (3), 191-195.
Metal toxicity

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roots of soybean (glycine-max L). Journal of Plant Physiology 129 (5), 487-492.
Plant cell biology

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cell-walls of 2 morphologically different lines of suspension-cultured Catharanthus-
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formation, papilla deposition, and resistance to powdery mildew in an ml-o barley
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Webb, MC, Williams, EG (1988). Effects of temperature, light, nutrients and carbon-
dioxide on the strength of the self-incompatibility response in detached flowers of
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semipermeability of the endosperm envelope of muskmelon seeds. Plant Physiology 118
(1), 83-90.
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characterized by embryonic lethality, incomplete cell walls, and excessive callose
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Gorshkova, EN, Erokhina, TN, Stroganova, TA, et al. (2003). Immunodetection and
fluorescent microscopy of transgenically expressed hordeivirus TGBp3 movement
protein reveals its association with endoplasmic reticulum elements in close proximity to
plasmodesmata. Journal of General Virology 84: 985-994.
Plant histochemistry

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In vitro synthesis products

Kudlicka, K, Brown, RM (1997). Cellulose and callose biosynthesis in higher plants .1.
Solubilization and separation of (1-3)- and (1-4)-beta-glucan synthase activities from
mung bean. Plant Physiology 115 (2), 643-656.
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(4), 1054-1062.
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(symbiosome membrane) from soybean root-nodules. Physiological and molecular plant
40 (5), 299-314.
Fungal exo-polysaccharides

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isolates of Epicoccum purpurascens. Biotechnology letters 9 (10), 741-744.
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Cephalosporium and Acremonium. Mycological research 92, 55-60.
Plant-Microorganism Interactions

Aist JR, Gold RE, Bayles CJ, et al. (1988). Evidence that molecular-components of
papillae may be involved in ml-o resistance to barley powdery mildew. Physiological and
molecular plant pathology
33 (1), 17-32.
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of both live and fixed schizosaccharomyces-pombe cells. FEMS microbiology letters 132
(3), 215-219.

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to pollen biology. II. The DNA probes ethidium bromide and Hoechst 33258 in
conjunction with the callose-specific aniline blue fluorochrome. Stain Technol.
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Semipermeability of the Endosperm Envelope of Muskmelon Seeds. Plant Physiology
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Eriophorum vaginatum: implications for efficient retranslocation of nutrients. Journal of
Experimental Botany
55 (397), 731-741.


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